Intuitive Counselling


Photo by Steve Swayne.

This is how Kerry explains her Intuitive Counselling:
I’m self taught and constantly evolving as I listen to the call of spirit. If you are looking for direction I can offer guidance and support on your spiritual and everyday path, the two may be closer than you imagine. I combine channeling with the tarot for a unique reading that will reflect your own particular journey as it is in this moment, and the potential paths that ripple out from that place.

I would like to have an online session with Kerry

If you would like to hear more about how I came to be a reader please check out this blog post My Story As A Reader: I’m Not Psychic She Said! And to get an idea of what a reading with me might look like, have a look at A Psychic Reading With Kerry. tarot rider waite fanI am available in Maleny by appointment but don’t despair if you are far, far away! I am more than happy to do a reading for you on Skype or by phone. Simply send me an email and we can work out how and when to connect. I will confirm your booking and send you the link that will take you to the payment buttons. Big Rainbow I really am loving this journey of mine as a reader, I look forward to connecting with many beautiful souls as the pathway unfolds in all it’s wonder!

Read what Ulli, one of Kerry’s clients, had to say about her session with Kerry:
I found in my reading with Kerry Laizans that she is a very efficient psychic and counsellor who definitely inspired me to attend to issues which were there to be dealt with. In her very warm communication with me she gave me a new sense of direction. 

Read what Carmen, another of Kerry’s clients, had to say:
Wow! You know some people have an amazing talent! I had a reading with Kerry yesterday and am really THANKFUL for the insights I gained into my life journey. Kerry reads with immense wisdom and compassion. She really taps into the core essence of your being and reads for your highest best interest. I can highly recommend Kerry for a reading… Easy peasy and convenient! You’ll now see me bouncing around with a big grin on my face thanks to this reading! AWESOME! Thanks so much Kerry!

Read what Lawrence had to say:
I had never had a reading before but Kerry was very easy to be with, and she explained things in a very down-to-earth way. I liked how she was very present with me and I left with a better point of view on a couple of things that had been bothering me. Very worthwhile.

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