An Earth Angel And His Van!

van-strandedIt’s been a crazy week of moving madness as my Beloved and I settle into our temporary lodgings with my mother. And as I reflect upon the shifting sands of our travels there is a moment that my mind keeps returning to. At a quarter to one last Wednesday we were surrounded by boxes and feeling good about our progress when my Beloved took a fateful call. The van that was supposed to be moving our stuff was sitting on the side of the road and was not going to be moving anything anytime soon! In that moment I felt my calm deepening in response to the sudden crisis. I had no idea what we were going to do but that we would come up with a good answer to this quandary was never in any doubt. Nice to know that when the chips are down I can be counted upon not to lose it completely!

bubble love

We took a moment to hold each other and let the feelings that were swirling around do their thing, then we hit the phones and the computer. It took a couple of hours but there was eventually a call from a man who might have thought I was quite mad if he wasn’t the charitable fellow that he is. I was quite euphoric and a little bit crazy and to me he was an angel surrounded in radiance, coming to save the day! And he not only brought his van and his strong  back, he also brought a positive uplifting attitude that was completely in alignment with my visions of his halo. Quite apart from getting the job done we enjoyed connecting with a lovely member of our community whom I now know a little better than I did before.


So seeming disaster turns into delight as we continue to navigate the constant sea of change, entering into a new chapter brimming with potential. There was a movie with Jeff Bridges thirty-two years ago called “Starman”in which the protagonist is asked what he has observed about humans in the time he has been running from the authorities. His answer has always stuck with me: “You are at your very best when things are worst.” So perhaps there is a design in the insanity that seems to be currently running the world, maybe things have to get really, really bad before people will recognise the need for change. And it does seem that we have reached that place by now, Spirit waits for our response and to see if we can find that deeper intelligence which manifests as compassion.


In the meantime my Beloved and I wait to hear from our new landlords and continue to make progress on our wedding and the other myriad things that are in process. And if I am tempted to go into overwhelm I simply recall that moment when my calm got so much deeper. As always relaxation and awareness make life so much easier to navigate!

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