Circular Quay wth Kez11dec 021

A most Magickal me, photo taken and enhanced by the wondrous Ulli Hansen.

Kerry has been acting and singing and dancing and toning her whole life and has a background in sound healing, shamanic studies, bodywork and breathwork,  counselling and psychic readings. She finally got out of the city and is LOVING this country life. Her own deep healing journey has provided a doorway to inner and outer realms full of treasure and Kerry is excited to be sharing her passion in the wonderful community of Maleny!

Photo by Ulli Hansen and friends.

Photo by Ulli Hansen and friends.


These two photos were the result of a divine collaboration which resulted in a multi-media show in a sandstone church. We had crystal bowls and toning, poetry and amazing images projected on to a huge screen.

2 responses to “About

  1. Kerry… I noticed you have my painting circles of light on your website…. tell me more about the site and your work

    • Hello,
      This blog is my weekly reflections on my life from a spiritual perspective and also promotes my psychic readings. If I have inadvertently used a copyrighted image I am happy to remove it but I’m not sure to which image you are referring. If I take a while to respond it will be because of my current limited access to internet.

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