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Finding A Good Connection!

gumtreesQLDSo the constant sea of change has brought my Beloved and I to live in a wooden cottage in the middle of national forest, off the grid and close to nature. We’ve had five nights and I am in love with this new lifestyle already! At the same time as landing here my phone has suddenly decided it doesn’t want to charge anymore and the wi fi is so intermittent it only works occasionally. It was a long weekend and so I had to let go of technology and the outside world and focus on settling in to our new home, to feel the wonderful space of nature unbridled. In the face of the trees and the birds and the distant views of the Glasshouse Mountains it was difficult to be concerned about my ailing phone, trust and patience seem to come more easily in this clean air.


I can already feel a deeper peace and calm within me after being in that sacred space over the long weekend. If I can continue to bring my awareness to this part of me then the myriad tasks of planning a wedding will happen with grace and ease and no fuss! Our new home feels like somewhere we can be highly creative as we recharge our batteries and prepare to go out into the world bearing rainbows and poetry. My Beloved’s paintings are once again all around us on the walls and that is a great inspiration in itself. Soon we will be hosting an art and craft day where we’ll be making decorations in the theme of the Mexican Day of the Dead, and perhaps I can get some assistance in distressing my op shop wedding dress.


The old Kerry would be freaking out right now but that part of me is nowadays represented by a slight feeling of dis-ease in my belly. She is still there and sometimes her fears come up and engulf me with disquiet and foreboding. But the larger part can observe this as it happens and allow the feelings to flow without being sucked into the current. And the so-called anxiety provoking circumstances resolve themselves as they always have, the knowledge that this is so comes from a growing sense of trust. Having a stable home will assist greatly in being able to navigate the next few weeks and I would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to Spirit which has brought us to this wonderful space in the bush. May I be well, may others be well…..aho!


The Constant Sea Of Change.

lovers-stormy-seaFor my post today please enjoy this poem from my Beloved which pretty much sums up the changing sea that we have been swimming in for the last three years!

The Constant Sea of Change

I awoke and spent my pre-alarm minutes
gazing thoughtlessly,
I’d never noticed the morning colour of the walls before
or the way sunlight comes through that lemon tree.

Strange to be leaving, packing our boxes,
just to transport, unpack and re-arrange;p
everything’s falling apart and rearranging itself
in the constant sea of change.

oranges-and-lemonsThe seasons are shifting, the citrus harvest is over.
My baby’s getting home from work before it’s dark.
And that flu that’s been niggling around the edges
has morphed into a cough that sounds like a bark

We kept the bugs at bay with oranges and lemons
and whisky imbued with the medical efficacy
of garlic and ginger, spices and honey
and we toasted life’s bewildering complexity.

Nothing like a lingering cold
to emphasise my brain’s impertinence!
Expecting to be spared vicissitudes
whilst on a sea of continual impermanence!

In a room full of boxes and books and clothes
my woman tells me about her week.
Half hearing the words as she chats and smiles,
while I feel the softness of her cheek.

12647475_868408953277134_1329402072906993941_n3 years ago she was a stranger,
and in 8 weeks she’ll be my wife.
There’s plenty to enjoy if you can stay open
amidst the impermanence of life.

The unusual becomes the familiar,
an old habits new seem strange.
everything shifts and becomes something else
in the constant sea of change.

A Willy-wagtail agrees in the twigs and leaves
as he dances in winter sunshine.
Looping and strutting, breast swollen with song,
calling to the mate he intends to find

Out there she awaits and here he gyrates,
inviting her to a dalliance;
His passion finding its way through the fog
of life’s beguiling transience

sensualcat1It’s strange visiting my future mother-in-law
and not seeing her little black cat.
All those hours spent patting the schmoozy bastard
and now he’s gone – ! – just like that.

Taken by a tick in the prime of his life,
another reminder that everything is temporary.
The sea of change is also the sea
of life’s fragility.

So we’re moving tomorrow, it’s late winter
and please God don’t send us any more rain.
Our boxes are packed and we’re as prepared as can be
to do it all over again.

new-homeAnd the unusual will slowly become familiar
and what’s now familiar will soon seem strange.
Not good, not bad, just the way things are:
the constant sea of change.

Brendan O’Shea (2016)

If you like this poem then you may be interested in the album coming out very soon, “Tales of the Rainbow Gnome” by Brendan O’Shea. Watch this space!

