Your Body Knows Best!

Junk Food QueenI started my last post talking about food as medicine, it’s been a while since I’ve talked about health from the point of view of what we eat but it is something I am always thinking about. From Junk Food Queen to Miss Organic Raw Chocolate that’s me! Truly though, if I can change my automatic settings to healthy and actually tune into what my body really wants and needs, as opposed to the old taste buds, then anyone can.

The thing is that if you go down this road you will become more sensitive, I can’t get away with munching down on the sort of crap that I used to eat by the bucketful. The reason this is on my mind right now is the experience that I had on my last two overnight shifts, as you can imagine this can be a challenging time to be awake and working. I always have a good dinner before I head off to a 10pm start, but there are times when I want to nibble on something even though I’m not hungry. That’s when I reach for the cheap cream biscuits that are always there, and usually I get away with just that little bit. But last night I did that very thing and it all seemed fine until about 45 minutes before I finished at 4am I started to feel really sick.

cream biscuits

I navigated it by taking some time and going to the toilet, and then focused on taking deep slow breaths, slowly it began to pass but I am now quite determined never to eat those biscuits ever again. If necessary I will bring my own crappy commercial chocolate to eat, the question is why does it seem so necessary to have something processed and full of sugar when I’m not an addict anymore? I think there is some association with the state of being tired and wanting to go home so it is probably a remnant of the old comfort food habit that I had in a big way for so much of my earlier life.

This is a great blog about someone who changed her life by going on a raw food diet:

This is a great blog about someone who changed her life by going on a raw food diet:

Something to ponder on but not to take too seriously, I can safely say that ninety per cent of my current diet is very high quality and largely organic. When I eat at my local club the food is organic where possible and always fresh and good, the vegan cafe down the way does the best raw cakes on the planet! So if my body will allow me the odd bit of crappy food well and good, but cream biscuits are definitely off the menu!

Raw Key Lime Tart.

Raw Key Lime Tart.

Bon Appetit!

2 responses to “Your Body Knows Best!

  1. Good For You!! I recently started a Raw Food Journey and I am blogging about it some. I Used to be Vegan, 20 years ago, when it was hard. I Have done TONS of research and I can say I Am Happier than Ever with the choice. It Is for my Health. Right Now My Body has started to Notice a Big Distinction Between RAW DEAD & RAW LIVE Foods. Go GIrl!! The More YOu get away from processed foods the better!! 🙂

    • Hey thanks for your support, it really is so much better eating living food isn’t it! Totally raw or vegan doesn’t work for me at the moment but organic good quality seems to be good, even with things like wheat. I still keep gluten to a minimum but if it is organic and made with love my body seems to be ok with it in moderate quantities. I just wrote a post you might be interested in on slowing down in order to receive the full nutrition of the food you are eating, published it today if you want to check it out.
      Love and blissings, Kerry.

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