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Loving Me.

Unconditional love and self-acceptance, easy on the days when you feel on top of the world and like everything is going your way! When you are feeling discomfort of any kind it starts to become much harder to feel that love for self, yet the path to ultimate happiness usually involves spending time with dis-ease. I talk about sitting with the uneasy stuff a lot and I do my best to be present with it, but sometimes you just want it to go away without doing anything clever or enlightened, I just want to feel better!

When it’s actually a physical reaction you might be having, for example an allergic response to something, it seems much harder to combat with tools such as meditation or tapping. When you’re having powerful symptoms that are impacting you and making you feel sick, you tend to feel that a straightforward physical remedy is what’s needed. And that may be true, but you can still always change the way that you are perceiving the situation.

So I guess I measure my success in life in some ways, by the way I handle the uncomfortable bits. It seems like a balance between accepting what is, and looking at what needs to change, after all the uneasy stuff is generally pointing in the direction of things that need to be changed. Or perhaps it would be better to say that we need to simply let go of what is not working for us,  and as that goes we can see much more clearly that which does work, and that has always been there underneath all the crap.

On the day you read this post I will be in the middle of packing and sorting and chucking as I get clarity on the physical stuff that has been in storage for so long. No time for writing posts while that’s going on, so I will let you know after the dust has settled, if I manage to get through this process in a way that is successful by my definition.

Loving me, loving all things, loving this life………….love is all you need.

Deep And Sacred Space.

Letting go………can be the hardest thing to do, your higher self knows perfectly well that it doesn’t need such small-minded, limited energies around. The small ego self feels rejected and says but, but………I NEED that attention, I do, I do. Oh child be still and breathe, feel the feelings and let them go, unclasp that tight grasp that keeps you anchored to the past, to that which no longer serves you.

let go

Breathe and release the need, breathe and release the fear………..breathe and feel the light pouring into every cell as you make more space for love, for that which will serve the highest purpose……..for all life everywhere. It sounds beautiful and it is, make yourself a sacred space and be still inside it for just a moment. No matter how deep the hurt you will feel joy eventually if you can stay with the discomfort, the dis-ease.

Want to know how to make that deep space for yourself to dive into? Easy peasy, it can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. You might light a candle and burn some incense or essential oils, sage or sandalwood are great for space clearing. You can tone or sing or speak an invocation, calling upon whatever has meaning for you as a higher power. Ultimately it comes down to the power of your imagination, your intention, be clear about that and all else will follow.

Here are a couple of videos with ideas about creating sacred space, don’t take any of it as something you have to do, if it resonates take it on, and keep looking, there are loads of great ideas out there!



Bubbles Of Joy.

My challenge in this moment is to be ok with the fact that my bank account suddenly, mysteriously, appears to be in the red, shouldn’t be possible with a debit card! I’m seeing a client this afternoon and was able to buy what I needed in town so everything is fine, tomorrow a big pay goes into the account so there is actually nothing to worry about. An earlier version of me would be freaking out at this point, but instead I am sitting here with a slight bit of uneasiness in the belly.

I feel a sense of trust that my finances will unfold in the best possible way and that everything that I need to do will happen in divine timing, which is always perfect even though we sometimes only see that in retrospect. This feeling of trust is quite amazing, the more I focus on it the more it grows and becomes a bubble of joy, and the uneasiness in my belly dissipates. I really, really know as a body knowing, that I am always taken care of on every level of my being, there is no fear coming up at all.


That dis-ease is more about not knowing how the situation came about, the information tends to be slow coming through on my online banking so it isn’t telling me what I need to know. But the more the feeling of joy blossoms the less I need to know, may not sound like much but for me it seems like a small miracle. The old patterning that says ‘there’s never enough’ is a distant echo as I move into my prosperous and abundant future!

To manifest what you desire you have to become it and this is what I feel I am doing, as I let go of the excess baggage that I’ve been hauling around for so long. What exciting surprises await me as I continue down the path of fullness and love? Whatever they may be it can only be good, I love life and life loves me!