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It’s Christmas, Ask For Whatever You Want!

The Dumbbell Nebula, also known as Messier 27, pumps out infrared light in this image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope.
The Dumbbell Nebula, also known as Messier 27, pumps out infrared light in this image from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope.

It feels like its time to say thank you, I have a lot of things to be thankful for and they include some stuff that is quite uncomfortable in the moment, but that takes you into deeper places. Go deep and rest in the dark womb of creation, a space where you can let go of it all, let go and be nothing and nobody……….everything and no thing.

I am grateful for every trigger, for every little thing that prodded and encouraged me to keep the energy moving, even the actions that were not in the spirit of integrity, have brought me to this place. So biggest thanks to the players on my particular stage who have been such able assistants in producing the right script to help me to move beyond such structure, into a dance of spirit that spirals me up into the light, an improvised jig with the whole cosmos!
Do thank your inner critics and helpers too, they have been on your case or cheering you on for most of your life, they all have lessons to teach, did you find your class room? Don’t worry its an open invitation to this particular university but the situation continues to evolve and divine timing is getting pretty damn close, time to be doing your job whatever it might be.
If you are not sure what that is for you, then begin with gratitude every day, over time you may begin to notice which things give you energy and excitement, follow that passion and see where it takes you.
Explore what you would like to have in your life in an ideal world and make it REAL……………….let Spirit know what you want for Christmas, and who knows, you just might get it!
Another inspirational piece from Louie Schwartzberg, the subject is gratitude, enjoy………peace and mung beans.

Starry Skies.

I am feeling very connected at the moment to the cosmos, by that I mean deep space, I find myself getting lost in the amazing images that are available these days of nebula and far off galaxies. It’s the ultimate expansion, but did you know that if you look at the microcosm and just keep going smaller and smaller, the images start to look just like the ones from deep space. Everything really is one, I have always loved the thought that we are made of the same stuff as the stars.


And you know I have spent time out amongst those stars, not in my physical body but that’s only one way to do it. It happened to me one night when I had been doing an hour of meditation every day for about two weeks. I went to lay down on my bed for a rest and it was as if I fell through the bed and into the cosmos, I was out in deep space floating without a body, and seeing stars and planets slowly spinning around me. The thing that made the greatest impression on me was the way the movement around me was incredibly slow and vast, and somehow time had ceased to exist.


If you are interested in going out on those kinds of adventures then I recommend that you put time into getting yourself very grounded. I find that the deeper I sink into my body, the further out I can go, my theory is that it provides a kind of anchor. If you don’t feel safe in what you are doing then your defense mechanisms will kick in and stop you from going on such wild adventures.

For more information about altered states of consciousness I would recommend Jean Houston’s work, she has written lots of books and also offers on-line courses, I did one of them 18 months ago and it was truly inspiring. She has dedicated her life to finding ways for people to access their gifts and talents so that we can move into the next stage of being human.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Jean:


Falling Out Of Time.

While you have all been enjoying (I hope!), my story of being buried in the earth, I’ve been getting back into my sitting meditation. This is a practice I go in and out of but I would like it to become a daily thing along with my stretches and oil pulling. Even five minutes can be incredibly beneficial and half an hour is like having every cell in your body slowly sinking into a delicious suspension that can sometimes feel almost like levitation. Now that would be cool, floating above the ground like some Indian Sadhu.

Indian Sadhu

There was a period when I did an hour a day for a week or two, towards the end of the first week I had a profound experience of shifting my consciousness completely. I lay down on the bed on this particular night and I fell out of ordinary time and space into the cosmos. It’s hard to find words for it but it was like I became huge and expanded, I was pure consciousness and had no awareness of my body at all. I could feel the stars and other physical bodies floating in space and it felt like they were a part of me, a religious person would probably think of it as being in the mind of God.


In a way I agree with that notion, but I don’t call it God unless I’m adding in Goddess, All That Is, to me it is the state of unity consciousness where we actually perceive the truth. That we are connected to all things, just as our bodies are composed of billions of cells living in community, we are a part of the living matrix of Gaia and the cosmos! Bring a conscious awareness into this mix and we begin to move into the possibility of becoming so much more than a small ego walking around in a bag of flesh and bones.

When I think of the potential of humanity I get so inspired! So much of what is needed to make things right is already present and amazing new concepts only a thought away. Go into sacred space often in whatever way works for you, and you begin to feel the hope that comes from being in your heart, sitting meditation is only one of those doorways but I highly recommend it!