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An Adventurous Life Is A Choice!

Noel Gardner: Maleny Music Weekend:

Noel Gardner: Maleny Music Weekend:

Musical vibes filtering through festival haze as the whole shebang is winding down after a lovely gathering has woven its spell. The dancing is done, for now……remembering that moving the body will move energy so that all can flow with ease and grace. And I have a busy week in which I will need to be extremely proactive, how about bringing this lazy chilled way of being to that week of getting things done!

Maleny Music Weekend.

Maleny Music Weekend.

It’s been an adventurous last little bit of time with my Beloved and I, stuff coming up and old feelings kicking around. Luckily we navigate reasonably well by talking a lot, even about difficult feelings when we are ready to. Now he is off for a few days to care for aged parents and we need to get ourselves organised for a run through of our upcoming workshop. With lots of clear communication and the right attitude we can do it all without getting too stressed, I choose to see it as an adventure!

Create your own reality feels very pertinent to me at the moment, I can feel this holographic shape that I’m moving into which is where Cerridwen’s cauldron is making the future. It is the zero point field where all possibilities exist, the quantum soup which is the raw material of what we want to manifest. It is a fluid space where you need to be flexible and always remember the impermanence of all things.

Cerridwen by Catherine Svhela

Cerridwen by Catherine Svhela

If that sounds like hard work you couldn’t be more wrong, with a song on your lips and a skip in your step it’s time to go down the yellow brick road. Time for adventure and time to tell the stories that will create the new age of man if there is indeed to be one, as I do believe that there will be.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

As Captain Picard always says, “Make it so!”

Pets For Vets: Unconditional Love Heals Emotional Pain.

Oops-smiley-faceBIG apologies for being one day late with my post!

I am not ashamed to admit that I cried when I watched the short video telling the story of a wounded man and the dog who saved him from his nightmares. This organisation, “Pets For Vets”, was set up by Clarissa Black who is an animal behaviorist and trainer. PTSD is a real problem not just for war veterans but for victims of crime as well. Women tend to develop the condition more easily than men and are more likely to be exposed to the kind of high impact traumatic event that can lead to PTSD.

pets for vets

christenergyThe impact in the life of a conscious being of feeling disconnected from everyone can be devastating.  The need to belong is a fundamental part of being human, I suspect that when we move beyond being human the concept of belonging will simply be self-evident. And even while still in a body it is possible to move into that kind of inner space in a spiritual way, to be able to do it when in the grips of an illness such as PTSD would be pretty challenging. How much simpler to bring unconditional love and lots of touch and communication into the lives of those touched by intense traumas.

cute animal and child

How magic would it be to see this concept used in the treatment of other kinds of illness, there isn’t much that love and connection can’t do when it comes to healing the human body, mind and soul!

Traces of The Past, Letting Go Ecstatically.

It’s a bleak day and my Beloved is away, but my life is so full of happiness these days, I can hardly feel blue. But I can feel ‘stuff’ moving through and the cold, wet and windy day, seems like rather a large reflection of this. I let go of a few bits of baggage, an echo of loss, traces of abandonment, these wounds run deep but surely the layers will run out one day. They certainly become less and less over time as you shed, and what you attract into your life shifts with it.

But you will require patience on a path of this kind, the road to my current ecstatic space has been pretty rocky at times. Sometimes you have to take risks as you follow your heart. And finding self-love is such an important foundation to live an inspired and ecstatic life, living with purpose! Somehow most of the crazy shit I’ve done in this existence is coming together and will help me to step even more fully upon my spiritual path. Look for a common thread that runs through your life, for me it has been an eternal fascination with consciousness, altered states of all kinds.

ayahuasca image 2

Don’t settle for anything less than all that you can be, we are living in times of great transition, end times, and there is the opportunity to write new stories for a new age. And so I go into my cave as the wind blows outside my door, and I cosy up to a hot water bottle, eating chocolate and reading books about magic. A time of rest as the Mother washes us clean and nourishes the plants making everything green again. At the moment it can’t be seen much through the mist, hoping it will clear next weekend for the Maleny Music Weekend.

maleny music weekend 14

Looking forward to seeing my Beloved this evening, couldn’t wait for four days so we meet sort of half way to sleep in each others arms before he arms himself and goes back to the big smoke. Not my knight in shining armour but my King, someone I can rely on to be strong and steady even as he shows his tenderest heart.

Thank you my Love…………blissings to you all!

Sacred Economics Reblogged.

Photo by Steve Swayne.

Photo by Steve Swayne.

I was scrolling back through posts when I came across this story, it is very inspiring so I thought I would share it again!

There’s a topic I’ve been wanting to cover for a little while but I’ve been waiting for more time to research. Well you know that time may never come so here come some thoughts of mine on the topic of sacred economics, the notion of a gift society. There is a short film at the end of this post where Charles Eisenstein explains his theory, he has written a book called “Sacred Economics”. It’s essentially telling us why we need to change our ways and it hinges on a shift of perception, money only has value because we agree that it does, what happens if we choose to look at things another way.


