Farewell My Fabulous Furry Friend!

1 Cheryl's Cat PushkinLast week I went into the fire on the New Moon, later that night a dear friend began his journey into the great beyond. He was a fabulous communicator who was like Rudyard Kipling’s Kim, a friend to all the world. He was also a tantric master for my Beloved and I and taught my gorgeous man all about how to receive pleasure. See my post “From Tantric Cats To Wholeness In Love“.  He was good-looking and sure of himself and had all his ‘hooman’ minions perfectly trained to serve his every whim. His name was Pushkin and of all the cats I have known in my life he was the best!

When you lose a much beloved pet it is no different to the loss of a human being in my experience. You move through the pain more quickly but it is no less sharp, and for my mother it has left a huge hole in her life. Everywhere she goes in her house she is reminded of her black prince, she misses stroking that amazing soft fur and going to sleep with a purring weight on her legs. Pushkin is buried in the garden and we had a wonderful ceremony and wake for him with lots of lovely friends. As my Beloved was reading out the poem he wrote for Pushy an owl flew in and perched on a wire just above the grave, it gave me goose bumps!

Pushkin's Grave on the night of the ceremony and wake.

Pushkin’s Grave on the night of the ceremony and wake.

It feels like this event is a part of an amazing new beginning for mum but that doesn’t take away the pain. Just because you believe in there being a reason even for horrible life events doesn’t mean that you have to like it. The energetic pattern of shifting sands seems to just go on and on and on……I do so miss my furry brother and would turn the clock back to change the outcome if I could. But all I can do is surrender to what is and try to support my dear mother as best I can.

Vale Pushkin!

One response to “Farewell My Fabulous Furry Friend!

  1. thank you darling Kerry for these words about our beloved Pushkin, the words in a l950’s song (Elvis?) “I hunger for your touch” apply very much to me now, as he was always touching and wanting to be touched, love was more important to him even than food. – a Burmese Brown characteristic.

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