From The Darkness To The Light


In my last post I spoke of an idyllic country retreat with lots of green trees and fields and animals frolicking around the place. Sounds lovely doesn’t it but I’m afraid this was one of those times when the beauty was only skin deep, or rather it was true of the landscape but not so much for the human inhabitants. My Beloved and I had many red flags and warnings but we were blinded by fear and the lure of not paying any rent. So we found ourselves suddenly presented with a 7 day termination notice on the same day we were going into retreat. There was only one thing to be done, to go fearlessly into our inner realms to observe the myriad of fears that the situation triggered in us both.


And oh what a wondrous journey and what treasures we have brought back with us to this everyday waking reality. We ate a clean alkalising diet in the lead up to the retreat and this has continued since then as I avoid bread and sugar as much as possible. As a result my body feels lighter, I’ve lost weight and have so much energy it makes me high as a kite! There is a sense now with my Beloved and I that we are finally ready to truly move forward on our “Love Bubble Presents” journey. We have been running classes and our dances but the numbers have been low and that has had a lot to do with our own internal barriers to being prosperous and successful. We are never short of ideas on what might help our cause but actioning those strategies has been one of those things that somehow never seems to happen.

psychic ability

In the end though I can safely say that my Beloved and I have never actually been out of the flow of divine timing, even in the place that turned out to be like a bad dream. Somehow I always knew it was meant to be and the transformation that has followed more than justifies the anxiety and stress of the last few weeks. We got out of there in 6 days and found a safe haven the day before so we didn’t end up having to store our stuff and go couch surfing. It only took 2 days to create a welcoming, warm and loving space in our new digs and we found ourselves truly relaxing for the first time in a couple of months. Now the challenge is to do something with the wisdom that has come out of our plunge into the depths of self. It’s time to take hold of our courage with both hands and to allow the motivation of doing what we love to dissolve any fears that may be holding us back.

breaking free

Pele goddessThere was an oracle card that I drew twice in the same day while I was on retreat, it was Pele the Hawaiian Goddess of the volcano. She was representing melting into divine desire, getting all fired up and motivated by the passion of what I want to create in the world. What a perfect message to receive and at the perfect time too! May my prosperous future come to me with grace and ease and with the heat of passion and love!



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