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Touch Me.

Well I got through my niggling feelings of wanting to know exactly how everything in my life is going to pan out, and wanting to know it NOW! Ok so there may be just a tiny smidgen  of doubt floating around in my belly, but I can live with that, in fact it’s probably even normal, something I was very determined not to be as a small child.

There’s a lot of talk about how kids want to be like everyone else, you know, she’s wearing that style and I want it too! I always wanted to be different, the idea of looking and thinking and being like all the other kids seemed incredibly boring to me. So when Madonna came along in her ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ days I guess I was attracted to her rebellious nature, I wore lingerie as outer wear, teased the buggery out of my hair and tied it with black lace.

Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.

Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.

Of course I was actually being like a lot of other people, we join groups sometimes seeking to be different and end up putting on a type of uniform. You can see it with the Goth look, the Punks and probably lots of current ones that I don’t know about, not being in the loop with kid’s stuff, although I have heard of Emo. I adore Steampunk and that seems to me to offer more opportunity to actually be different, but maybe I just feel that way because I like it.

As humans we do seem to have a need to flock together, much of  self-development work comes out of relating to others, it often helps to motivate us to improve ourselves. I believe that this is one of our strengths as a species, and if we can begin to move into higher levels of co-operation there is nothing that we cannot do.

By coming together at that higher level we can make it possible for everybody to have access to basic needs, and that includes the need for loving touch,  babies who don’t receive that show incredibly adverse affects, both physical and emotional. That is the critical time in our development, but the need for physical touch remains important throughout adult life, and for that to depend on someone having a lover, means that there are lots of people who are living in deprivation.

Let the new sensual and loving age begin, not mindless orgies, a conscious journey into  a whole new definition of what it means to be human, living upon the planet Earth.

A Goddess Group Hug: at a gathering inspired by the InSpired IzaBella Siódmak.

A Goddess Group Hug: at a gathering inspired by the
InSpired IzaBella Siódmak.

Beloved Friendships.

Time I think to return to the subject of my beloved, I have been considering the public nature of these posts, and started to wonder if I might scare off a potential candidate if he thinks I’m going to expose all here. I will be as honest as I can with my readers, but there are some things best kept private, and developing relationships definitely fall into this category. If I want to express anything in relation to that I will simply have to find suitable metaphors or examples.

So I thought it would be a good idea to express my feelings on the possibility of a beloved coming into my life, yes I am looking for a life partner, but I have no intention of jumping on the first potential mate that turns up. Oh the temptation will be there for sure, old patterns have many layers, and I know for a fact that I still have beliefs that say things like “Grab this relationship and hold on no matter what, it may never happen again!”

These days I am very aware of these old beliefs, and I know that the optimum path is a very different one. What I really need is to have relationships with the right kind of men, conscious, aware, and open to their emotions, to have intimacy that doesn’t have to lead to sex. I need to explore what a truly healthy relationship feels like, and in that process I might find my beloved, or I might find a beautiful new friend. Both of those outcomes are very desirable, almost all of my intimate friends are women, and it would be nice to have more beautiful male friends too.

I haven’t been very comfortable with my own masculine energy in this lifetime, by having more of that energy around me in the form of friends, I may learn to be ok with that aspect of myself. It’s certainly worth following up and as I write this I realise that it actually needs to become a more conscious process. In the 18 months of my mountain change, I have made some wonderful new friends, but the ones I connect with more intimately are all women.

Mmmmmmmmm……..food for thought and for action, oh for more hours in the day to do all the things I want to do!

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