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Insanity Rules!

I talk quite a bit about vested interests in my writings, these are organisations and sometimes individuals, who actually seem to believe that money and power are more important than people being happy and living a sustainable life. I still haven’t worked out what their plan is when the planet can no longer sustain life, do they really have space ships hidden somewhere so they can run away when everything has been destroyed!

But there probably isn’t much use in trying to make sense of it, perhaps the role of the vested interests in the larger scale of things, is to help people to wake up. There certainly does seem to be a tendency in us humans to require big kicks up the bum to really get going on the process of becoming empowered. The people of Tecoma in the Dandenong are very much in that process, they are trying to keep MacDonald’s out of their town. They petitioned the council and won but MacDonald’s didn’t leave it there, they put in an appeal just before christmas and with their deep pockets for the best lawyers, they won.

But the community of Tecoma didn’t give up, they are continuing to protest and to blockade the planned building site, the latest news is that MacDonald’s were going to try to stop them through the high court. A man who had heard about it came looking for the person in charge of the blockade so he could give them $250 for legal expenses. Sounds like Tecoma has discovered its strength as a community.

Never  doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;  indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
Margaret  Mead

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/m/margaret_mead.html#KksoqBK3w7WGFehy.99

In the Occupy movement there was a lot of talk about the 99% waking up, the truth of the matter is that there are a lot more of us.  If we can learn how to come together non-violently to make our wishes known, if the protest movement can be fluid and creative and use the amazing technological resources now available at the tap of a key. If we can learn how to be in our hearts as we do what needs to be done to save ourselves and our environment, if we can do all these things…………there is hope for us yet.

The Flow Of Spirit In Me.

There is a sense of space unfolding within me, great vistas opening up as I let go of the connection that held me hostage, even as I held it. It’s true what they say, control is generally a two-way street, although that’s hard to accept when we see victims being treated in horrific ways. If we all choose to be here on the planet and choose where and who we will be born to, then there’s always going to be personal responsibility for the consequences of those choices. And there are those who come here to help and support the weak and the helpless, as long as they are working to empower those who are powerless, the balance may be restored.

I choose to focus on that journey in my inner world as I step into my power, my neediness falls away and there is a new steadiness and confidence in my body, mind and soul. It will be necessary to remain mindful, the connections that have been severed will probably not go quietly, I will have to remain in my own power and integrity, not allow myself to be hooked back into the drama. Without the dramas I have the room to pursue my dreams, to explore these landscapes that are emerging from the hidden depths of this magnificent soul, that has been lost in the arrogance of low self-esteem for far too long.

Low self-esteem, arrogance? A strange combination you might say, but I understood quite some time ago that my lack of confidence in myself was as much of an ego trip as someone like Clive Palmer or Gina Rinehart. The term that conveyed this to me at the time was, “Who am I to refuse the flow of spirit through me?”. So now I make the affirmation, to open fully to spirit and to allow it to flow through me in whatever ways are most appropriate, to benefit not only myself, but all life in all its forms, everywhere.

So be it, so be it, so be it.

Uneasy Belly.

Well the mobile mechanic was actually cheaper so there you go, never make assumptions and remember how smart your gut is! The car is now sounding a bit rough but I am hoping the drive to work tonight will smooth it out, my belly is uneasy again which I suspect is more letting go, as I move into the energies of the new year.

The new year………. what will it bring…………….my beloved, financial flow, optimum health, and the continuing evolution of my spiritual task. I did a workshop at Woodford (see my end note) where we were shown how to create a symbol for specific intentions, and then ways in which to harness our life force or sexual energy to empower the process. Perhaps I should start with creating plenty of time for everything I want to do, because that seems to be something I am always in short supply of.

My uneasy belly is making it very challenging to write this post but I don’t have time to go off and do anything about it, I notice that when I bring my attention to it and take a very conscious breath the energy swirling around in there seems to move upwards in my body. The feelings are definitely on the move and will progress up and eventually out the crown chakra, I don’t know the specifics of whatever story they are attached to, but my sense is that it is connected to feeling unworthy and not being good enough.

The old story of low self-esteem has so many layers, I have been shedding layer after layer for so many years. And while there always seems to be that little bit more, I can also say that my feelings of self-love have grown enormously in the same time frame. It is a challenging journey but soooooooo worth the effort, my life keeps getting better, and even when I am having difficult days there are always moments of pure bliss and joy, the simple happiness of loving myself and everything around me.

Energy on the move!

Energy on the move!

The workshop I referred to was run by Andy and Laurel from www.awakeningcentre.com.au/, check them out they are doing amazing work!