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Wish Me Luck.

I said this is crunch time and I meant it, I’m an essentially healthy and happy person who keeps getting sick, I spent a week in bed in August and currently have a cold that started over a week ago and just won’t go away in spite of the foul-tasting herbs I’m taking for it. In between the bugs have been having a good go at me (“Bug Wars”, Sept 30 2013), and usually they would be losing the battle, I’ve gone for years at a time without even getting a cold. The last time this happened was in the months leading up to my big shift from the city to the country, my sense is that there is another shift looming for me so I take it as a positive if annoying sign of things to come.

You can click on this image to be able to read the writing, the website has more information on brain states and cd’s for sale that take you into alpha, theta or delta, I haven’t tried them so can’t recommend but may consider trying them out some time.

So I mentioned that I’m doing a course that involves the Alpha brain state and visualisation techniques, I’ve looked at this sort of thing before and even done some of it, but I always struggled with being able to stay focused. When I do the visualisation I find it really challenging to bring in all the senses and even my visuals are not terribly clear, yet when I do a guided meditation the images always come pouring in vividly. As I write this I’m thinking that it might be useful to tap on this (that’s EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique) before I do the exercises, our facilitator says the images don’t have to be clear, but it is important to be bringing in the other senses so it wouldn’t hurt to make it all a lot more vivid.


I also need to work on my ability to be persistent and not give up, like a lot of people I will do something for a while, but at some point I get distracted and let it go. This has happened with other amazing work that I have connected with in the past, a good example would be Jean Houston’s Awaken To Your Life’s Purpose, an online seminar I did at the end of 2011. http://evolvingwisdom.com/programs/life-purpose.php

Not that I didn’t get a lot out of the course, I connected with other amazing people around the globe that I stay in touch with and who are now very much in my heart space. But I was busy as always and just did the exercises in each session once, all the information is on my computer but I’ve never got back to doing it. So now I have once again been drawn to a course that is motivating me to change that old pattern, wish me luck as I head off once again into the great unknown! Here is an old song from Gracie Fields, “Wish me Luck (As You Wave Me Goodbye): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EUytEX_XkE

The Right Kind Of Crazy!

Be careful what you ask for……..for the Gods may give it to you, how many times have you heard that phrase, one could also say be careful of your thoughts and language, because your brain will take it as the truth. When you consider some of the internal dialoguing that goes on for many of us, the logical outcome is a life that has nothing to do with what we really want in our lives. I’ve written on this subject before when I talked about manifesting a relationship in my life, that was “Seducing the Frontal Lobe” on April 9 2013.

I am now going to humbly admit that I didn’t do what I said I would, if you were reading my posts in the time following you will be aware that I was being triggered in HUGE ways and so was on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Although in a way I was working on my stuff around relationship, just not in the context of being ‘in’ a partnership, the upshot of it all is that a lot of what was in the way of me allowing myself to receive love was cleared away in that process.

You can read about how re-wiring the brain can create an illness like Bulimia by checking out Shaye’s recovery website, this basic principle can be applied to the creation of any habits, good or bad.

But as far as changing the neural pathways by fooling the brain into thinking that what I want in my life is actually here now, that I didn’t do. To briefly recap, the brain will believe anything that you can imagine strongly enough, if you look at an object a particular part of the brain will fire up, imagine looking at the same object and that part of your brain will light up just as if it was actually there. Joe Dispenza talks about this in “Evolve Your Brain” and he reckons you need to spend an hour a day creating your vision, using all your senses.

I’m currently doing a course that is based on the same information, it is about going into an Alpha brain state and then using visualisation techniques to create a picture of what it is that you want. Of course all the theory in the world is worth nothing if you don’t do something with it, that’s the point I find myself at in this moment. I need very much to make certain changes in my life if I am to continue as a person on this planet and I need to change the way I do things if I want to get a different result. You might remember my favourite definition of insanity, doing things the same way and expecting a different outcome.


Let’s hope I’m the right kind of crazy in this case! More on this subject in my next post, love to you all until then!!

Here is an interview with Dr Joe Dispenza, I spent a day listening to him talk once and he is not only inspiring but also a lovely and very humble man, enjoy!