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Spring Fever.

So we have passed through the Spring Equinox and birthed into the energy of new growth and blossoms, it is a strong current this year of 2013, we are poised upon the edge of change. Just not sure how many years that edge represents, but certainly in my life time, and I expect to be around for the next 70 years or so.


So what to do with that burst of growth, I will keep listening to the land for what I need to do in the way of ceremony, on the earth. My new-found staff held the feminine energy in the fire circle for the Equinox, initiated into the land and creating a connection with the land from which it was birthed, strengthening the song line and holding space for healing and anchoring. I am beginning to get a sense of how to begin to decorate the staff, I think it may come one step at a time but I will begin to look out for the right crystals.

But the answer to my question? Why do absolutely whatever it is that you really, really want to do, live your dream as you step into your fullness. Don’t feel like you have to do things the way they’ve always been done, mmmm……reminds me of “The Art of Non-Conformity”, another book to read, what a lot of yummy resources there are out there for our delectation. As you can probably tell I am in a juicy space after a beautiful Equinox, I’ve dropped some of my niggling doubts about my knowing, as well as surrendered to the fact that maybe it’s ok to have doubts and to simply sit with the discomfort.

But more than anything, to be true to self, to love self as deeply and profoundly as you can, I have a friend who always says, “Love Self, Do Next Thing”. I think this sums up how I need to navigate through the next little while, being that present requires a huge faith, a faith that keeps getting fanned higher so I never fall out of it for long. The biggest part of that process is having the encouragement of a hearted and beautiful community for whatever it is that I might want to explore, in public or in private.


Because you know I don’t tell you absolutely everything, a girl has to have some privacy! Only my good girlfriends get that privilege, do you have someone you could tell anything to who really ‘gets you’? If the answer is no then please think about how you could create that in your life, it is such an amazing support even as life challenges us.

We couldn’t get by without a little help from our friends, that’s what Joe Cocker reckons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKnkOTTwitw

Peace Is Possible.

Once again I am inspired and my heart is warmed by the positive initiatives that are going on in this sometimes crazy world. Kids For Peace is a group of kids from muslim, christian and jewish backgrounds who have had the opportunity to get to know each other as people. Some of them have never known anyone from the other religions before, they discover that they are kids just like them, that we are all humans before we are members of any religion.



In my research I found information that said this group began in Jerusalem in 2001, but then google informed me that it was started in California in 2006. Seems like there are two groups of the same name and I say the more the better! The clip that you will find at the end of this post is full of kids from Jerusalem and Palestine who are speaking of love and tolerance, they reckon we should look at the inside of other people, not just the outside.

It started as a summer camp in Ontario where they brought together 12 children of 11 years of age, four of each of the three faiths. It was an opportunity for them to get to know each other as they played and formed strong friendships, creating the foundations for peace. Since then many more kids have come through this program and you can see what kind of magic can happen if you let our children play together without all of the judgement and the prejudice.

I am reminded of that quote: “Out of the mouths of babes”, listen to these children and be inspired, I cried tears of joy!

Where do Jewish, Muslim and Christian youth from Israeli and Palestinian homes get together and share after-school activities, weekend events, and summer camps?

Through an organization called Kids4Peace. Listen to these kids.  Their comments are not just heartwarming. They prove that ancient prejudices may be transcended by the open hearts of young people, just connecting naturally, making peace.

Pass it along!

Video (4:58)


Dream The Dream.

With the realisation that I’m feeling a yearning to be on land that sings to me, I am pondering the process of manifestation and how it operates. Finding perfect places to live that I can afford is something I’ve always been good at, so the prognosis for me achieving my goal is good. The fact that I have a good track record in this department means that I have an ingrained belief that I can do this, and that faith is an integral part of  being able to create your own reality.

