A Cosy Home.

Magic_Kingdom CastleI spent yesterday moving from a strange museum like house with plumbing to match its 18th Century architecture, to a couple of rooms under what used to be a church. Some might consider it to be going a bit downhill in the world but my Beloved and I couldn’t be happier! Our rooms have a very low ceiling so it feels like we are living in a hobbit house. The grand mansion was very gloomy as such places often are but this cosy little burrow is full of light!


I have come to realise that I am rather fond of cosy, not for me the far flung views of a house on the edge of mountainous peaks. I’d like to live in a fairy cottage in a forest clearing, perhaps with some nice views not too far away. Anyway I am living in a colourful chaotic mixture of things packed and unpacked at the present moment. We will no doubt play with our organisation of the space until we find the best balance for our needs, it has a lot of potential.

Green Fairy

So I am going to love you all and leave you so I can focus on being in my wonderful new space. See you next week!

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