Pleasure And Growth Through Relaxation.

Raina_Goddess_of_LightThe air rests on my skin with a warm and cosy touch even as ghosts of the breath of the wind slip through the partly open window. There is a haze about the day that speaks of summer even though spring is still the season that cradles us, perhaps she is canoodling with summer and inviting him to come in early. ‘Twas the case with last year’s season and the spring and summer must have made an intense heat indeed for the rainy goddess took her tears somewhere else that year.

A day to let thought run with the faeries and to be light and joyful without too much fanfare as I prepare to step into a new perspective of my familiar place of work. To know not only my part of the story but to sit at the centre and chart the journeys of the souls within my charge for a time, to hold space and to protect. Too much thought and I will become weighed down with the weight of the world and of my own expectation, based on all the things I might ‘think’ will happen. How much more graceful to relax into my day and to trust that my experience and knowledge married with my knowing gut will steer the course for me, moment by moment.

Faeries Dancing

Relaxation is the key to having a much more meaningful and happy existence, it will improve your experience no matter what you are going through. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years doing a variety of personal growth activities and learning how to relax was always an important aspect of pretty much the whole shebang. It may not seem glamorous but time spent in this fashion could be the best investment you ever make, after all your eternal soul is probably going to outlast the stock market. And if you learn to relax you will expand your capacity for pleasure, in everything! Now that’s worth putting some time into, I want what she’s having!!



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