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Dream A Little Dream.

I’m thinking about my Beloved again, not sure if those thoughts were what kept me awake for three hours the other night, but sleep was certainly elusive. I would feel myself starting to slip into that relaxed space where everything begins to soften, and thoughts drift gradually away, until, in a moment one can never pin down, you are gone into the realms of sleep.

I don’t often remember my dreams, as a child I would make dreams up to tell the other kids, because I felt left out when they described their wonderful nightly excursions into fantasy. For my first assignment doing my graduate diploma in counselling I used Freudian techniques to explore a fragment I remembered from a nightmare, and it was such a powerful process I was getting physical symptoms as I tried to write. There is no doubt that dreams can help us to try and make sense of our experiences and feelings, but it is only one of the doorways.

I could do things to help me to remember dreams but it has never drawn me very strongly, I would rather meditate or do a trance journey. That does keep coming back to me very strongly indeed, I need to be doing a regular practice along with my yoga, and green smoothies, and all the various things I do to take care of myself.

I think there is a message trying to get through, and so I need to create sacred space within myself, in order to receive the gift of knowledge. And I am fairly sure that it has to do with my Beloved and with my spiritual task, the freeing up of my life force energy that is required for my journey to proceed, the opening of my heart.

I saw myself with my beloved as I lay sleepless, and at one point I got up to write about what that felt like, here it is: We fell into each other’s energy fields like we were coming home to roost, so easy, so comfortable. As if a thousand lives entwined us through the ages, and our souls knew every nuance of every moment, inscribed upon our hearts for evermore.

Oh my Beloved…………………………………


Future Humans.

I’m feeling a little bit heavy after contemplating the world’s problems, needing to lighten up. So it is absolutely perfect that I am going to see The Hobbit today, I have been a Lord of the Rings fan for the longest time. I first read The Hobbit when I was 10 years old and I followed it up with the three Lord of the Rings books, read all four books over and over again for the next fifteen years or so.

Reading fantasy and science fiction is the perfect preparation for the spiritual path, it broadens the mind and encourages you to imagine amazing possibilities, that can be difficult to see in the everyday world. Remember the Wizard of Oz movie, in Kansas everything is in black and white, but when Dorothy gets to Oz it is in vivid Technicolor.

It isn’t hard to see who is playing the forces of darkness in our current world, the vested interests who are grimly hanging on, in a world which is beginning to open into alternatives that will transform our culture forever when implemented. I imagine a world where people work at jobs they love, don’t have to pay for energy or food or any of their basic needs. Just like Star Trek, a wonderful example of where humans could evolve to in the future.

In fact why don’t you listen to Captain Picard and what he has to say about how far humanity has come in 300 years, lets hope he’s right!

Video: (1:09)