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Celebrate The Pollinators: Be Inspired!

bee purple flowerWho  are the pollinators in your life’s experience? Bees and butterflies ensure we have an abundant supply of wonderful and nutritious foods that support our physical bodies. But there is also such a thing as food for the soul and that is just as important, the more that we can be in the space of love and inspiration the easier it is to create harmony in the world at large.

inspiration pink energyThe Beloved is all around us and the more that we can be in loving creative space the more flow is created, so who inspires you to be all of who you are? Which part of your environment opens you to your own divinity and the spark that lies within all people. Focus on that which brings you into alignment with your eternal soul, the bit that moves on in various forms and which sometimes inhabits the strange construction of an earthly body.

The Beloved.

The Beloved is here,

in every breath that I take

the beat of my heart

the song of my blood

as it moves and flows

the organs, tissue, veins.

the Beloved is here,

in everyone I meet

gifts given freely with love

with a word or a glance

from strangers chance met

never to be seen again.

the Beloved is here,

in the food on my plate

as I bite into flesh

grown from the good earth

taking in all her love

through the cycle of life.

the Beloved is here

and I shall not yearn

for something already within,

the stars are inside

they shine with a light

that can never truly go out…….

the Beloved is here.

Copyright K.Laizans 24/11/02

What does your Beloved look like? For some it is finding ways to help the bees as these people from Slovenia have done with a project to repopulate the bees which is crowd funded. Check it out here:


It doesn’t matter what your vision is, we all have our own unique part of the puzzle and the important thing is to trust that Existence knows what it’s doing, and to tune in to Universal Intelligence.

two bodies sensual

My Beloved is here in the form of my man and as long as that opens me to God/Goddess, I think I know what my favourite tuning strategy might be. But be assured that there are many roads to the place of oneness and the only limit on how many is how much imagination we can muster. Are you ready to be an unlimited being and to perceive the abundance in simply being alive and participating in this marvelous creation known as Existence.

When I am truly aligned with the flow of spirit it is hard to be anything other than optimistic, the dark shadows become less but sometimes those inky pools can feel endless and so intense. For a moment and then the letting go which allows more and more light to come in. That moment in time can seem an eternity but if we are consciously connected to our larger self then we know that the terror will be over in the blink of an eye.

Let the Joy begin!

Streams Of Consciousness.

It’s a lovely feeling to simply open yourself to the free flow of spirit, let the intellect take a holiday, and allow the intuition to guide the creative process. That’s what my last two posts have been like, I have a sense that something is moving in me wanting to be birthed, but as I sit to write I often have absolutely no idea what is coming. It’s a surprise and a pleasure when it all comes together and I read over what has emerged from the void, it comes from me but it is the larger self that understands the big picture who is running the show when I go into that space.



It’s a kind of channelling, in this case poetic but it can also take the form of a conversation with various beings such as guides, I told my story of how I discovered and re-integrated a lost soul fragment of myself in “Dancing In The Moonlight”, July 17 2013 if you would like to read about it. If I am feeling confused about something I often seek clarity or reassurance through automatic writing, different guides of mine come through and give me their advice and thoughts on whatever it is that I am experiencing.

Or if you simply want to get creative and don’t know how to start, sit in front of a blank piece of paper, or the computer I guess but I am old-fashioned when it comes to this sort of writing. Take a moment to centre yourself and let your logical mind step aside, then begin to write and try not to think about what is coming out, let it all spill out in a stream of consciousness until the flow has run out. Then have fun looking at what you’ve done, hopefully you can read your own writing. You can do the same thing with crayons or textas or paint, let the critic go on a tropical holiday and see what your intuition can come up with, you may or may not like the results but with any luck the process has been fun.


This is a mandala I drew after a breathwork session back in march, not a great work of art but it carries the energy of that particular healing and I had it on the wall for some time afterwards to remind me. Looks like a cosmic egg cracking open!

You don’t have to be a child have this kind of fun, consider the possibility of having a second childhood and discovering all the dreams that you left behind!

