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The Joys Of Friendship And Hospitality.

technology overwhelmChallenging to get posts out when you don’t have easy access to internet, oh how we can sometimes take these things for granted! I am also enjoying the space that is created when you are not always on the computer so I guess the healthy space as usual is to be in balance. And my posts may not tumble out like clockwork under these circumstances but on a cosmic scale I don’t suppose this issue is really going to be up there with world peace and finding a cure for cancer!

world peace

Anyway nothing new to report on ‘The Love Bubble Presents’ except that we continue to be inspired and are getting great feedback with the friends we’ve been sharing our ideas with. Probably the single most important and exciting thing in the lives of my Beloved and I is our wondrous new kitchen! Oh the delight of not having to share space and having everything on one level. The magic of a little porch outside the back door with a lovely little garden and fire pit. When you’ve been house sitting for four years it is very special to have one’s own place with different rooms to keep stuff in. It makes me so grateful for the simplest things, like being able to keep my shampoo and conditioner in the shower recess.

kerry in the kitchen SM

Me in my little kitchen!

It is yet another grand opportunity to be mindful of how beautiful life can be even without many or any of the trappings of wealth and status. I spent last Sunday with open-hearted souls connecting in friendship old and new and sharing my new home space. How wonderful to have the capacity to be hospitable and happy and to enjoy simple things like sharing food and conversation. Be grateful for whatever is good in your life and that energy will help to bring you more of the same. It is always a choice that we have and mindfulness will help you to remember that fact when the busy world has distracted you from the things that matter most.

Kerry's bottles SM

Lots of pretty colours in our hippy pad!

So be mindful and grateful and love the life that you do have!


Occupy Christmas Three Years On!

christmas-spice-cakes-with-chocolateHere is a post from Christmas Day 2012, comments on a culture of commodities and consumerism!

You know those cooking shows where they don’t have time to let things cook and so there’s an already finished dish ready to present, well this Christmas Day post is a bit like that. There’s no way I’m going to be writing my blog on that day so here is something I prepared earlier, some thoughts on the whole tinsel and tree, food and presents, family dynamics extravaganza.

The thing that strikes me about the festive season is the amount of stress that people put themselves through, going into debt to buy presents they can’t afford that will have fallen apart by the end of the school holidays. The spirit is still in there somewhere but our culture’s habit of turning everything into a commodity does get in the way at times of the coming together in community that is for me, the essential nature of Christmas.


If you’ve read any of my previous entries you may well be sick of me talking about community, but I think it is not only important for me but for the whole of humanity. If we don’t work out how to move into a higher level of co-operation with each other than the sun may well be setting not only on our current civilisation, but on the entire human race. For most of the ‘sheeple’ the fact that we need to do this doesn’t even register as they continue to be blinded and dumbed down by the toxicity of our food, media, government and other institutions.


As always though, I am the eternal optimist; and while I can see that many are still wearing blinkers, there are also many who are beginning to wake up. The internet and social media are playing an important role in this process, it is getting harder and harder for those who are shafting us to get away with it and they know it.

sunshine happy

We really do live in exciting times and I for one am glad to be alive in a time of such incredible transformation. Let the incredible journey continue as we move into the exploration of what the next stage of being human might look like!



Out Of The Comfort Zone And Into The Big Picture!

love bubble heartMy Beloved and I are riding the edge at the moment with our finances and with lots of churning ‘stuff’ which is coming up as we challenge old ways of viewing ourselves. The Love Bubble Presents” is a bold vision and requires us to step out of our comfort zone in order to benefit not only ourselves, but to contribute to the larger community. The idea of giving back is incredibly important to both of us but we are looking for our own unique way of doing this. The thing is if you can truly express your talents and creativity in the world you are putting a new blueprint up into the morphogenic field. The more who do this the easier it becomes for anyone on the planet to move into that kind of space.

calm and love bubbles

With “The Love Bubble Presents” we plan to create a program that can assist more people into becoming more of who they are. In the process my Beloved and I are stepping into a bigger role than we have played heretofore and it is certainly an interesting process to see what kinds of things come up. And it will enhance our empathy with our clients as we continue shedding the obstacles that have held us back from wholeness. I have found in my own personal journey that the more I am prepared to let go of, the more sensitive and empathic I have become.


My Beloved will explain things to the thinkers and give them an experience of sitting meditation, from there I will take them into their bodies so that the information is grounded. The feelers are catered for here as well, that’s me to a tee, I never really feel like I ‘know’ something until I can feel it in my body. And it will be fun too, who said that opening up to new things couldn’t be fun! In workshops we will probably finish with an ecstatic dance, what a wondrous way to process energies that may be moving in the body after going through various processes.

Ecstatic Dance Spirit in Earth Celebration

So we are inspired but also navigating rather uncomfortable states that are getting triggered as we unfold into an amazing new beginning. I am doing my best to be curious about the more challenging ‘stuff’, something I have had plenty of practice in on the crisis phones as a matter of fact. And of course my Beloved and I always have each other so there is a wonderful playmate to laugh and to cry with. As long as the energies keep moving I reckon it’s going to be just fine!



Change Is My Middle Name!


The Constant Sea of Change.

Greetings fellow intrepid explorers of inner space from the sea of constant change! Due to a sudden shift in what I expected the next couple of days to look like I will not have easy internet access and so it looks like catching up on my post due yesterday is just not going to happen. It is going to be good to settle back into our home base and to stay put for a while. Having said that there will probably continue to be sudden shifts and changes, but with the same home to go to we will at least have that much anchor.


The latest news from “The Love Bubble Presents” will keep for another week, it is growing and evolving constantly at the moment! It is so wonderful to be inspired by something that will not only make a contribution to a more positive future for others but will also do the same for us. We have spontaneous meetings because we are excited about the possibilities, lovely when your work is your passion. So farewell from a place of peace, love and extreme flexibility!

abundant life

Inner Journey Leads To A Compelling Vision.

courtly loveAnd so the story continues and our hero and heroine go on an intrepid inner journey to find their compelling vision! In the course of this epic adventure they have fun, get scared, and become even more deeply connected than they already were. Something I am learning about love and connection is that there is no limit, at least not one that I have noticed in our two years together, and in that time I have gone more deeply into love than ever before. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving and cradles me regardless of what may be going on in my everyday reality. And from this strong and beautiful place our shared vision has been born in a very tangible form.

bubble love

So you heard it here first, there is a new brand on the way and it is called “The Love Bubble Presents!” My Beloved and I are the creators of this particular bubble, we heard it reflected back to us for long enough that we decided that maybe it is a good name for our job on the planet. So there is a bit of work to be done before we start putting out some information about this project but if you want to catch up with us before Christmas and you are in Maleny or Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, come to the next Ecstatic Dance.  Otherwise you can wait and tune in for dharma, meditation and movement, all in one class with two awesome facilitators. And that’s all I’m prepared to put in print at this moment in time.

Ecstatic Dance Spirit in Earth Celebration

And I’m living in the midst of great beauty and the westering sun is glowing in the sky and nature’s bright pageant draws me out into the place where I am in this very moment. So I will say goodbye and look forward to connecting with you next week my lovelies! Namaste…..

And if you are not on Facebook then click here if you want to read about our Ecstatic Dance Events that happen once a month. You will find the details of when and where and how much!