Welcome To The Machine.

bureaucracy1In this modern culture I have done my best to be a free spirit, avoiding the dreaded bureaucracy that seemingly forgets the human spirit represented by our customer service numbers. But there are times when you simply can’t avoid the necessity of connecting with that energy and it can be very challenging to maintain a brave face as the unwieldy beast struggles to do its job. Underfunded and with an online system that would be considered a joke in the commercial world of business, that’s what those who live on or near the bottom of society are forced to contend with.

gratitude and abundance

I’ve managed to avoid it for some time now but as I go through the shifting sands of my working life I need to make sure that there is a safety net to catch me if I need some extra support. So all this palaver may be for nothing at all, if that is the case I will remember to be grateful for that which brings abundance into my life. Sometimes when we do things for ourselves the return energy doesn’t always come from where we expect it to. But if you are putting positive energy out into the world it really does brighten your existence.

positive energy

Just remember that there are times when you may be emptying out that which gets in the way of a flowing and abundant life. That’s why the tough times can be so useful even though it definitely doesn’t feel that way. Attempting to connect with the bureaucratic monolith of human services has brought up a whole lot of feelings that I would have preferred not to re-experience. But the thing is those feelings were already inside me and by sitting with them I allow the possibility for that energy to move on and transform. So I had one really uncomfortable day and then one that ended up with great humour, sometimes the only possible defence for sane people in an insane world!

don't panic

The task is not complete, the dragon not yet bearded in his den. But I have a song in my heart and a life full of love to be appreciated so I can only expect that it will all happen in perfect and divine timing.


Here is Pink Floyd’s exploration of that crazy machine called Bureaucracy!

2 responses to “Welcome To The Machine.

  1. timothy bryant

    I can hear the pain in your passages… you truly shined my day… thanks for everything

  2. life happens as it will happen we are all but players on a stage just hang on tight and ride the wildness of it all

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