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A New Age.

Pure joy rushes through my body as I move to the beat of the drum, all care lifted from my sight as the frequency of the sound clears away the illusion of separation. I dance and every part of me sings as the ocean of love swallows me whole, along with all the other dancers we are carried away from the world of the every day, to a place that is what we are becoming.


Humanity rises from the ashes of its own stupidity, the rape of earth and callous decimation of those deemed unfit to be a part of the so-called master race, the loss of soul that tears us all apart. The sleepers wake and the Earth smiles as her latest tenants manage to avoid the eviction notice she was ready to serve upon them, reluctantly but with no choice as we ignored and disrespected her wants and needs, indeed even our own as we marched on our path to destruction.

At last the pure potential of the shining light that lies within the core of every person upon the planet, may radiate out without fear or doubt, we are saved. Not by some caped crusader but by ourselves, the ordinary and the everyday are our heroes and heroines now, and everyone is on the A list as the Golden Age sweeps away bureaucracy and judgement. Lawyers and dentists relax into the gift economy along with the doctors and psychologists, politicians doing real work now from their recently discovered heart space, new territory for most.


The cosmos receives our radiance and all beings everywhere smile to see  such beauty and wonder as we have become, Gaia is in love with herself and so are we, falling into the ocean of love each and every one of us. Some may need swimming lessons, but the light workers are here to guide the path of the novice and soon we will all be masters of the craft of being ourselves in all our glory.

So be it, so be it, so be it……………….

Food For All.

I am reflecting on my recent posts about listening to my body and getting the right nutrition happening, something that I am able to do even though I am very much in the lower socio-economic group as far as income goes. After watching this short video about a community food system in India, I am feeling wealthy by comparison to these people, many of whom live on less than  dollar a day. I still manage to go out to dinner and to lots of amazing events, it takes a bit of juggling and lateral thinking at times but I manage to do it.


I confess to a keen sense of injustice when I look at the gap between the wealthy and the poor, and it’s getting worse not better. What really baffles me is how the super wealthy can sleep at night, knowing that there are so many starving people without access to clean water.  How can our politicians accept the ridiculous amounts of money that they receive when so many of the people they are meant to be serving are struggling to manage the basics of living.

I know that population growth is a serious issue but surely if we distributed what we do have a bit more evenly everyone would be well cared for. And with all those resources in the form of people, new ways of thinking and creating, surely we can come up with ideas that will serve not only humanity, but this planet and the other beings we share it with. If you would like an example about innovative ideas, in this case its education, check out “The School In The Clouds”, posted on the 4th July 2013.

How to supply food to everyone inexpensively and
consistently, around the world?

Imagine the convenience of take-out food every day,
but for less money that you would pay to COOK at home,
let alone order from a restaurant.

Here is a brilliant solution: members pay in to a
collective community kitchen, and meals for households
are distributed daily by the kitchen run by employed chefs.

Video: (2:26)



A dream within a dream………within a dream……that is within yet another dream……interesting concept, I’ve done it in meditation, its fun to see how far you can go back, the watcher watching the watcher and so on. The film Inception does a nice job of playing with realities as a team go into the subconscious realm of somebody’s mind. They plan to go down into three layers  of dream, in the end it is even deeper than they had planned, four realities operating simultaneously all heading for a collision point, the shock providing the kick back into current time reality.

Inception: A film by Christopher Nolan, with Leonardo di Caprio.

Inception: A film by Christopher Nolan, with Leonardo di Caprio.

So all the people in these worlds are projections of the mind of the person we are inside, some would say that is true of the current moment humanity finds itself in. If everyone around you is a projection of you what is that telling you about yourself, doesn’t mean taking on other people’s stuff however, or stealing energy. It’s an idea, and this film really examines the power of an idea, the seed of a thought and how it can grow, shows the manifestation process in some ways, in the guise of an action film. Not normally my cup of tea so much but the costumes and cinematography are extremely well done, the acting of a very high standard, and the idea of four realities operating simultaneously keeps it interesting.

If you ever want to experiment with meditation then try stepping back from the deep space you have come to and begin to watch yourself do this. As you get more practice you may be able to step back again, and again, and so on……..it can be a lot of fun. And you will find that it does actually take you even deeper, it brings in the visual more strongly for me, and that helps the drop into deeper layers of reality.

Watch Inception for a nice bending of the mind, not that hard to keep it all hanging together but fun to contemplate for the space of a couple of hours.