In the current paradigm nature is seen as a resource that can be turned into ‘stuff’ in order to keep powering the growth of the economy, separation is a key idea that keeps us separate from the natural world, and ultimately takes away our power. If we are separate from each other than community begins to disintegrate without the need for interdependence, yet even those who are doing well in the economy are not really happy or satisfied.

Industrial scene

Most of what keeps us alive is not something we have to earn, there is a need to align money with the gifts that people do bring, each and every one. Life itself is a huge gift and the natural response to that is to be grateful. In a Gift Society someone who has more than they need gives the extra to someone else and thereby gains status. It’s a very different way of looking at things and something that has to happen, because the way the world is being handled at the moment is quite unsustainable.


Time for humanity to grow up, we are just coming out of adolescence and boy have we been out of control as teenagers!

Here is a powerful film that explains in 12 short minutes what usually takes at least an entire documentary to summarize: our money system, economy and society are all built along crumbling fault lines leading to destruction, debt and alienation.
And there is another way.
Welcome Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics.  Soak up some of his wisdom and fresh insights on the beauty and real possibilities of the Gift Economy. It’s time has now come.
You can’t ask for a more inspiring 12 minutes.
Video (12:09)

Food Forests Are Fun- And Good For You!

cartoon-bugFor those of us in the southern hemisphere who are experiencing winter, you might be feeling those bugs dancing around you, waiting for an opportunity to make you sick. I’ve gone for whole winters without getting sick but nothing wrong with a bit of a workout for the immune system every now and then. And when you do need a bit of extra help you may look no further than nature where all kinds of fruits abound.

Juicy orange

I am feeling particularly grateful to the citrus fruits at the moment, lemon and orange juice brewed up with honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic and ginger. Add a good helping of some fine single malt whiskey once you have taken your slowly simmered medicine off the stove and the alchemy is complete! That’s my recipe for a hot toddy, I don’t remember who I got it from but I do know that it is wonderful for colds and flu. And the fine brew we made came from fruit on the trees here at our latest house sit, abundance comes in many forms and this is certainly bounteous nature at her best!


I’m not sure about some of the garlic but the ginger came from a lovely lady at my Sunday market who sells strawberries, avocados and other yummy things. The honey comes from my local co-op and is raw, so my medicine for my cough was made with very fine ingredients! And when I sent my Beloved out for the whiskey I was happy when he came back with a good bottle, nice and smooth. It’s a funny thing but the only time I ever really want whiskey is when I’m sick with a cold or bug of some description. For me it really is medicine, does a wonderful job of healing and in winter it’s nice to be so hot, but you wouldn’t want to be drinking it all the time.

winter fruit

So if you are in winter at the moment consider whether your immune system might need a boost, when there is a lot of fruit on the trees sometimes even organic can be quite cheap, certainly no more than the commercial fruit. In fact whatever season you are currently inhabiting may well be rich with all the nutrition you need. Nature does seem to balance supply and demand quite well if treated with respect, if you have the opportunity plant a food forest where you live!

I like the sound of that!

Trust And Surrender Yet Again!

sick_in_bedI have been unwell and a bit tired and so decided to look back at what I wrote a year ago, surprise, surprise to discover that I was sick then too! It’s a good reminder for me as I am not a terribly good patient for all the good advice I sometimes hand out, must trust that the body is doing whatever it feels is necessary for my ultimate health and well-being. And my intuition was working well too, I knew there was a big change coming up and I did hope it might be my Beloved, and it was! What a lucky woman am I!

God Goddess

Okay, so in the end I’ve had to surrender to being sick, managed to get through work and play on the weekend, and then monday morning was spent in bed instead of yoga. That night I started losing my voice which means missing a shift on the crisis phones, guess it’s time to rest and just allow my body to release whatever it needs to. There is a kind of relief in that feeling, trust is often a bit tricky, but one thing I do absolutely trust in is my body’s wisdom.


I did go out last night for what’s known in my local club as a bunya meal, if you are in the community exchange system you can do that, but only on a monday night which is when they have the blackboard with 15 minute spots for musos. Nice not to have to cook and very nurturing to connect with my community, old friends and some newer ones, I even managed a bit of a dance. But before the music was over my voice was failing and that more than anything signalled that it was time to wend my weary way home, luckily only a 2 minute drive.


The message from my body is clear, rest, rest and more rest! I have also not been so good at following my own advice and intentions, so this evening I will do some meditation and bring my focus to raising my vibration. Probably the Telos Daily Activation of Light Meditation followed by some sitting meditation, with no voice I won’t be doing any toning that’s for sure! In that quiet space I will ask if there is anything I need to know at the moment. I have a sense of something opening up for me but I’m not sure exactly what it may be, I feel that my settling in one place may be soon but not sure about that either.

