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Teenage Activist Shows Up Monsanto!

There are some truly amazing young people in the world, they give me hope that this rather jaded civilisation might actually begin to blossom into greater maturity, we show such promise it would be a shame not to realise it. Rachel Parent is one such teenager, we see her on Canadian Television in debate with a defender of Monsanto and it is so very obvious who is intelligent, authentic and open to reason, certainly not the so-called adult who thinks it’s ok to tell lies in order to gain profit.

Yes I am still a bit angry about what is happening to food on this planet in the name of Big Profits for Multi-national corporations, nature does know what she is doing and if we work with her then there will always be plenty for everyone. We need to be creating food forests and encouraging everybody to grow some of their own veggies, support our local growers and let them know exactly what we want from them.

We don’t really know yet how GMO foods might affect our health over the long-term, by the time we have an answer it may be getting a little bit late to stop the spread of this uncontrolled experiment. It reminds me of early science fiction movies with people in white suits running around in complexes, trying to halt the escape of some deadly virus that they were trying to turn into a weapon.


You know what really struck me in this debate, the way O’Leary kept talking about GMO technology helping the poor and the starving even though Rachel was pointing out the mythology around these crops, not a higher yield at all, just a patent for profit. Her ability to articulate a response in the face of bull-headed ignoring of basic facts is really quite stupendous, this 14-year-old has a brilliant life ahead of her doing anything she wants to. Lets hope we can keep that world open as a possibility for Rachel and for all the other children out there, with this kind of genius in the world it is never too late to find a new way of being.

Hope you are as inspired as I was!


Who Owns Life?

I just watched the most inspirational film called “Monsanto: A Documentary on GMO”, we follow the journey of Percy Schmeiser, a Canadian farmer, as he battles this monolithic corporation. What they are doing in the world is wrong, in simple terms they are attempting to control the supply of seeds and therefore the food supply. They are not interested in feeding the world’s hungry or improving the quality of the food we eat, all they care about is power, and they have an enormous amount of influence in a world where money seems more important than justice.

There are many issues regarding GMO crops, probably the most important is that they were never fully tested in the first place, and so we actually have no idea of the consequences of having this unknown factor in the food chain. With research that has been done since then, it’s very clear that GMO crops are not the same or even similar to regular food, the claims that Monsanto have made for their products are out-and-out lies. They do not produce a higher yield and actually require much more in the way of pesticides and chemicals.

Once GMO is in an area, it is impossible for farmers who don’t want it to avoid contamination, then Monsanto moves in and takes them to court because they have ‘stolen’ their plants! Monsanto encourages farmers to dob each other in, thus destroying trust amongst the farmers, and endangering the sense of community that has existed before they came along.

Percy Schmeiser.

Percy Schmeiser.

It’s so inspirational to hear Percy Schmeiser speak, he is motivated to fight his battle not only for himself and his children, but for the future of humanity on this planet. If a bio-tech company can put a gene in a life-giving form and then say that they own it, where does this stop, if they put a gene in a human being, do they then own that person? There are some big questions posed in this film, and it could be overwhelming to see the might of Monsanto doing as it pleases, but this is more than balanced by the inspiration you will feel at what people are doing to stand up for our basic rights.

This documentary shows that we can make a difference, let’s face it, most of the people in the world want good quality food on their plates, clean water to drink and clean air to breathe. I feel very hopeful about the future of humanity, we’ve made a terrible mess but we have the resources to do something about it, and we have people like Percy Schmeiser and his wife!

I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did!

Natural Cures Not Medicine: Monsanto: A Documentary on GMO (a must watch)

Save this for later, you won’t regret it. This is a great documentary for humans of all ages.