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A New Age.

Pure joy rushes through my body as I move to the beat of the drum, all care lifted from my sight as the frequency of the sound clears away the illusion of separation. I dance and every part of me sings as the ocean of love swallows me whole, along with all the other dancers we are carried away from the world of the every day, to a place that is what we are becoming.


Humanity rises from the ashes of its own stupidity, the rape of earth and callous decimation of those deemed unfit to be a part of the so-called master race, the loss of soul that tears us all apart. The sleepers wake and the Earth smiles as her latest tenants manage to avoid the eviction notice she was ready to serve upon them, reluctantly but with no choice as we ignored and disrespected her wants and needs, indeed even our own as we marched on our path to destruction.

At last the pure potential of the shining light that lies within the core of every person upon the planet, may radiate out without fear or doubt, we are saved. Not by some caped crusader but by ourselves, the ordinary and the everyday are our heroes and heroines now, and everyone is on the A list as the Golden Age sweeps away bureaucracy and judgement. Lawyers and dentists relax into the gift economy along with the doctors and psychologists, politicians doing real work now from their recently discovered heart space, new territory for most.


The cosmos receives our radiance and all beings everywhere smile to see  such beauty and wonder as we have become, Gaia is in love with herself and so are we, falling into the ocean of love each and every one of us. Some may need swimming lessons, but the light workers are here to guide the path of the novice and soon we will all be masters of the craft of being ourselves in all our glory.

So be it, so be it, so be it……………….

The Heart Of A King.

As the King faded so did the land, each day he sat by the fireplace in the great hall where once the greatest knights of the realm would meet to discuss matters of honour and fairness. His Queen long gone, he tries to recall her perfect feminine beauty, but the long descent into despair hath brought his mind to a stillness that offers no rest, only numbness. All around him was sadness, drought and savage floods ravaged the land and his people were starving, yet he could not even feel the sorrow of a bright dream lost.

Arthur with Excalibur by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, 1859

Arthur with Excalibur by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, 1859

For years the brave knights had been gone from the side of their King as they searched and searched for a remedy that would heal the monarch, many died and some lost their spirits and their minds. The people were weary and had lost all hope of the Golden Age returning, yet there were some who still told the tales of a prosperous and happy realm where justice always prevailed for all, even the most lowly of servants.

A little boy whose job was to turn the spit in the palace kitchen was an avid listener of these tales, he dreamed of becoming a knight and of saving the land from its travails. One day he found a half-grown kitten to play with and in chasing it he found himself in the Great Hall where the King sat every day in front of the fire, for he always felt the cold no matter the weather. Tommy was so caught up in the chase he didn’t realise where he was until he banged up against the King’s chair who woke from his daze with a jolt.

The King looked around him and seeing the boy he smiled, Tommy was standing there with huge eyes, not quite sure what to do with himself and overwhelmed at actually being in the presence of the King. “Dear boy, would you please pass me that goblet of wine”, Tommy was awestruck for a moment, then he raced over to the table and picked up the heavy goblet with great reverence and joy. As the King received the wine he looked into the face of innocence and love, and in a moment he was transformed, he took a sip of the wine and it was as if a healing balm spilled glowing down into his centre and opened up his heart once again.


The King was healed and so too the land began to come back into its rich fullness, Tommy became a Knight and as the King had no heirs he became a Prince who would one day rule. Tommy married a beautiful maiden and vowed to always stay in his heart no matter what came, he ruled wisely and well and the Golden Age did come again. Without love there can be no abundance, when the heart rules there are no limits to what we can create!

Endings And Beginnings.

My time in this house sit is drawing to a close, this has been the happiest and the darkest of times, here in this fairy cottage surrounded by trees and full of magic. This Princess feels very sad to be leaving, but she knows that she will be taking some of that special magic with her now wherever she goes, what I’ve learned while in this place will never leave me.

Not my fairy cottage exactly but you get the idea!

Not my fairy cottage exactly but you get the idea!

It was here that I took back my power and restored my voice to its proper place, speaking my truth took an enormous amount of courage but has given me a stronger sense of who I am, and what I deserve. I recognised the true character of the Knight, who was definitely wearing armour, but let me tell you it certainly wasn’t shining! It’s a King that I seek as I move forward into the next phase of my becoming, one suitable to sit at the side of a Queen as beautiful and powerful as this Princess is becoming.


Within these wooden walls and peaked roof, I discovered the aspect of me that loves to create food with love, as an act of devotion. Ram Das talks about his guru a lot, and when he asked Neem Karoli Baba how to get enlightened, he was told to serve and to feed people. Offering yourself in service is a very pure form of love, even if you are doing some kind of exchange there is a completely different feeling compared to when you are doing things for money. I went to a Rainbow Festival once where everything was done on the basis of exchange of energy, and it was a wonderful feeling of open heartedness and true connection with other human brothers and sisters.


More reflections to come as I ponder the experiences I have received here in my little Camelot, like Morgana in that mythical tale I have had travails and challenges upon my path. In my version of that classic story she is not evil and means no harm to Arthur, she is simply trying to keep the pagan magic alive against the onslaught of the Christian religion. My task is to participate in the creation of a new age of magic and wonder, and while it may draw upon the old ways, it is also new forged, and much of it has not been here upon the earth before.

We live in exciting times, I welcome the Golden Age with all my heart and soul, bring it on!

Generation Of Hope.

Just for a change of pace, I’d like to share with you an inspirational video that gives me great hope for humanity, these young people look to me like future humans, I wish I had my act together the way they do! And apparently more than 50% of the world’s population is under 25, so they also carry the weight of numbers. There seem to be a few different names for this generation, but I’ve known them as Generation Y, one of the speakers in this film speculates that it may represent the fact that it is the generation that is facing a real fork in the road for the future.

And that’s the most important story on the planet is it not? Whatever else we may do with ourselves as a people, we require an environment to do it in that will support us, the number of people who are waking up to this is so exciting. I got really excited about the Occupy Wall Street movement when it started, since then there has been Occupy Earth and a movie has come out called Occupy Love, haven’t seen it yet but planning on buying the dvd and showing it in my community.


I shared a house with a couple of young men who were Generation Y and was impressed with their ability to decide what they wanted, and to then plan on how to get there, none of the dithering and self-sabotage I seem to have specialised in! Of course there are those in every age group who are still asleep, but we don’t need everyone to be awake for this to work, and in the new world we will create, it will be a lot easier for those of us with more trauma to focus on our healing.

These kids are the internet generation too, and with the ability to connect instantly, the possiblity of change happening really quickly becomes much more likely. The Golden Age can’t come soon enough for me, bring it on my young friends, you are the people we’ve been waiting for!

It’s perhaps the best of times and
the worst of times, but there is
no time for distractions anymore.

Here’s a video with dozens of young
voices expressing how they feel about
their influence and potential impact
at this turning point in history.

“We are writing a different story than
the one we have been led to believe is
inevitable.”  says one young woman proudly.

Video: (9:28)