The first part is being very clear on your vision, whatever it is that you want to draw into your life, its good to have as much detail as possible. My vision for where and how I want to live has almost been pouring out of me since my magical house sit, so I would say that spirit knows what it is that I want. I see myself in the bush but not too far from town, a house or cottage with lots of wood, cleared around the building but with the forest not too far away. It’s a sanctuary, a place that holds me safely while I recharge my batteries and explore new dimensions of the natural world and my own being.


Then there is action, I began that today by telling a friend who will keep her ear to the ground on my behalf. I’ll do that with other people and also send an email to the people with the fairy cottage who I house sat for, at some point I will probably bring in social media but for now I will start by putting feelers out into the community. And then there is the letting go part of the process where you release your vision to spirit and allow it to bring your dream to you, having faith that it will happen in the best possible way for you and all life everywhere. Always good to add that bit, its kind of like insurance to make sure that what you are creating is aligned with the highest good for all life.

So I will move in and out of action and letting go, following my flow as best as I am able to, feeling my heart yearning for that deep connection with the land. Allowing the wisdom of my heart to guide me in moving into that desire, trusting that all will be well………………so be it, so be it, so be it.

Here is some wisdom from Abraham on manifestation:


This Land Is Me.

I connect to this land, intention flowing out through my roots and bringing up a sense of belonging. My soul is held and nurtured by this energy, even though I walk in the shadow of the valley of death. Going into the underworld with faith in your heart, knowing that your path is that way, and that you will be all the better for it. Of course it also depends on the choices you make, there’s always a choice and I choose to watch my pain moving when it needs to do so, as opposed to attaching. This place hath held me in such a deep, and such a safe space.


I know the feeling now and when the time for roaming is done, I shall find that space and there shall I settle. T’will be a foundation for a fortunate life on the path of spirit, all things will flow from an open heart and a quiet mind. Good to know what will serve you, and good to let go of whatever is no longer serving the highest good of not only yourself, but of all life everywhere. So be it, so be it, so be it……………

I have made such deep connections in this wonderful community but the land never sang through my feet until I came to the fairy cottage and became the Princess in her bower. That energy is helping me to become the Queen, along with the inner space that is opening up and allowing me to access much more of who I am, bringing forth great gifts and treasures for all the world to see. Everything is coming together and the final pieces of the puzzle are very close to turning up now, this connection with the land here being a most important and unexpected, and indeed welcome piece, of the jigsaw of my life!

Aboriginal people have a very different relationship to the land than we generally do in western culture, they see themselves as a part of the country as opposed to ‘owning’ it. This song from “One Night The Moon”, ‘This Land is Mine” shows that difference very clearly, check it out!


The Sun And The Moon.

And so the ride continues, I open and expand with gratitude at my extraordinary life, then I am triggered into a release of tears and even a little anger, but mostly tears……….. I am sooooo tired, a big day, a big week, when I am weary it is much harder to cope with stress, and things that wouldn’t have bothered me at all tip me over the edge. Where there was some kind of clarity, I now feel confusion and doubt, yet in my heart I know that the path I am following is the right one, has the fool lost her faith??

As the flames fan and grow hotter, a black moth flutters from I know not where and lands upon my thigh, it stays there for a moment and then flutters on to I know not where. The moth operates in the dark and is connected to the light of the moon, what light does the moth see in me? The messages are many, she tells me of my ever-expanding intuitive sense, always huge but currently growing into what I can only describe as VAST! This doesn’t always mean that I KNOW what is going on in any tangible sense, with the influence of the moon we set out upon the sea of the unconscious, with no certainty of what port we will end up sailing into.


She tells me that I am on the path to attracting love, to continue on the path that I have chosen and to trust, even as my heart fills with doubts and fears. The moth has incredibly powerful pheromones and is confident about attracting her mate, this smell can be followed for remarkable distances……….the moth does not need to be overt in drawing her lover to her…….she is subtle in her allure.

