Soothe The Mind, Let Go Of Fear.

abundant lifeBag of cashAccommodation blues have stopped playing that sad tune and we are feeling quite settled in our new and very much impermanent dwelling. The place is up for sale but for now we are grounding ourselves and moving into a brave new future of prosperity and success! So much inner work I’ve travelled through and the one big obstacle that keeps coming up is the age old problem of getting sufficient funds in to the proverbial bank account. So much abundance in every other way, my relationship, friends and community, work that has meaning, the opportunity to learn new things and grow, and the resources to improve my diet and move into sparkling health!

Enjoying the sun

So what is going on? It takes confidence and organisation to make things happen in the world and I have tended towards being a bit retiring when stepping out into the everyday realm. At least when it’s myself I’m promoting! So I guess it comes down to self-love and I guess that I still have a bit of work to do on that front. I have found myself with loads of energy since I cleaned up my diet so having enough physical energy shouldn’t be an issue at least. With the huge shift that happened a month ago I have been getting lots done and catching up with lots of stuff that had been delayed so it probably comes down to having a list of tasks and simply doing them.

one step at a time

I can’t think what else to do at the moment and it feels like the right thing to do but I get a sinking sensation in my belly as I think it. There is a bit of pressure too with big bills coming up and my brother getting married overseas in a matter of months, to say nothing of my own impending nuptials. There is fear around being able to meet those demands even as I revel in the energy that is coursing through my body, maybe my mind is having difficulty catching up with the body’s transformation! Mmmmmm that’s a thought that only just occurred to me as a matter of fact. If I can soothe my mind and convince it that it is possible to meet all these delightful possibilities with enthusiasm, excitement and great confidence then perhaps it will stop sending these messages of doom to my belly.

calm mind creative mind

As a kinaesthetic person I have probably been guilty of neglecting the intellect at times, I always want to ‘feel’ my way through everything. So my mind may be a little crazy owing to not getting enough tender loving care from me, in spite of all my mindfulness! It’s a theory anyhow and bears thinking about, kind and compassionate thoughts and BIG thoughts that allow me to become much more than my small, fearful self. The fear in my belly has subsided a little with this current crop of thoughts so I will give it a go and report back to you all when I have an answer or two. In the meantime don’t forget to have a bit of fun every day and touch the earth or nature in some form every day too! Aho!


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