Not sure about much am I, that’s why I will ask for guidance, and if I don’t need to know then I will do my best to surrender to the uncertainty. Being ok with not knowing is often the hardest thing of all, and yet if you can do it, it’s also a blessed relief.

Found a lovely guided meditation to share with you:

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality.

ecstatic danceIt’s been a huge week and my Beloved and I are facilitating an ecstatic dance tonight, after that we will be driving an hour to go and dance some more! Free form dance was the only thing I couldn’t seem to get much of in my wonderful little country town so now my life is truly complete. But this also makes us extremely busy and we plan to lay low and do very little tomorrow so I am writing this post now so that you can read it as part of your own lazy Sunday.

The week before this one I had to go into work for some training, I’m stepping up into a supervisory role and as a part of that it was necessary to do some role plays. This is the sort of thing that can really stress a girl out and there was a time when it surely did, you’d think an ex-actor wouldn’t be concerned but I would get sooo nervous! Now I get a bit of a flutter in my belly but there isn’t any fear, in fact a part of me actually looks forward to getting in there and giving it a go.


The difference is all about attitude, I remind myself that this is a training session and therefore I don’t have to get everything right and perfect. In fact you often learn more from mistakes, sometimes they can provide a bit of humour too which helps even more to relax and enjoy the experience. So something that I once would have dreaded becomes an interesting way to spend an hour and at the end of it I have a bit more knowledge and skill than I started with.


So simple isn’t it but that one little tweak in consciousness creates a very different reality to  the story I used to run and I am much happier as a result. So if there is an aspect of your life that doesn’t please you, think about how you might be able to change the story and therefore change the outcomes. Something to think about as you enjoy your Sunday!

Love and blissings!!!!!!!!!!!

My Body My Friend, Be Your Own Ally.

stillness2Body says to me you have shown great courage in taking on so much of the multiverse all at once! You’ve pushed enough that I need to make you stop for a moment, consider where you are in exactly this particular bit of your existence. Strip you of reserve so that you must let go of needing to do……..anything…….simply to be.

If you can heed the body’s wise counsel early in the piece you will avoid much harsher methods of communication that might be required down the track. When I feel myself succumb to illness my first response is to lie down and rest, as much as I can. If I can’t sleep or do nothing at all then I might indulge in a light read or maybe listen to music. And depending on what’s going on I might partake of particular herbs or fruits and veggies from Nature’s vast cornucopia.


That sometimes includes organic fair trade dark chocolate and a local lemon sorbet that clears the palate like a fresh breeze. My ten year old girl comes out when I’m sick and she wants to be nurtured with her favourite foods. The woman who eats it savours every mouthful with a sensual nature that is shared with the young girl, but in her has become deeper and even more expanded.

Thank you Body for your wisdom, I promise I will always do my best to respect you and to pay attention when you speak to me. Together we have the opportunity to continue our fabulous journey as spirit and matter joined in the space-time continuum.

Let the Magic continue forever more!

Loving Self, Loving Life: Taking Care Of Me!

Not the state I aspire to!

Not the state I aspire to!

Apologies for anyone whose been keeping track and who noticed the absence of a post last Friday, it has finally brought me to a decision that I have thinking about for some time. I love this blog and will continue to write posts but it will be just two a week instead of three and it seems to be the Fridays that I struggle with so you can expect to hear from me on Wednesdays and Sundays from now on. My life has become very full and spending quality time with my Beloved is super important as well as developing our ecstatic dance events and other workshops. Not to mention the various ways that I earn money to survive on this physical plane, it all needs to happen and for myself I would prefer it to be blissful as opposed to getting stressed out.

bliss flowing water

And if you are clear about what you need in your life it is so much easier for spirit to bring it to you. As Terence McKenna said in the video in my last post, The Courage To Live Life To The Full, when Muhammad couldn’t go to the mountain it came to him. So why not try being playful with the possibilities that stand before you whatever they may be, and just check that you are not placing limitations on who you can be. Who you think you are is just that, a thought, and thoughts can be changed in the blink of an eye! Or it may take a tad longer but there is no reason why you can’t have fun along the way, and when you are being challenged in your process remember that these obstacles will often end up being your greatest teachers.

The light at the end of the tunnel!

The light at the end of the tunnel!

I bless the darkness that has been a part of my learning, there were times I didn’t think I could make it through that much pain. But I did, and the more often that happens the more confident you become when fresh challenges arise. If I have a moment of thinking that it’s all too much and I will never cope, I remind myself that I’ve been in that space before and found my way out, it’s very reassuring.

Love the darkness, love the light, and as my friend Michael Laughing Wolf always says, “Love self……… next thing.”

Talk to you again on Wednesday, blissings and love to all beings everywhere!