Change Is My Middle Name!


The Constant Sea of Change.

Greetings fellow intrepid explorers of inner space from the sea of constant change! Due to a sudden shift in what I expected the next couple of days to look like I will not have easy internet access and so it looks like catching up on my post due yesterday is just not going to happen. It is going to be good to settle back into our home base and to stay put for a while. Having said that there will probably continue to be sudden shifts and changes, but with the same home to go to we will at least have that much anchor.


The latest news from “The Love Bubble Presents” will keep for another week, it is growing and evolving constantly at the moment! It is so wonderful to be inspired by something that will not only make a contribution to a more positive future for others but will also do the same for us. We have spontaneous meetings because we are excited about the possibilities, lovely when your work is your passion. So farewell from a place of peace, love and extreme flexibility!

abundant life

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