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The Body Speaks.

To stay on an even keel and not to be overwhelmed, a constant challenge in this busy life I have created!  I didn’t have to stay longer at the club tonight but in doing so I created stronger connections with my community, as well as having a bucket load of fun. Then home to write posts with so much less time than I had planned, and I have a really sore throat, oh Goddess please don’t let me get sick. It will make my night out at the theatre tomorrow night so much less enjoyable, I will have to have a chat with my body and see if there is some other way for it to release whatever it is trying to let go of.


I don’t get sick very often, genetics plays a part in this, I have a particularly tough constitution. But I also communicate with my body all the time, when I can feel sickness coming on I always ask my body if there is some other way that it can clear whatever it is needing to get out of my system. This is why I am not a believer in taking medication for colds, the body is busy getting rid of toxins and all you are doing is pushing it all back into the system. So at the end of the day I will surrender to the cold if I have to, but a lot of the time it dances around my edges and then goes away.

Of course you need to keep your immune system nice and strong, good nutrition is an important part of that as well as supplements. Listen to your body, I’ve been starting every day with a green smoothie since the New Year, but a few days ago my smoothie didn’t taste so good, always a sign that something needs to change. So I’m having them every second day and lo and behold, my smoothie tastes good again!

green smoothie

Good health is kind of simple in some ways, but we have strayed such a long way from basic nutrition and self-care in this culture, people have largely forgotten those basics. Time to return to the past, and add in the amazing new information that is coming in from the new paradigm!

The Dancing Queen.

Uneasy belly ended up as gentle anticipation and an intuitive sense of the night ahead without really knowing much of the details, a general shape of a fun flowing evening with dancing included. Then it evolved from the dance to karaoke, I sang Dancing Queen into the microphone and it was heaps of fun, I do love Abba!! My Medicine Woman is delighted that I am having such a lot of fun, I’m being very obeyful, this is the way to be an attractor, I can feel it already and have seen it around me in the number of men I seem to be hanging out with these days.

Have a look at this clip of Dancing Queen, they are so young and so talented and so beautiful!




I am getting comfortable with masculine energy around me but most importantly I am getting so much more chilled in my own skin, whichever part of me needs to be in action will bring the other into right balance. I am very happy being me, I like myself, I do things for me that will nourish and nurture me on every level of my being. Next week I am having my first ever pedicure, a deluxe! Also a massage and I will do at least one of not two of some other classes while my teacher is away, you can never have too much yoga!

Ah life is good, my culinary highlight almost every day is my big green vitamin pill, my green smoothie every morning, can feel the life force going in as I drink it in. Of course I enjoy all the food I eat and I have learned to love feeding others, putting love into the food. When I settle down I want a walk in wardrobe, a good dining table and a big screen tv which gets covered up when not in use. There will be regular dinner parties and movie nights, it will be sooooo much fun!



And of course great music, I live in a bit of a heartland for that sort of thing, so much going on and incredible quality of entertainment, the fundraiser for the Greens was awesome, go the Greens in the next election, we need some integrity out there.

All I Want For Christmas Is My Three Front Teeth!

You know how the times when we are the busiest, the most stressed, are often when our self-care tends to fall apart. I remember having that discussion with a flat mate who was a doctor many years ago, as we drank coke and devoured chocolate bars. In those days I would make guacamole and have it with corn chips when I didn’t feel like cooking, which was often.

I do try not to create impossible schedules for myself and to take time out, but sometimes life takes you by the scruff of the neck  and throws you in at the deep end. It’s sink or swim and if you’ve taken the time to have swimming lessons, the chances of drowning are much reduced.

The trick is to create healthy habits, so that when you go onto automatic pilot you find yourself reaching for food that’s alive. My green smoothie is the highlight of my day every day, as I keep refining it the life in it just gets juicier. I’m adding chia seeds to it now which are a fabulous source of protein  and omega 3’s, apparently the Aztec messengers used to run for miles using chia seeds to power them up.

Chia seeds.

Chia seeds.

Speaking of running, exercise is another important support for our faithful and wondrous bodies, I could probably do with some more cardio as a habit, but I have trouble going through a day without some stretching. I LOVE my two hour yoga class every week, it supports me physically, mentally and spiritually. In my recent time as a carer for five dogs there were days when I literally didn’t have time to stretch and the results were not pretty I can tell you.

There will continue to be challenges, I was foolish enough this evening to eat some ice cream with nuts in it and mistakenly bit into a nut with my dodgy front teeth, three of them on a bridge so if they fall out again I am missing three front teeth. This is very disconcerting I have to tell you, dentistry is not cheap in this country and to get implants is insanely expensive!

I am going to breathe into it and tone before I go to bed, hoping like hell that I wake up with my full and beautiful smile looking back at me in the mirror. I need a miracle here my friends, pray for me and I will call on all the Gods and Goddesses to help me manifest something amazing!

