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Kerry And The Ketones!

KetogenicDietWhenever I do manage a post it tends to be all about food as medicine and this will be no exception I am sure. The latest episode in my gustatory adventures is all about going back to the ketogenic diet which is where I started this journey three months ago. This time I am measuring the fat burning process and the indicator that tells me I’m doing it right is ketones. Now if you know me you know you won’t get a detailed technical explanation of this, it’s just not my style and I’m sure there are many resources out there that describe it better than I could. All I need to know is that when there are ketones in my urine I am burning the right kind of fat and so far it seems to be going well. And that’s in spite of a day this week when I gave in to desire and had a couple of bliss balls. Normally quite healthy but not ketogenic  but the ketones keep appearing hooray!


I’m a bit relieved to be honest that my lovely naturopath didn’t ask me to do more juice fasting, the benefits were huge but getting it all together really is quite a mission. This diet feels like something I can keep on eating everyday and with all the yummy oils and spices I am never short of flavour. And when you get a hedonist having to restrict her choices the whole process starts to become extremely refined but just as passionate and full of savouring as ever. Let me tell you about fat bombs! All you have to do is melt coconut oil and mix in raw cacao and some peppermint oil and you have a fabulous treat that totally satisfies any sweet cravings. If your taste buds are blunted by sugar you probably won’t like them but for me they are delicious!

fat bombs

Organic chicken cooked up in small pieces in coconut oil, turmeric and black pepper is one of my favourite dishes, we call it popcorn chicken. If you have it with a nice salad that has an olive oil dressing the oils mix together on the plate and the result is divine. Once I have cleared up my pre-cancerous cells I will be still eating a diet that is much the same except for the addition of some carbohydrates and a bit of sugar. It may not be right for everyone but my Beloved and I are very happy with our new food plan. Towards the end of June I will have an appointment at the hospital and we shall see if there has been progress in addressing the underlying causes of this pre-cancer.

Kerry rainbow RSL

The new slender me!

So at this point I can say that I am 10 kilos lighter and feeling more energetic than I have in years, it’s a nice steady kind of energy too, the sort that can go the distance. We shall see how it all unfolds but I am certainly feeling very positive about my progress. I will keep you posted!

Taxing Times: On All Levels!

vegetables and juicesI’m not keeping up the promise of weekly posts at the moment but you know there are times when life takes over and you are too much ‘in’ the experience to write about it. Still there I think as it has been a big time for the love bubble of Kerry and Brendan. A 7 day juice fast which included 4 coffee enemas and as many trips into Brisbane (the closest big smoke) for my Beloved as he navigated the loss of his mum. Yes a big time indeed but this blog is primarily about sharing what goes on inside of me, my Beloved’s internal sea of shifting feelings and moods is his to share or not as he pleases. So for me the little bit of resistance that is curling up inside of me is all about finishing that last bit of work for my tax. Not actually such a lot of time required but getting to it seems especially challenging.

Rainbow Kerry and Cheryl.

This is more interesting than doing my tax!

Oh it will happen as it always does and I will wonder why I made such a fuss, until next year’s deadline comes around once again. There is also a sense of satisfaction for me in having achieved some goals that required a lot of determination and effort on my part. I think there may be a part of me that wants a holiday, don’t have holidays much so maybe I’m  being reminded that it’s time to plan a decent kind of break. I have a feeling that there are going to be some good changes in the near future that will help my Beloved and I to plan ourselves a nice holiday. In the meantime it’s onward and upward upon this amazing healing journey which encompasses the health and well being of both of us. It is a big adventure full of archetypes and different states of consciousness and we are both growing quickly which can sometimes seem tricky.

loving self to me

So it’s all about self-care at the moment and riding the balance between that and economic reality, things like veggie juice fasting for any appreciable amount of time is expensive! But totally worth it as I do have the energy to keep the commitments that are required to keep the joint venture of our bubble of love on track for the Port of Optimum Health. And so it is!