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The Boomerang Of Love: Turning Pain Into Prosperity.

bubblesofjoyThe warm slightly moist air is a container caressing my aura and holding me in the gentle embrace of the mother. Trust in that sense of complete non-judgement, total acceptance of me, no matter what I’ve done, or not done…….may do. Feeling the support of loving community, of loving kindness streaming from my heart out into the world, and the boomerang from that which keeps feeding the air into the ocean of love, keeping me floating, floating……bubbles of joy dancing in the shallows, with sunlight glinting and smiling.


My inner smile paving the way for prosperity to flow in a golden river, carrying a rich array of resources to wherever there be need. I can sense my readiness to let go once again, allowing my trust in the mother, the father, the self, to keep me afloat as I release tensions held for so very long. With an Ahhhhhhh I tone from the heart space and unwind a thousand heart aches, loss, resentment and grief, anger and pain unbearable, so much can be held in our amazing organic beingness.


Joy may lead us to encounters with the dark side, she does this that we may shed whatever is no longer required and move into the next fabulous stage of what Jean Houston describes as the Possible Human.

“There is no question but that a larger life is latent in the human species and that we live only a small part of the life that is given. For the first time in human history perhaps we can begin to live that life which we are given.”


It is exciting and it can also bring up big fears, being truly magnificent ought to be easy you think but the reality can be as overwhelming as the greatest disaster or catastrophe. If I really am that incredible then what have I been doing all of these years! Simple answer, preparing for this moment that you are in now, living your life, being yourself as much as you could manage at any given time, now it’s time to be ALL THAT YOU ARE!!!!!

Let the FUN begin!

Oh and by the way, Happy, Happy, Happy Christmas to you and your loving community, may the love on this day circle the whole globe and TRANSFORM everything!

Wish Me Luck.

I said this is crunch time and I meant it, I’m an essentially healthy and happy person who keeps getting sick, I spent a week in bed in August and currently have a cold that started over a week ago and just won’t go away in spite of the foul-tasting herbs I’m taking for it. In between the bugs have been having a good go at me (“Bug Wars”, Sept 30 2013), and usually they would be losing the battle, I’ve gone for years at a time without even getting a cold. The last time this happened was in the months leading up to my big shift from the city to the country, my sense is that there is another shift looming for me so I take it as a positive if annoying sign of things to come.

You can click on this image to be able to read the writing, the website has more information on brain states and cd’s for sale that take you into alpha, theta or delta, I haven’t tried them so can’t recommend but may consider trying them out some time.

So I mentioned that I’m doing a course that involves the Alpha brain state and visualisation techniques, I’ve looked at this sort of thing before and even done some of it, but I always struggled with being able to stay focused. When I do the visualisation I find it really challenging to bring in all the senses and even my visuals are not terribly clear, yet when I do a guided meditation the images always come pouring in vividly. As I write this I’m thinking that it might be useful to tap on this (that’s EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique) before I do the exercises, our facilitator says the images don’t have to be clear, but it is important to be bringing in the other senses so it wouldn’t hurt to make it all a lot more vivid.


I also need to work on my ability to be persistent and not give up, like a lot of people I will do something for a while, but at some point I get distracted and let it go. This has happened with other amazing work that I have connected with in the past, a good example would be Jean Houston’s Awaken To Your Life’s Purpose, an online seminar I did at the end of 2011. http://evolvingwisdom.com/programs/life-purpose.php

Not that I didn’t get a lot out of the course, I connected with other amazing people around the globe that I stay in touch with and who are now very much in my heart space. But I was busy as always and just did the exercises in each session once, all the information is on my computer but I’ve never got back to doing it. So now I have once again been drawn to a course that is motivating me to change that old pattern, wish me luck as I head off once again into the great unknown! Here is an old song from Gracie Fields, “Wish me Luck (As You Wave Me Goodbye): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EUytEX_XkE

Dance And Sing The Dream!

We left my counselling session with me chucking away big black blobs that were interrupting the flow of energy in my body, with a little bit of help from my friends, Germain and Michael. This was only the half way point in the process, the next step was to put something more positive in the vacated areas of my being, to fill the space as it were. I ought to mention too, we made sure to purify and transmute the negative energy that was pulled out of me, leave it lying around and it may just end up coming back in. I used St Germain’s violet flame to do this but you could use anything you want, maybe imagine elves tickling the darkness into light and laughter, the only limit is your imagination.


I decided on the qualities I wanted to bring in and arranged them into two sections, the first was self-confidence, authenticity and inspiration, for this I called on St Germain. The other was self-care and nurturing of self and others as well as inner peace, and it was the feminine energy of Mother Mary who came to assist me. For each of these I moved my body and made sounds, Germain was full of laughter and Mary was soft, I found myself caressing my body with great tenderness, in both cases I could feel the appropriate energies coming in very strongly. I did a drawing for each and they are up on my wall now where I can see them easily, it is a beautiful reminder of the positives I am drawing into my life and being.

I have felt a big difference in myself since my session, part of my homework was to ground myself by doing a daily exercise that involves saying my name to the nine directions and then stamping my feet as I say, “I am here, I am safe.” I can safely say that this does work to ground me, I’m also making sure that I touch my bare skin to the earth every day, just holding my staff against my forehead does this really well.

