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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality.

ecstatic danceIt’s been a huge week and my Beloved and I are facilitating an ecstatic dance tonight, after that we will be driving an hour to go and dance some more! Free form dance was the only thing I couldn’t seem to get much of in my wonderful little country town so now my life is truly complete. But this also makes us extremely busy and we plan to lay low and do very little tomorrow so I am writing this post now so that you can read it as part of your own lazy Sunday.

The week before this one I had to go into work for some training, I’m stepping up into a supervisory role and as a part of that it was necessary to do some role plays. This is the sort of thing that can really stress a girl out and there was a time when it surely did, you’d think an ex-actor wouldn’t be concerned but I would get sooo nervous! Now I get a bit of a flutter in my belly but there isn’t any fear, in fact a part of me actually looks forward to getting in there and giving it a go.


The difference is all about attitude, I remind myself that this is a training session and therefore I don’t have to get everything right and perfect. In fact you often learn more from mistakes, sometimes they can provide a bit of humour too which helps even more to relax and enjoy the experience. So something that I once would have dreaded becomes an interesting way to spend an hour and at the end of it I have a bit more knowledge and skill than I started with.


So simple isn’t it but that one little tweak in consciousness creates a very different reality to  the story I used to run and I am much happier as a result. So if there is an aspect of your life that doesn’t please you, think about how you might be able to change the story and therefore change the outcomes. Something to think about as you enjoy your Sunday!

Love and blissings!!!!!!!!!!!

Taste The Love!

Even though I am obsessed with self-care, there are still times when I seem to load up my plate with such a lot of activities, I wonder if I really do know what I’m doing. First check point is, do all the things I want to do ‘feel’ right for me, if the answer is yes then I need to work out how to do it all while still taking care of myself. It can be quite a challenge, and while being organised is helpful, it’s my attitude that actually makes the biggest difference.

I’m sure you’ve heard about having an attitude of gratitude, well it does actually work, only I take it even further than that. The other day I did a day of cleaning at a beautiful healing centre, a huge building and an enormous amount of effort involved. I don’t really like to clean much but if you have to do it, you may as well feel good about it, and so I look upon it as an act of devotion or service. That notion I’ve been talking about a lot lately of bringing the sacred into everything we do. When you bring love into your action it not only enhances whatever you are doing, it brings that energy into the house that you are cleaning, or the food that you are preparing. And you can actually taste the love in food, really you can, it does taste better!

If everyone on the planet suddenly came down with a magical virus that brought out the qualities of love, respect, devotion and kindness, the world would be transformed overnight. Not a bad idea for a novel now I come to think of it, the sort of thing that Ben Elton might write. Let’s try seeing the world as the comedy that it really is, when I went to my yoga class in the middle of my busy week I dropped all the ‘doing’, and found myself smiling a lot and trying not to laugh. Not at anything in particular, just because I was in one of my favourite sacred spaces, and all my stressing was suddenly in perspective.

Let’s try to get some perspective happening here in this crazy world we’ve created, see the humour and the sacred in all things.

Shanti, shanti, shanti………peace, peace, peace………………..

Snuggle Into Winter.

More developments on toothy conundrums later, tomorrow is my two hours in the dentist’s chair, this afternoon I am sitting and reflecting on the changing of the seasons. The temperature dropped from one day to the next and inspired my ode to summer, now it’s time to begin the slow descent into winter’s cold grasp. ‘Twas never my favourite season, but I made peace with it some time ago, it’s an opportunity to go within, to be quiet.

After many years in Darwin and then Brisbane, I found the southern winters hard to take, I hated it actually, and lived in a state of denial which included not wearing warm enough clothes and not heating the house. After a few years like this I began to see that my attitude was what was giving me grief, so I made a conscious effort to find things to like about winter. Hot showers, snuggling under the doona, warm jumpers and hot water bottles were some of the yummy cold season attractions I came up with, and low and behold, all sorts of stuff started coming my way. I found warm snuggly jumpers for ridiculous prices in garage sales, worked out that I could just heat the room I was using to conserve energy and electricity costs, all simple common sense once I let go of the denial.

It comes back to the premise that you might as well surrender to what you cannot change, in that letting go transformation becomes possible, and change does happen, inside of you. When you shift the perception of your inner eye, the world becomes a different place, the snow may still fall, but all of a sudden you receive the gift of a warm coat, you are invited to a sumptuous meal in front of a glowing log fire, your heart glows with the warmth of your friendships. Not that we get snow here, the winters in my little country town are not that cold, or perhaps it’s my acceptance of the shift of the seasons that makes it so, anyway I can now say in all honesty even as a summer girl, I really do like winter!


Winter Inside

Douglas Florian

Winter is cold. Winter is ice. But winter inside Is cozy and nice.

Winter is snow. Winter is sleet. But winter inside Is fireplace feet.

Winter is bitter. Winter is biting. But winter inside Is very inviting.

Dangerous Opportunities.

A major feature of my experience of these times we are living in is that anything you haven’t yet dealt with is going to be in your face. If you notice yourself having a big reaction to something that is not really in proportion to what has actually occurred then there is a fair chance that you are facing an opportunity to clear something big. This is when crisis can be a doorway to shedding the past and entering into new ways of being. A beautiful illustration of this can be seen in the chinese character for crisis, which is made up of two symbols, one means danger and the other means opportunity.


I am staring my attitude of lack and scarcity right in the face at the moment and I don’t like what I see or feel at all. This festive season has been good for me but there have also been some drawbacks and it is mostly to do with me not taking proper time off because I need to keep working, not because I am a workaholic but because there isn’t enough in the bank account.

According to the Laws of Manifestation I am not even supposed to be speaking of what I don’t have, I’ve always found that one a bit tricky and maybe that is why I haven’t made the big shift yet. For the truth is that I have made huge progress, the money that I do earn all comes through doing work that I enjoy, that gives meaning and purpose to my life.

So I sit with my feelings, and while the mind can help with intellectual understandings, it is the intuition coming from the heart that is truly my guiding light in the darkness of old fears and monsters under the bed. The heart has its own wisdom and there is a physiological basis for this, half the cells in our heart are identical to brain cells. Apparently they have discovered brain cells in the gut too, makes a lot of sense when you thing about ‘gut feelings’.

Just writing all of this helps me to shift my feelings somewhat, journalling is a wonderful self-development tool and one that I have used a lot over the years. It is a bit different doing it so publicly, I have a lot of shame over being in lack and to put it out where anyone can see feels very challenging. So be compassionate in your thoughts as you read this and I will try to do the same for myself.

With kindness and compassion and a huge dollop of gratitude for the abundance and beauty of life!