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Silence Is Golden!

BUSYThe world is a very noisy place these days and silence something that many people actively avoid. I consider myself a reasonably conscious human being and yet I find myself doing the very same thing even though I know perfectly well that being silent is a great way of tuning in to deeper feelings and sensations. So what is so hard about simply sitting in silence? On my lunch break when I work a full day I usually go out to the balcony where I can breathe fresh air and see the sky and feel the wind on my face. And I know that once I’ve finished eating that the best way of spending the rest of my break time is to sit in meditation. Then the next thing I know I’m looking at Facebook on my phone and getting caught up in all of that stuff and I only manage a few minutes of actually sitting in stillness.

meal time phones

And yet sitting silently with deep feelings has been a huge part of my healing and growth. I know how valuable it is from my own experience but it is still a struggle to make myself stop and just sit. Our society doesn’t place any value in such an activity and we are indoctrinated at an early age to get out there and do things rather than spend time sitting around daydreaming. The phrase “Silence is Golden” is about being quiet while you work hard at what you’ve been told to do. The idea that there might be some benefit in the space created by silence gets lost as we pursue the next goal or task. Houses are full of the sound of television and our roads resound with engines and brakes and horns.

Busy Do It

So how can we rewrite this programming? How can I deliver on my promise to myself to do more regular meditation? Force of will is not a method that appeals to me but as I get more and more frustrated I am ready to try just about anything! Making a witnessed commitment in the last few posts has also been a failure up to this point. I’m feeling tired as I write this and my brain feels completely stymied and yet an answer floats up almost immediately. It consists of one word, gratitude. When you feel grateful your mood shifts and thus it is an elegant way of moving from one state of consciousness to another. So if I am wanting to be quiet and am meeting resistance the best response I can make is to fill that space with all the things that I am grateful for. It almost seems too good to be true but it does give me an easy technique to apply in my quest for inner peace and outer prosperity.

gratitude and abundance

roseIt’s worth a shot anyway, maybe even a gratitude diary where I write down all the things in my life that I am grateful for. As a lover of improvisation I will probably make it up as I go along ! And who knows what will happen as I spend more and more time in meditative spaces, many of the thorny issues I’m currently facing may turn into beautiful roses smelling sweet!

Science Says Silence Is Much More Important To Our Brains Than We Think

Emerging, Moving and Meditating.

Woman pruning tree.I wonder if being pruned feels to the plant as challenges and obstacles on my path do to me? It can seem quite brutal at times and yet we often look back on such incidences as important lessons that have been pivotal in the process of unfolding into full potential. I am still very much in the thick of my process but even now I can see how the recent and ongoing challenges are shaping me into a space of courage and positivity. Rather than fuss over who ought to be doing what I have taken up the gauntlet and am doing everything I can to reach my goals of happy, fulfilled, independent and meaningful living with my Beloved. My online readings have been launched and there is already positive feedback from that offering, more to come I am sure! The other initiative is a new meditation class that will be launched at the Maleny Yoga Shed tomorrow.

Body Awareness Meditation classes

We are going to save the full format of “Buddha Meets Your Body” for workshops and to have the weekly class as a meditation that focuses on bringing awareness into the whole organic being of mind, heart and body. So it’s minus the talking for the most part and aims to give participants an experience which they can take away and reflect on for themselves. It will be simple even when there is movement involved, for the first class people will be lying down for most of it and only moving the body in very subtle ways. When you bring awareness to any part of the body change follows as quickly as a thought can move and shift and change, possibly even quicker than thought in fact. Our bodies have their own wisdom and you never truly know anything until it is known throughout your being. And everything moves with greater ease when you are coming from a place of relaxation, a quality that tends to be undervalued much of the time.

Awareness energy meditation

So in the class we focus on relaxing and grounding before embarking on journeys of deep exploration, bringing awareness to deeper and deeper levels of consciousness. I know where we will begin but who knows where it will end up and that is the most exciting part of any expedition into the unknown. My Beloved and I will be learning as we go and excited to hear what others experience in the safe and supportive space that we will be creating for participants. For those who love to dance we will also be offering an hour of dance in the afternoon, “Dance Yourself Open”, from 5-6pm. I have a vision of building community with those who are interested in expanding their inner awareness and taking the understandings gained in meditation class on to the dance floor. And ultimately out into the larger world!

Dance Yourself Open

This is a dream that I have………

International Yoga Day at the Maleny Yoga Shed:

Body Awareness Meditation Classes at the Maleny Yoga Shed:



Online Readings With Me!

