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The Medicine Just Got Sweeter, From The Everyday To Mary Poppins!

godgoddesstreeI’ve got this message at the top of my screen, it is trying to get me to change security settings and it’s all very serious and I am having trouble wrapping my head around what I actually need to do. I’m bobbing along in a bubble of happiness and joy and it can be a bit challenging to come to earth and do practical things, particularly not being the most practical of persons naturally. But I am doing my best and in the meantime exploring what it feels like to be so happy, everything seems easy from this space and the flow happens, in whatever is the most efficacious manner.

And things keep changing but there is a new continuity in my life that changes everything, I manage neurotic pets, writing commitments, shopping and yoga, giving a massage and getting my hair done, all in preparation for time with my Beloved. And time in my community, where I am constantly connecting with beautiful people who celebrate with me my joys, support if I do sorrow. Life is actually pretty good as we approach the Summer Solstice, the completion of what felt like a very important cycle to me, some of it quite painful, but the clarity on the other side is well worth it!


Really challenge yourself and see what comes up, sit with the feelings and if you can let it be a journey then it may take you into a deeper awareness of body, mind……soul………heart. If you don’t like the feelings and the types of outcomes they tend to produce, then be present with the discomfort, you can let go of that stuff forever. Feels like I have let go of rather a lot of heavy stuff that I really didn’t need anymore, life is both simpler and more complex, in the most delightful way!

Just like this song from Mary Poppins, “A Spoon Full of Sugar”, you have to love Julie Andrews, she is just perfect in this role and what a voice!

Ask And Ye Shall Receive.

Feeling the strength that comes with being in my own power, worrying about the challenges ahead doesn’t really get you anywhere, taking action does! Time to truly get my act together, the final clearing out is almost upon me and I have realised that the letting go that has been such a theme for me, needs to be reflected in my outer world, as well as the inner. I’ve lived with most of my stuff in storage for four and a half years so the idea that I don’t have much is something of an illusion. Granted I don’t have a house full of things to deal with, but it’s still a part of me that is somewhere else, time to consolidate all these disparate parts!



Having to be careful with your budget helps one to be ruthless, why on earth am I hanging on to plates and knives and forks, transporting them thousands of kilometres when they are so incredibly easy to replace! Most of them came from op shops and urban recycling anyway, no precious or valuable china in my collection that’s for sure. I am actually looking forward to sorting and re-packing now, a big shift from the anxiety I’ve been experiencing whenever I thought about what was coming up.

There will be an opportunity with everything being here where I am, to go through copious notes and journals from my years of shamanic studies,what gems of forgotten wisdom will I find? The trick will be to find the time for all this sorting but I rather suspect that you will read many interesting and thought-provoking posts that will emerge out of this process. I saw a psychic not long ago who told me I would be getting my stuff in order and doing a big clearing out, I am very pleased to have her accuracy confirmed as she saw a prosperous and happy life ahead of me. Of course I could have told me that but it’s nice to have it confirmed!

And as always I have the support of a wonderful community here, ask and ye shall receive, love and you will never truly want for anything. And here is a quote from the Bible that pretty much gives us the basic law of manifestation:

Mark 11:24 ESV / 111 helpful votes

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

My Regretful Vagina.

This time of challenge with my teeth has helped to bring me into yet another stage of my evolution. Not so much the cracking open and clearing that’s been going on these last few months, but more a process of refinement. In my deep reflections and consultation with my inner voices, I have identified my priorities even more clearly and I am letting go of whatever isn’t completely necessary.

I’m a bit sad that my plan to audition for ‘The Vagina Monologues’ has to fall by the wayside, but it was more about a bit fun and, I have to be honest here, showing off! What I am doing in this moment, writing from my heart and sharing that reflection with the world, is far more important. If I am going to focus on manifestation this is where I need to bring my attention, the cauldron of creativity and joy that being a wordsmith gives to me.

As I write those words my heart trembles and expands in anticipation of the pleasures ahead on the road of living with full purpose! There can be no greater joy than to live in every moment with passion, and the excitement of new discoveries, as life continues to enrapture and surprise the grown up child I have become. Once I have established this part of my vocation more,I may have time to allow the aspect of me that wants to strut her stuff on the stage to have her moment in the spotlight. Perhaps I will even write something just for her, that will display her talents and skills to best effect.

‘The Vagina Monologues’ is a moving feast of work with Eve Ensler, the writer and performer, creating  a new monologue every year to highlight current issues affecting women in the world. This one is called ‘My Angry Vagina’, check it out!