Blooming Buildings!

Once again I am on the move! House sitting certainly satisfies my need for variety, having to shift my stuff from place to place a small price to pay for the stimulation of new surroundings, new energies. The room I am sitting in as I write this is full of odd angles and curves, it’s so different from the usual right angles that you find in most houses and buildings generally. I can feel my spirit responding to this environment with pleasure and joy, it enriches my soul. The type of architecture that is common these days really exemplifies the sterile, rationalist approach that is so much less than we are capable of as creative beings.

The artist and architect Hundertwasser was a great exponent of buildings that are in harmony with nature, and thus also more friendly to human beings too! I love his paintings but his buildings are even more inspiring,


Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a world where we are surrounded by interesting shapes, colours and textures, buildings that are also gardens that are not only beautiful to behold but that also provide us with delicious and healthy food. This is not some utopian pipe dream, all around the world people are finding amazing  and creative ways to interact in harmony with our environment as well as meet our basic human needs.

Even in the heart of Paris you can find lush gardens where you would least expect, in an urban environment where there is no space to plant a tree, Patrick Blanc has created vertical gardens!

Welcome to Paris, where an entire building
pulses with lush green life and beauty.

Patrick Blanc is a groundbreaking
botanist and designer that creates
magical gardens out of building
exteriors in urban areas.

See the ingenious wall system that recycles
the water in a hydroponic loop.

Imagine bringing walls of green
life to our cities everywhere…

Video: (7:17)


The Birth Canal.

When I first started wanting to get out of the city I toyed with the idea of moving to the Blue Mountains, which are only an hour or two out of Sydney depending on how high up you’re going. I have a dear friend who lives there and she is part of an intensely creative community that I could have had heaps of fun with. As it was I did go up from time to time and even played Mother Earth in a ceremony for the Spring Festival in Katoomba.

These particular mountains are very rugged, the energies are full on and I had an opportunity to experience this very directly four years ago. The reason this has been on my mind is that I’m doing flamenco dance classes, and my shoulders are getting a big workout, as I sit here and write I can feel how sore they are in spite of regular stretching. They’re a vulnerable part of my anatomy, and the story of how that came to be began at a property in the Blue Mountains called Glastonbell.


It isn’t there anymore in that form, but I managed to get there a couple of times right at the end and it was on my second visit that I decided to accompany my friend on the Birth Canal walk. People had been exploring the place for twenty years and had discovered many sacred spaces, once a month they would gather in mediation and link with all the other sacred places around the world. It was an environment where the energies of the land were acknowledged and honoured, we would always stop the car at the entrance and ask permission to enter from the spirits of the land.

When I heard what the walk I had agreed to actually involved, I confess I had one of those moments of “Oh my God what am I getting myself into!”, but I knew if I didn’t do it I would wonder eternally what might have happened. There were three of us and we made our way down into a steep gully to where there was a creek. We stripped off our clothes and put everything we had brought with us into plastic bags, leaving us au naturale in nature, ready to be reborn.

So, naked as the day I was born, I set off down the creek into the great unknown! And so you can wait with bated breath for my next installment.



In my last post I referred to stuff moving, well it’s practically tumbling out of me and I am feeling such intense pain, and for once I don’t know what to do with it. I won’t bore you with the details but I found myself in a space where I couldn’t stop crying, and I knew in that moment that I needed to seek help. It’s wonderful to be self-reliant and to have lots of amazing tools at your disposal, but  it’s also a sign of great wisdom to know when you need some outside support. Sometimes what’s going on in your inner journey is just too much for you to handle without someone to hold space for you, as you drop into wherever it is you need to go.

I am very accustomed to being able to deal with whatever is moving inside me, to be in a space where I really don’t know what to do is scary, I guess it’s how it is for many of the people I talk to on the crisis phone lines. I’m going to reach out for that help but I don’t know if it will be available at such short notice, this is really living in the moment and perhaps that’s why people get addicted to the things that cause them pain, it brings them into the present moment, pain really gives you focus.

