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Birthday Treasures: Smaug’s Hoard.

smaugs hoardJust a quick note to you all today as I chill after a wondrous 50th birthday party, here is some of the treasure I received with Smaug guarding the hoard!

For those who read my last post the burning bladder continued on pretty much up to when the party started but I took some colloidal silver and that seems to be helping. It isn’t over but as I continue to process it will probably shift, at least I’ve found something in the physical that does appear to assist my body, a support.

Here is some of the colour, beautiful images that I had a lot of fun discovering as I sat on the floor like a child at Christmas time!

Now it’s back to paradise, dear friends and my Beloved, it’s been quite some time since I kissed him……mmmmm need to do something about that!