The Joys Of Friendship And Hospitality.

technology overwhelmChallenging to get posts out when you don’t have easy access to internet, oh how we can sometimes take these things for granted! I am also enjoying the space that is created when you are not always on the computer so I guess the healthy space as usual is to be in balance. And my posts may not tumble out like clockwork under these circumstances but on a cosmic scale I don’t suppose this issue is really going to be up there with world peace and finding a cure for cancer!

world peace

Anyway nothing new to report on ‘The Love Bubble Presents’ except that we continue to be inspired and are getting great feedback with the friends we’ve been sharing our ideas with. Probably the single most important and exciting thing in the lives of my Beloved and I is our wondrous new kitchen! Oh the delight of not having to share space and having everything on one level. The magic of a little porch outside the back door with a lovely little garden and fire pit. When you’ve been house sitting for four years it is very special to have one’s own place with different rooms to keep stuff in. It makes me so grateful for the simplest things, like being able to keep my shampoo and conditioner in the shower recess.

kerry in the kitchen SM

Me in my little kitchen!

It is yet another grand opportunity to be mindful of how beautiful life can be even without many or any of the trappings of wealth and status. I spent last Sunday with open-hearted souls connecting in friendship old and new and sharing my new home space. How wonderful to have the capacity to be hospitable and happy and to enjoy simple things like sharing food and conversation. Be grateful for whatever is good in your life and that energy will help to bring you more of the same. It is always a choice that we have and mindfulness will help you to remember that fact when the busy world has distracted you from the things that matter most.

Kerry's bottles SM

Lots of pretty colours in our hippy pad!

So be mindful and grateful and love the life that you do have!


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