Emerging, Moving and Meditating.

Woman pruning tree.I wonder if being pruned feels to the plant as challenges and obstacles on my path do to me? It can seem quite brutal at times and yet we often look back on such incidences as important lessons that have been pivotal in the process of unfolding into full potential. I am still very much in the thick of my process but even now I can see how the recent and ongoing challenges are shaping me into a space of courage and positivity. Rather than fuss over who ought to be doing what I have taken up the gauntlet and am doing everything I can to reach my goals of happy, fulfilled, independent and meaningful living with my Beloved. My online readings have been launched and there is already positive feedback from that offering, more to come I am sure! The other initiative is a new meditation class that will be launched at the Maleny Yoga Shed tomorrow.

Body Awareness Meditation classes

We are going to save the full format of “Buddha Meets Your Body” for workshops and to have the weekly class as a meditation that focuses on bringing awareness into the whole organic being of mind, heart and body. So it’s minus the talking for the most part and aims to give participants an experience which they can take away and reflect on for themselves. It will be simple even when there is movement involved, for the first class people will be lying down for most of it and only moving the body in very subtle ways. When you bring awareness to any part of the body change follows as quickly as a thought can move and shift and change, possibly even quicker than thought in fact. Our bodies have their own wisdom and you never truly know anything until it is known throughout your being. And everything moves with greater ease when you are coming from a place of relaxation, a quality that tends to be undervalued much of the time.

Awareness energy meditation

So in the class we focus on relaxing and grounding before embarking on journeys of deep exploration, bringing awareness to deeper and deeper levels of consciousness. I know where we will begin but who knows where it will end up and that is the most exciting part of any expedition into the unknown. My Beloved and I will be learning as we go and excited to hear what others experience¬†in the safe and supportive space that we will be creating for participants. For those who love to dance we will also be offering an hour of dance in the afternoon, “Dance Yourself Open”, from 5-6pm. I have a vision of building community with those who are interested in expanding their inner awareness and taking the understandings gained in meditation class on to the dance floor. And ultimately out into the larger world!

Dance Yourself Open

This is a dream that I have………

International Yoga Day at the Maleny Yoga Shed:

Body Awareness Meditation Classes at the Maleny Yoga Shed:



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