Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality.

ecstatic danceIt’s been a huge week and my Beloved and I are facilitating an ecstatic dance tonight, after that we will be driving an hour to go and dance some more! Free form dance was the only thing I couldn’t seem to get much of in my wonderful little country town so now my life is truly complete. But this also makes us extremely busy and we plan to lay low and do very little tomorrow so I am writing this post now so that you can read it as part of your own lazy Sunday.

The week before this one I had to go into work for some training, I’m stepping up into a supervisory role and as a part of that it was necessary to do some role plays. This is the sort of thing that can really stress a girl out and there was a time when it surely did, you’d think an ex-actor wouldn’t be concerned but I would get sooo nervous! Now I get a bit of a flutter in my belly but there isn’t any fear, in fact a part of me actually looks forward to getting in there and giving it a go.


The difference is all about attitude, I remind myself that this is a training session and therefore I don’t have to get everything right and perfect. In fact you often learn more from mistakes, sometimes they can provide a bit of humour too which helps even more to relax and enjoy the experience. So something that I once would have dreaded becomes an interesting way to spend an hour and at the end of it I have a bit more knowledge and skill than I started with.


So simple isn’t it but that one little tweak in consciousness creates a very different reality to  the story I used to run and I am much happier as a result. So if there is an aspect of your life that doesn’t please you, think about how you might be able to change the story and therefore change the outcomes. Something to think about as you enjoy your Sunday!

Love and blissings!!!!!!!!!!!

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