Interesting Times In The Constant Sea Of Change.

chinese_crisis_symbolsLife continues to be interesting, not crisis exactly but with that frisson of opportunity and danger. Sometimes a blessing and at times a seeming curse my sensitivity helps me navigate through the energetic currents even as it means feeling more deeply. That might be a bit scary at first especially if you aren’t used to it and even when you let go of the fear you are sometimes left with pure discomfort. Something that can be endured in a spirit of clearing, as strong energies are triggered and then move through my system in a variety of ways. Being sick with the flu for three weeks for example and then as that moves off my bladder issues suddenly flare up. Guess I am still playing host to a colony of resistant E-Coli bacteria, at least I know what to do now and it doesn’t involve antibiotics.

energy healing Tesla

There are moments when you wonder what it’s all for but luckily there are also many moments when I know exactly what is so good about being alive in this moment of time that I am existing in. I have found a solid foundation of being happy and content in my life even when there are other more difficult energies moving towards transformation. Through the constant sea of change I always have my Beloved, a relationship that is constantly growing and changing and becoming deeper. I call my Beloved my rock even though he is not always stable, neither am I for that matter but when you make cracks it is possible to go deeper. I particularly like the bits where progress and understanding comes through experiencing bliss through pleasure in love.

spirit lovers chakras

Love is the sea I like  to swim in most of all, whether it be in love-making, dance and connecting with other beautiful people. Love is all you need, aho!

Staying Grounded In A Sea Of Change.

Heart PopIf you keep saying yes to things that sound exciting you will further your cause even if not a one comes to pass in the everyday tangible world. Of course some of them will but there can be times when simply considering an idea is enough to get energy moving, even if it ends up going in a different direction to where you started. My Beloved and I were considering the possibility of sharing a market stall at a festival and we had a meeting to talk about it that was fun and inspiring. In the end we aren’t going to do it but I have some positive energy moving from that experience that can now flow into other projects.

heart leaves

Just as well there are lots of positive bits popping up in the constant sea of change that still appears to be the energetic conditions of this particular time. The home environment that my Beloved and I are currently living in is not conducive to our being grounded and centred. Through nobody’s fault we are temporarily sharing space and for us it makes it much noisier than we are accustomed to. Even though I love music I often just have silence, especially when in a quiet place. And I haven’t watched television for 15 years!

But it is giving me good reminders about mindfulness and how spiritual practices can really support us when we are going through tough times. I spent some time this afternoon cleaning and I chose to think of it as a devotional practice. I saw myself radiating out love and harmony and peace as I worked, I could feel it flowing out of my hands. I thought of the gurus who say: Feed people. Serve people. Help people. Come back to basics and the things that are required to be happy and comfortable in our bodies, having a sense of purpose is just as important as getting food and rest.

Big Rainbow

It all matters and I am determined to keep riding the wave of change and adventure to the next exciting destination! Aho!

Positive Currents In The Constant Sea Of Change.

falling apartI’m late again and this time it’s a positive shift in the sea of constant change that has thrown me into an ungrounded state for a time. I discovered the good news late at night when I was getting ready for bed so the timing wasn’t the best. But I did some slow breathing and managed to relax enough to get to sleep soon enough. The next day which is when this post was supposed to be written my Beloved and I moved into our latest lovely house sit. Another positive but I found myself feeling a bit strange and having a bit of a hard time staying in my body.

spiritual energy

It’s obvious that something deep in me was triggered by yet another shift in the wonky sands of my current existence. I don’t know what exactly but methinks it was quite likely something to do with survival, base chakra stuff, and with any luck that particular bit of energy has now moved on. I tried to be in the moment as we packed and moved and when I got the chance I also followed up on the new potential that had emerged and in the end I found peace within myself. So if you are experiencing a lot of change even be it positive, just remember that it is still stress for the body and you need to practice self-care.

My self-care included love-making and having a lovely meal cooked for me, a nice hot curry to chase away the cold that’s been hanging around for a week now. All activities that will help you get back into your body, dancing or physical exercise are also helpful with grounding. Of course connecting with Mother Earth is probably one of the best methods, touching nature with your bare skin will release all kinds of stress out of your system. Our new place is close to town but you would never know it, lots of tall trees and birds and so quiet apart from natural sounds.

mother earth

Dear Mother Nature, thank you so much for the unwavering support that you always offer to me, thank you for the peace you bring with your very presence!