Kerry IC 002Hooray! At last I am properly organised to offer online and phone readings for those who are not able to come and see me in person. This has been one of those things my Beloved and I have been talking about for ages and ages and finally it is done. Do you sometimes have the experience of knowing what to do but somehow finding it impossible to do certain things however simple they may seem in practice? Well that’s how it’s been for me with this particular enterprise. I can’t give you a formula for how to achieve this but I do know that for some of us this sort of change can only come through a deep shedding.

letting go of balloons

My Beloved and I spent a few weeks living in a fearful space where it ‘felt’ like our survival was being threatened. We took responsibility for our part in creating the situation and then made our plans to get out as quickly as possible. In this process we both had an enormous shift and for me it had a lot to do with letting go of my fears of being able to survive in the world. When we found a great place to move into straight away it felt like a reward for our response to the life lesson being presented. Even so it is taking quite a bit of processing and constant mindfulness to keep going with the momentum of this big shift. Just because you have let go of stuff doesn’t mean that everything suddenly becomes ‘easy’.


This is the point at which  it is easy to get frustrated because you know you have made progress but it doesn’t ‘feel’ like it. You look around yourself and wonder if all the effort you put in to make the shift was actually worth it. This is where the one step at a time policy is absolutely invaluable, identify what tasks need to occur and then tackle them one at a time. So I guess you could put that bit into some kind of formula, but if you have deep issues that are in the way of where you want to go then you will have to go within and find whatever is creating the obstruction. It helps if you can be content without cut and dried answers to your questions too. When connecting to inner realms we are moving within a space where our logical left brain will struggle to make sense of things.

sp;iritual home

Meditation in some form will help of course but in order for it to work you actually have to do it! I promised myself at least two formal sits after my post last week but I have to ‘fess up and admit that it hasn’t happened. But there have been a few informal moments of going into stillness and even that has helped enormously. So I now solemnly promise that I will sit to meditate for at least two twenty minute sessions in the next week. Being witnessed makes it that much more powerful! And if you are curious about having a reading with me check out the all new Intuitive Counselling page!

Back To The Cushion And Diving Deep!

Warm fire book and blanket

How I would like to spend Winter!

I’m looking for inspiration at the moment, what to write, what to do, how to go forward in a world that often seems to be completely insane. If only my society valued being compassionate and caring about others as much as it does a six figure salary! All the wishing in the world won’t change my immediate experience however, so how to find motivation for myself in my own small part of the world is the challenge. With Winter finally having arrived the desire is to burrow inward and stay out of the big bad world as much as possible. Where I am there has been some rain followed by days of gusty wind and I have noticed that this kind of weather has me feeling quite disturbed. It’s like the wind has a voice and it sounds just a bit like a howling ghost from some terrible horror movie.

black hole despair


But time moves on apace as Shakespeare would no doubt have said and I have a life to get together, funds to raise, a wedding to organise. My strong desire to curl up under the doona with my Beloved will have to wait as I forge ahead patiently doing one task after another. This is without being attached (yeah right) to the outcomes of what I am doing. Oh I wish I had achieved that level of enlightenment but I rather think I have a bit of a way to go on that front. Last week one of my tasks was to put together the playlist for the Ecstatic Dance that I run with my Beloved once a month and I was really delighted with the fruits of my effort. Then on the morning we have one person turn up who is obviously uncomfortable being the only participant who leaves before the first song is over. I managed to avoid going into deep depression and even stayed fairly positive considering, but I was definitely not detached.


Even as I feel the frustration and a sense of helplessness I get answers streaming through from the realm of Spirit, or from God or Goddess, whatever name you have for such things. It tells me to meditate and to go within, to connect with the deeper reality that lies beneath all our surface thoughts and actions. Whatever answers I may require are all to be found in that place, the source of creation, the still place that lies inside us all. I know this so very well but still I get stuck in the loop of negative thoughts going round and round in the same old place they always have. It isn’t nearly as bad as it has been in the past, feeling hopeless is a much smaller part of the whole shebang but the frustration is much greater with the passage of time. My realisation in my last post about the mind needing reassurance comes to the surface of my consciousness. Meditating and being still would help my poor mind feel more optimistic about the future for sure!

meditation silhouette

We often search for clever looking answers to our big questions, but the truth is usually simple and generally not particularly glamorous. Not sure how many times I may need to hear this to truly get the message through my thick skull but let’s hope for zillionth time lucky shall we! Looks like it’s back to the drawing board (I mean cushion) to dip into the depths of life, the universe, and everything. Aho!