On Retreat:Healing With Mother Nature.


Photo by Ulli Hansen and friends.

Deep in the body I sink into sensation as my awareness falls away from the pondering of the mind with it’s endlessly unfolding patterns of thoughts and stories. In the moment of connection with the other part of my soul, found in the eyes of my Beloved, I deepen and fall. In the sounds of the birds that make a tapestry all around me and the heat which renders me unfit for anything but sitting and reading, sitting and gazing into the far horizon. A place with little thought and not much energy can be relaxing if you let go of the need to ‘do’ or feel the urge to be busy. Deep in the healing and feeling immense gratitude to the medicine of the Frog, gratitude to the spirit of the Amazon jungle. Riding the wave and knowing that a more focused understanding will emerge in the fullness of time, in the process of life evolving.


So until I am ready to share more fully I will move into the space of retreat for a time, celebrating another year on this magical planet known to us as Earth. In Gratitude to the Mother, to the Goddess and her Consort, to Shiva and Shakti……….. to Love! Talk to you next week my friends.

2 responses to “On Retreat:Healing With Mother Nature.

  1. Your words invited me into your freely flowing moments and inspiring thoughts that you share with such openness and relish.i give my personal thanks to the Journeys I have taken with you in the past that have left your ever unconditional loving Presence deeply etched on my Soul. It is wonderful when Life presents itself for our enjoyment and we have the awareness to recognise the Gift of Every Moment. We are indeed born free

    I love your Posts….., always and especially love the images in this Post with their multi layers and exquisite glowing colours and your Joyful Presence shining through ……..

  2. Dear, dear friend with whom I have shared so many wonderful moments! These amazing photos came about because of the group of people that you brought together in that wonderful way that you are a catalyst for creativity and joy. You too are eternally etched into my soul and I have even had a vision once about a time when you and I and Brendan have all departed this earthly realm and are meeting in the Great Beyond.

    Sending you so much love and also apologies for taking some time to respond. I find in my bush retreat that sitting down to the computer is hard to do and so I get behind in my communications. But my heart is always holding you close, may you be filled with grace and your passage be joyful and easy always. Bountiful blissings……..

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