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The Veggie Adventures Of Kerry And Brendan.

National ForestIt’s been a while and I may only stay with you for a fairly brief moment as I have been very busy with my health program, with work and with all the ongoing healing processes. To say nothing of some lovely people connections here and there even as my Beloved and I have been somewhat on retreat when we don’t have to work. And for me being on retreat does not include looking at a computer screen, not even very often for entertainment of any kind really. Reading is so relaxing and I have been reading through a series of books after many years and enjoying being absorbed back into that story. The beautiful bush around our shack is always a delight as are the birds during the day and the stars at night. Nature is very healing, technology can be too but you have to be discerning.

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The very latest on the health program is what I hope will be 3 days of veggie juicing depending on how it aligns with my overnight shifts but at least 2 and at least one coffee enema. I heard another glowing report at the end of a yoga class this morning so it seems that Spirit is keen for me to have this experience. The initial trick has been to manage to get enough veggies to make 4 litres of juice when my Beloved and I are both doing the fast as we will next Tuesday. So it was off to the Yandina market last Saturday very early and buying tons of cucumbers and celery at the spray free stall. We shall see how our calculations and sheer guesswork pans out as we continue the Veggie Adventures of Kerry and Brendan!

vegetables and juices

I’ve lost 6 kilos too and it is feeling lovely being that much lighter, the lightness is felt through all the aspects of self, not just the physical. Anyway that will do for now, no promises but I will try to write a post next week. Life is busy and good and it’s nice to share, love and blissings to you all!

Natural Blessings, Miracles And True Love.

Green hills MalenyI haven’t felt much like writing here what with all the goings on of recent times and when I started to get the urge to communicate I wondered what about. I will speak to you of the miracle that my Beloved and I have flowed into even as we had visioned during our search for a new home, at another time. For now let me say that we are living close to town on a beautiful property which carries very much the energy of retreat which was the message that Spirit sent to us with great clarity as we did the inner work. Moving is exhausting and every new situation has challenges as well as immediate blessings, so we are going through a period of adjustment, a transition time. I’ve been having a flare up of a bladder issue also so you might expect me to be grumpy and pissed off.

frazzled and tired cat


blue black butterflyWell I don’t enjoy it when my bladder hurts but the empowerment of managing it myself is really satisfying. And being in a place that is quiet, surrounded by nature and animals, keeps me grounded even when I’m unwell. I did a day and a half of work at the start of this week and at the start of both days I sat on the grass in a park and meditated for ten minutes before heading off to work. On the second day I was walking down the path through a bit of bush and an inlet to my car when I found myself with a gorgeous blue and black butterfly hovering around me. I stood entranced with a huge smile on my face and when I began to walk the butterfly came with me and fluttered around really close to me. I realised that it was probably attracted to the swirling colours in my skirt but it was also a message from Spirit. Butterflies are all about transformation and it feels like my Beloved and I are going through something huge at the moment.

Change is inevitable and there are times when it may seem scary, to get a bit anxious about moving into the unknown is a normal part of being human I think. But it can also help to crack you open so that energy that is stuck can move and so surrendering to the things you cannot change is an important part of health and well being. I’m not speaking of becoming passive, simply accepting for example that death will come to all living beings at some time. Death may be the greatest transformation of all and one that my Beloved gets all excited about. I suspect I still carry fear around that part of my life but his attitude is rather comforting and I think it has helped me to let go of some of those fears.


Me and my Beloved.

There is always something to feel grateful for and at this particular moment I am remembering that stunning butterfly and the sweet joy that I experienced as it hovered around me. And so many other joyful moments, so many of them with my cohort in love, the sexiest man on the planet! Life that has been a little anxious lately is beginning to get reconnected to Nature, and that combined with true love is a recipe for Happiness!

Big Rainbow