The positive side of all this is that I have been in painful places before, and I know that I can not only make it through the dark tunnel, but thrive on the energies that are released as I let go of yet more of that which no longer serves me. And the reward is more ecstasy and joy, more free-flowing expression of creative energy, more happiness and connection with my community of beautiful souls.

One day your heart

will take you to your lover.

One day your soul

will carry you to the Beloved.

Don’t get lost in your pain,

know that one day

your pain will become your cure.

Rumi (From Rumi: Hidden Music, Thorsons 2001, p136)


Beauty’s Way.

Every now and then I come to this place where I wonder what I have to say, and there is an emptiness inside me where inspiration once resided. So it is to the emptiness, the great stillness, that  I go to find that creative flow, for I know it is never truly gone, I have simply lost the connection.

Even in my late teens and early twenties when I was very much a lost soul, I knew that that centre of being was there, I just couldn’t feel it, and pretty much didn’t give a stuff about it. When you have no love for yourself, when you see yourself as completely unworthy, you don’t tend to value the sacred, the beauty of life.

If you think about that in relation to what we are doing as a culture to this planet that we live on, it tells us something very important about the psychological makeup of the industrialised world. There is so much emphasis on amassing possessions, computers, games, designer clothes, the latest smart phones, and all the other technological gadgetry that abounds in this consumer’s paradise, there is no space left for valuing ourselves as human beings.

Seeing beauty does not mean that you have to be in a spectacular setting although I guess it helps, perception is always a choice, there is much more information coming in to our brains then we can actually perceive, so what we end up seeing is our version of reality. The American Indians talk about Beauty’s Way, a state of consciousness where you see the beauty of everything in the most vivid way. You could be walking down an alleyway and looking at piles of garbage and it’s transcendent, more or less as people tend to be when they’re in love.

We still need to do something about those piles of garbage, it’s not a good look for the Golden Age that is almost upon us. But if everyone could see with the eyes of the soul, and perceive the truth of this incredible place we inhabit, that garbage would soon disappear, converted into energy just as Sweden is already doing. We have the answers, we just need to find the heart and the will to move into the bright new future that awaits.

Beauty is before me,
And beauty is behind me.
Above and below me hovers
the beautiful.
I am surrounded by it.
I am immersed in it.
In my youth
I am aware of it,
And in old age I shall walk quietly
The beautiful

Navaho Prayer, 19th Century, Anonymous.

Photo by Ulli Hansen.

Photo by Ulli Hansen.

Conceived in Joy.

Mother Earth. Photo by Ulli Hansen.

Mother Earth. Photo by Ulli Hansen.

As I came to the end of my weekend I felt strongly drawn to connect to Mother Earth, walking on the earth in my bare feet and sitting for a time on the protruding root of a tree. As I was walking back to the house I caught a glimpse of golden fire, and found myself going out to where I could see the sun setting in exquisite shades of pink and gold, Father Sky in all his glory, showering me with his brilliance.

Father Sky. Photo by Ulli Hansen.

Father Sky. Photo by Ulli Hansen.

The masculine and the feminine coming into balance in me, reflecting the natural world, which left to its own devices has no difficulty in keeping the balance. Feeling peace and acceptance, and finding a sense of trust, that all that I need will come to me, knowing that I am always safe in my beautiful world, even when the challenges and obstacles on the path seem impassable.

I had an important realisation a couple of days ago, I have changed an old pattern of mine, which is to come up with ideas of action but rarely follow through. These words you are reading in this moment are an example of this shift, within a few months of attending a blogging for beginners workshop I began to post, and I have put something out every day, even through the festive season. There is a lot more I need to do to invite more people to come and check out what I am doing, but I have begun, and the process of writing is bringing me great joy.

Where any of this will take me I have no idea, but I sense that this movement of creative energy is a river that will take me where I need to go. And in this moment I have no need to know exactly where or what that will be. I surrender to the divine mother  and to the divine father, trusting the birth that will follow that divine union, a conception created in joy and with love.