Trusting In Abundance Amidst Great Change.

community cutsWell the desire to curl up in a cosy love nest with my Beloved is just as strong as it was last week when I wrote my post. Seems like a bit of a response from me to sudden huge change and the changes keep rolling in for me. Added now to the search for a new home base is a search for a new source of bread and butter income. My employer lost funding and unfortunately for me my job is amongst those being cut from the service, I have until the end of the financial year for business as usual so not much more than a month. The desire to curl up indicates some kind of fear but it is not overwhelming and underneath that is a sense of trust in the unfolding of my future, now shared with my Beloved.

Us on the day of our workshop!

The Love Bubble!

There was an expectation that I would be devastated but that isn’t what I’ve been feeling at all. Great sadness that such a wonderful job is coming to an end but not truly surprised somehow, as if on some level I knew this was coming. There is a shifting in the energies for all of us in some way shape or form, the best way to experience ease and grace is to respond to each shift as it occurs. I keep checking in to see if I am holding something down but there really isn’t a lot of fear coming up for me at all. And believe me I don’t have anything like what most people would consider basic financial security. Yet I am confident that the next chapter of earning money in the world will be not only prosperous but also very interesting.

In a world with billions of people I found the one that I was looking for, it took forty-nine years and it was worth the wait. If I can experience a miracle like that then there is nothing that can not be created in a fluid energy universe, the quantum cosmic soup. So it will be most interesting to see what comes out of the place of pure potential, how big can I allow my dreams to be!

We shall see, I will keep you posted!


One response to “Trusting In Abundance Amidst Great Change.

  1. Michael Laughing Wolf

    Totally agree, love you guys.

    Sent from my iPhone Michael Maleny Community Men’s House.


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