Jean Houston talks about how some African tribes approach problem solving, they dance, sing and dream about the issues as a way of finding solutions. When we do this we are using much more of the totality of who we really are, bringing in our right brains where our genius lies. So if you are trying to solve problems in your life see if you can bring in more of your fullness as you contemplate whatever it is you are trying to achieve, it’s more fun too, and that can only be a good thing!

Here is a link to Jean Houston’s Mythic Life Blog: http://www.jeanhouston.com/blog/?p=69

Be The Heart Of Conscious Community.

What is the depth of communication that occurs in social media, can it be a tool for creating conscious and empathic groups, supporting each other in a variety of ways. Certainly for me there is a stronger focus on my local groups when I use Facebook, as well as connecting directly with individuals, sharing information and inspiring each other. I am fortunate to be connected to many people in my local community, whatever I need is there if I have the sense to ask for it, there is always support for me here, love and acknowledgement. Add people in other parts of Australia and some around the world and we are talking a lot of hearts all being connected, being the heart of conscious community.

heart leaves

That’s the theme for the Joining Gathering which runs over the Equinox weekend coming up, I have been called elsewhere this time but to experience a beautiful honouring of the masculine and feminine, and all the other deepening experiences on offer, is a beautiful thing to do if you are drawn to it. http://thejoining.com.au/  I’m going to be busy working with songlines as well as my personal journey, looking forward to this coming Equinox very much indeed. I was told not long ago by a psychic that I was going to become more witchy as I got older, I have to confess she was very accurate, in fact so far she’s been spot on about an awful lot of things.

So in my way of doing things social media plays a positive role in creating and connecting my community, like any useful tool it depends on how it is utilised and mindfulness is so important. Many of the people I connect with in the virtual realms I see in my daily life at different times, but there are some that I have never physically met who I actually feel just as close to. The particular group I am thinking of came together out of an online course with Jean Houston and so we have a similar vision and were all drawn to each other in the virtual world that was created for our interaction in the course.

So don’t be afraid to work with technology, it can be a very intuitive process and I have seen clearly how it can bring ordinary people together to create positive change in our communities. Bring on the New Age of spirit and matter, body and soul, time to become future humans!

Starry Skies.

I am feeling very connected at the moment to the cosmos, by that I mean deep space, I find myself getting lost in the amazing images that are available these days of nebula and far off galaxies. It’s the ultimate expansion, but did you know that if you look at the microcosm and just keep going smaller and smaller, the images start to look just like the ones from deep space. Everything really is one, I have always loved the thought that we are made of the same stuff as the stars.


And you know I have spent time out amongst those stars, not in my physical body but that’s only one way to do it. It happened to me one night when I had been doing an hour of meditation every day for about two weeks. I went to lay down on my bed for a rest and it was as if I fell through the bed and into the cosmos, I was out in deep space floating without a body, and seeing stars and planets slowly spinning around me. The thing that made the greatest impression on me was the way the movement around me was incredibly slow and vast, and somehow time had ceased to exist.


If you are interested in going out on those kinds of adventures then I recommend that you put time into getting yourself very grounded. I find that the deeper I sink into my body, the further out I can go, my theory is that it provides a kind of anchor. If you don’t feel safe in what you are doing then your defense mechanisms will kick in and stop you from going on such wild adventures.

For more information about altered states of consciousness I would recommend Jean Houston’s work, she has written lots of books and also offers on-line courses, I did one of them 18 months ago and it was truly inspiring. She has dedicated her life to finding ways for people to access their gifts and talents so that we can move into the next stage of being human.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Jean:


I Love You But………………..

Some of you may have read my post on emotional cording a short while back, I would like to give some feedback on that subject which may give you more ideas on the different ways one can navigate through such a process. I was cording with someone and finally reached a point where I had to do something about it, part of me wanted to hold on to the connection but it wasn’t healthy and it had to go!

I had been doing my cord cutting from time to time, but I knew it would always keep coming back, there were times when I cut the cord and could almost feel it beginning to reform straight away. This person was in my energy field a lot and because it was someone I liked it was hard to set a firm boundary, even though I knew it wasn’t really appropriate. By the way this is not an example of someone doing this deliberately, I’m quite sure it was unconscious and maybe one day I will tell them all about it and we’ll have a good laugh.

Just cutting the cords wasn’t going to do the job so I decided it was time to pull out the big guns, I did a trance journey where I connected to my higher self or entelechy. I asked them to help me, they are really a bigger and brighter version of yourself, they know you really well but they are also connected to the unity consciousness so their resources are much bigger. My entelechy did a neurological operation on my brain and all I had to do was relax into nothing, as much as I was able to. After this I no longer had the sense of those cords forming, it felt like something very tangible had been achieved with my process.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s  definition of  entelechy,  “it is inside of you, like the butterfly is inside of the caterpillar   ….. the dynamic purpose that is coded in you.”

You are the acorn, your entelechy is the oak tree!

You are the acorn, your entelechy is the oak tree!

The real test was to be in the presence of that person again which didn’t happen for a while, when it did I was amazed at the difference. The charge that had been there was completely gone, there were still feelings that had always been there but the intense blast from the past was not there at all. It’s making the letting go which I always knew was the right thing, much easier to do, what a relief!

So if you are encountering particularly thorny problems, don’t forget that you have incredible resources inside you that may be able to help you. You need to be able to drop into an altered state of consciousness, so if that is not already on your list of gifts to grow, I suggest you get on to it right now. Jean Houston is a wonderful resource and she sometimes teaches online courses that can help you to learn how to do this. Her website is: www.jeanhouston.org/