Rainbows, Rainbows…And More Rainbows!

RainyDaysI slept well last Friday night but I did wake up a couple of times and each time that I did I could hear the sound that every marketeer dreads, relentless rain drops pelting from the sky! When the alarm went off at 5.30am it was still dark although the dawn was beginning to show and that lovely delicate light was illuminating sheets of water and a grey sky full of clouds. I lay in bed and wondered if it was even worth getting up at all. The thought that all our careful preparation might be for nought felt like a heavy  weight in my belly, ripe with disappointment. But I am nothing if not stubborn, just ask my Beloved and he will definitely confirm that this is a true fact. So we got up and started getting ready anyway and as we did so the day began to improve slowly but surely.

By the time we got to the Crystal Waters Market the world had been washed clean and fresh including the clear blue sky and I was feeling much more positive about our debut. We got a perfect spot next to a beautiful tree and proceeded to set up our stall in the warm sunshine. It’s been a long time since I did anything like this but your body remembers what to do even when the mind can’t recall. And making our stall into a gorgeous display was the easiest thing in the world, simply hanging up the stock so it can be seen does the job as you can see from the photos. My Beloved and I were happy as pigs in the mud as we talked to the people who came by to check us out. There were many reasons for our joy but I realised that spending the day surrounded by all that colour and all the fractals was a big part of how happy I was.

Science has a bit of catching up to do but even in the mainstream it is accepted that being out in Nature is good for your health. There are many factors involved here but the fact that nature is positively bursting with fractals is most likely a key element in the beneficial effects that people experience. So having a stall full of these kinds of shapes will only add to the happy health benefits that are sure to unfold as my Beloved and I navigate this new pathway of ours. I’ve included a link to a brief article that explains what fractals are and why being around them is good for us:

Fractals and Health

And if you just want to sit back and enjoy amazing, colourful patterns then search for fractals on You Tube, hours of healthy viewing to be found with ease. Enjoy the fractal journey!

fractal rainbows

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