Alive And Well.

I’m in a rather wonderful space at the moment with food, the old addictions seem to be simply falling away without me even trying to make any changes. Of course I have been slowly refining my diet over the years, gradually introducing better habits, but there is something new going on here. I feel very different after all the changes that have been happening in my inner world.

I’ve had quite a journey with food over the years, much of it full of donuts and chocolate, chips and lollies, wine, champagne and beer. There was a hole inside of me that I used to fill with what I thought of as comfort food, the alcohol would smooth away the edges of the darkness and I would feel better for a brief period. But in the end these ways of coping are self-defeating and the time comes when you have to look inside yourself, the place where all the answers lie. As what is inside becomes clearer it is easier to make choices that serve you well on all levels of your being.

I start the day with a green smoothie, there is a wonderful garden where I am currently house sitting, so my greens are coming directly from the garden to the blender. There is something about having that direct connection with the food you are eating that enriches the experience somehow, it’s even better than getting my organic local greens from the co-op. When you eat raw food you are getting living enzymes that would have been destroyed by the cooking process, eating straight from the garden somehow has even more of that sense of aliveness!

And that is the key to what I am trying to explore here, I am feeling so much more alive. Parts of me that have been closed down for my whole life are awake and flowing, while I may choose to give my attention to things there is nothing that I really need! I’ve completely lost interest in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I think my period of watching tv shows on dvd is over for now. What is going on inside of me is far more interesting, and when I look to the outside world I want to be connecting with beautiful people and places, not so hard to do where I live.

So if you are wanting to get healthier don’t just consider the food that you eat although that is important. If you think of yourself as a car then your physical and emotional bodies are providing the fuel, your thoughts are navigating, but if there isn’t a conscious driver at the wheel you could end up in a ditch or off the edge of a cliff!

“L’Chaim” To Life!


Letting Go.

Feeling exceedingly odd today, I couldn’t get out of bed yet again, felt like I wanted to spend the whole day there but I know if I did I wouldn’t feel good about myself. I began by doing my first oil pulling, this is when you swirl coconut oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes, it feels weird and I kept having to remind myself to keep swishing. When you spit the oil out it is all milky and contains toxins which the oil has helped to remove from your body.

Since then I’ve had a green smoothie and a few macadamia nuts and done some reading and a bit of hand washing and through all of this my head has felt very strange. A bit like when you have a flu or virus, it is a sensation I associate with cellular shifts going on in my body. So I guess that is most likely what is going on, I started my moon bleed on saturday and had the sense that I might be doing a particularly big shedding.

As a matter of fact the other times my head has felt like this I have been going through major detox so there is my answer to the way I’m feeling. The feeling in my head only happened after the oil pulling so it would seem that it helped to speed up the release of toxins. Probably a good idea to consider giving up coffee for a few days but I probably won’t, I don’t get withdrawals when I don’t drink coffee, but when I want it I want it and that’s that!

So much for Miss I want to achieve optimum health, well it will simply have to be in stages, and maybe I will always have coffee in my life. As I go along I add in good habits, and remove the bad, it is a slower way of creating change but the new habits are more likely to stick.

Optimum Health, One Step at a Time!!!!!!!!

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy that
works as a magnificent de-toxifier for the mouth
and the whole body, often solving chronic dental
issues without the need to go to the dentist.

How exactly does this work?  Click below!

Video: (5:09)


I Go Green.

I had my first real green smoothie today and it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I chucked a bit of parsley into yesterday’s smoothie but today’s delight was from the Green Smoothie Bible, positively bursting with kale which is my current favourite green. This new way of eating is going to be full of yummy sensations and flavours, and to top it off, my body feels amazing when I load it up with such good food.

I have some pretty big goals in this lifetime, to heal everything and to achieve optimum health, but I am getting there slowly one step at a time. It’s the opposite of shedding layers of negative thoughts, I add in new healthy habits as I go along, and after a time they become automatic just like the bad habits that are on the way out. I need variety in most things in my life so I like to dip into different ways of doing and being, taking what works for me and weaving it into the tapestry of my existence.

Now I am perusing my raw food recipe book and getting ready to experience a much broader range of tastes, my salads usually have much the same ingredients, and even though I do like my salads it’s time to expand into broader food horizons. It may open a doorway into more entertaining, I find cooking for a dinner party fairly stressful so it doesn’t end up happening very often. Being able to come up with a raw food feast might be a lot simpler, although I will probably have to buy some new equipment, I have the blender but a food processor will also become a necessary part of my new kitchen.

It feels like the new year started for me today, I got back into my yoga practice and my body is practically falling over itself in gratitude for the feeling of well being that this engenders, an inner glow that has been sadly lacking for the last few weeks. I will of course still fall off this path from time to time but as long as I am having fun at the time and find my way back to the path, I have no complaints.

A toast to good health for all!!

green smoothie