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The Jewel In The Crown.

I keep hearing from people around me that it’s been an extremely challenging year, that’s certainly been my experience, but if you are prepared to meet the seeming obstacles in your path the opportunity to break through old patterns is also very prominent. If you are one of those who is ‘awake’ in the world then there has never been a better time to take your cosmic broom and sweep out your inner realm until it positively shines!


My sense is that there are some very large-scale shifts that have been occurring, we kept hearing about 2012 and there might be some who would say that nothing actually happened after all that hype! Well the world didn’t end that’s for sure, but if you tune in to the energetic realms there has definitely been enormous change, and that does include some pretty extreme weather too even if the world is still here. The devastation in the Philipines is just the latest example of this, we have had so many tsunamis and severe storms over the last few years, whatever you may think about climate change one way or the other, some things have really gotta CHANGE!

I don’t actually require scientific studies to tell me that we need to treat ourselves, each other, the animals and all the plant and mineral kingdoms, far far better than we currently do. All the resources we need are out there and in the event of the world waking up and humanity stepping up to its role as caretaker for Mother Earth and Father Sky, or how ever you want to phrase it, it is all there to be drawn on. We live in a very rich world, a jewel in the crown of the galaxy, let’s polish it until it sparkles with joy and sends that light out to the milky way!


Lets dance our way through the interplay between light and shadow, let polarity be a pleasure rather than a sentence that condemns us to rigid roles and prison bars.

Time to WAKE UP!!!!!!


Dark Nights And Bright New Days.

I am in the flow for sure, but what if your flow is a whirlpool spinning you madly as you head towards the rapids with you know not what waiting, maybe a drop into a waterfall. That might be an amazing experience as you fall through, drops of water sparkling with the sunshine beaming through and rainbows glittering, a safe landing into the next pool of life is an exciting journey. Stay in your heart and trust is an important key, one thing at a time even if you have a lot of things to accomplish in a day.


Let there be stillness even in a busy day, find it in yourself if it isn’t in the environment around you and you are unable to make a change. Connect to nature even if it is simply a piece of wood, a flower or perhaps the leaf of a potted plant, if you can get your bare feet in the earth even better. That stillness is always within your being, let the mind relax and beyond the chatter is a great still pool that is never really disturbed, we sometimes lose our connection with it and from this stems a tide of people who feel unfulfilled. Somewhere in their sleeping is the knowledge that there is more at greater depth, but their fear holds them back, they pretend to know but it is naught but a pretty facade once one has seen through it.


How would it be to remain without tuning in to that deeper place that our feelings can take us to, if we have the courage to sit with them no matter what they might be. Anger, fear, jealousy and resentment, grief and loss……….who wants to sit with that! But if you do you will begin to go deeper than ever you knew was possible, moving the veil aside so that all potential is revealed, the quantum soup, zero point field. You don’t have to dive in as deeply as I did into a Dark Night of the Soul that felt at times like the very pits of Hades, not fun but ultimately enlightening!


When you have shared time with another soul in those incandescent places where hearts are open and you are honestly questing for more and more life, there is a deeper connection that doesn’t even really need words. To be in a community much like that, well you know I actually live somewhere a bit like that, life here is a blessing in the vibrant and creative life bursting from all sides.

Thank you Mother Earth for your bounty, Father Sky for the sunshine and the air, thank you life, ohm shanti, shanti, shanti……………………

Conceived in Joy.

Mother Earth. Photo by Ulli Hansen.

Mother Earth. Photo by Ulli Hansen.

As I came to the end of my weekend I felt strongly drawn to connect to Mother Earth, walking on the earth in my bare feet and sitting for a time on the protruding root of a tree. As I was walking back to the house I caught a glimpse of golden fire, and found myself going out to where I could see the sun setting in exquisite shades of pink and gold, Father Sky in all his glory, showering me with his brilliance.

Father Sky. Photo by Ulli Hansen.

Father Sky. Photo by Ulli Hansen.

The masculine and the feminine coming into balance in me, reflecting the natural world, which left to its own devices has no difficulty in keeping the balance. Feeling peace and acceptance, and finding a sense of trust, that all that I need will come to me, knowing that I am always safe in my beautiful world, even when the challenges and obstacles on the path seem impassable.

I had an important realisation a couple of days ago, I have changed an old pattern of mine, which is to come up with ideas of action but rarely follow through. These words you are reading in this moment are an example of this shift, within a few months of attending a blogging for beginners workshop I began to post, and I have put something out every day, even through the festive season. There is a lot more I need to do to invite more people to come and check out what I am doing, but I have begun, and the process of writing is bringing me great joy.

Where any of this will take me I have no idea, but I sense that this movement of creative energy is a river that will take me where I need to go. And in this moment I have no need to know exactly where or what that will be. I surrender to the divine mother  and to the divine father, trusting the birth that will follow that divine union, a conception created in joy and with love.