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Food For All.

I am reflecting on my recent posts about listening to my body and getting the right nutrition happening, something that I am able to do even though I am very much in the lower socio-economic group as far as income goes. After watching this short video about a community food system in India, I am feeling wealthy by comparison to these people, many of whom live on less than  dollar a day. I still manage to go out to dinner and to lots of amazing events, it takes a bit of juggling and lateral thinking at times but I manage to do it.


I confess to a keen sense of injustice when I look at the gap between the wealthy and the poor, and it’s getting worse not better. What really baffles me is how the super wealthy can sleep at night, knowing that there are so many starving people without access to clean water.  How can our politicians accept the ridiculous amounts of money that they receive when so many of the people they are meant to be serving are struggling to manage the basics of living.

I know that population growth is a serious issue but surely if we distributed what we do have a bit more evenly everyone would be well cared for. And with all those resources in the form of people, new ways of thinking and creating, surely we can come up with ideas that will serve not only humanity, but this planet and the other beings we share it with. If you would like an example about innovative ideas, in this case its education, check out “The School In The Clouds”, posted on the 4th July 2013.

How to supply food to everyone inexpensively and
consistently, around the world?

Imagine the convenience of take-out food every day,
but for less money that you would pay to COOK at home,
let alone order from a restaurant.

Here is a brilliant solution: members pay in to a
collective community kitchen, and meals for households
are distributed daily by the kitchen run by employed chefs.

Video: (2:26)