And so I hold my desire strongly in not only my mind’s eye, but in the eye of my body, spirit and all the other layers of self. And with that in strong focus, I continue to step into my fullness, all of it, I shall not be overwhelmed for I am more than enough, I AM THE SUN RADIATING LIGHT TO THE WORLD!!

Blissings and love to you all!


The Scream.

Towards the end of 2005 I went to the Central Desert and participated in Women’s Desert Ceremonies with about 80 white women and a number of Aboriginal women. I was fortunate enough to share the experience with my mother, it’s probably the most amazing ceremony that I have ever been a part of and something I will never forget. I can’t tell you about it because it’s Secret Women’s Business, and we agreed that we would only speak about it with other women with whom we had shared the journey.

So now you are thinking I am an awful tease, but it’s a necessary prelude to my subject here today, the long dark night of the soul. That time in the desert had a profound effect on me and when I came back I found I needed lots of time to myself. My flat mate moved out and even though I really couldn’t afford to live there on my own it seemed impossible to find the right person to move in. So I lived on my own and slowly but surely got more and more behind with my rent, and began to spiral down into a very dark place.

I couldn’t afford to use drugs or alcohol to dull my senses so I had no choice but to be with the intense feelings that were coming up for me. I remember a time when it felt like every cell in my body was screaming, if you’ve seen that painting called The Scream, that’s what was happening in every part of my being and I just didn’t know what to do about it. In the end I decided that if there wasn’t anything to do then I would do nothing, and I immediately fell into one of the deepest meditations I have ever experienced. I don’t know how long I spent there, but when I came back to myself, I felt that peace that passeth all understanding in every part of my being.


More on this dark time of my soul in my next post…………………it is darkest before the dawn, yet when you are in that place of hell and brimstone it truly doth feel like eternity, with the dawn a distant memory trailing on the edges of awareness……….only faith and sheer bloody mindedness will pull you through!

Trust the Lizard.

Less than a week left in my current house sit, it’s always a bit sad to move on even when you aren’t leaving pets behind. Of course the ten weeks here has been full of experiences with animals, just not the domestic kind. There was the python that came in on the eve of the Summer Solstice and stayed for three days, bringing a message of transformation and intense learning. It also left a massive pile of steaming shit in one of the rooms, that I had to clean up at 2.oo in the morning. I hadn’t really thought about the significance of that but when I consider the full on detox I’ve been experiencing on every level of my being, it begins to make a lot of sense.

Feels like I am at the next stage of cleaning up my act but I feel a bit sad as one of the casualties here is coffee. I’ve never been a coffee fiend but enjoy a cup most days, ever since I started the oil pulling I haven’t been able to drink a drop. My mind thinks how nice it would be, but my belly is so repulsed by the idea that I just can’t go there.

Increased sensitivity is definitely one of the things that goes hand in hand with detoxification, and once again the animals are giving me signs. Lizards symbolise subtlety of perception and indicate that the intuition and psychic abilities are strong and may even be growing stronger. There was quite a big one in the house tonight that wanted to come further in to hang out with me. It took careful and gentle persuasion with a broom to convince him to go the other way, out the back door.

Reckon this is the same as my friendly visitor!

Reckon this is the same as my friendly visitor!

My intuition tells me that I need to stay on my current path, even though there are financial pressures to be more ‘practical’ I need to have faith in that inner guidance. Trust tends to be a big issue for many of us, especially when it’s to do with survival, we live in a society that rewards certain qualities and if you don’t match that picture it can be a struggle to get by.

I choose to end the struggle now, I choose to surrender to the flow and to allow all my gifts and talents to come to the fore, illuminating the world with the flame of my true Being. A week ago I wrote this intention after meditating and toning:

My intention is to burst forth in great blossoms from the tree of self as I reach my full flowering. I receive all the love and nourishment that is needful and I radiate out sunshine and light to all of existence and beyond.

So be it, so be it, so be it……………blissings and love to all of creation…….

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