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Dream The Dream.

With the realisation that I’m feeling a yearning to be on land that sings to me, I am pondering the process of manifestation and how it operates. Finding perfect places to live that I can afford is something I’ve always been good at, so the prognosis for me achieving my goal is good. The fact that I have a good track record in this department means that I have an ingrained belief that I can do this, and that faith is an integral part of  being able to create your own reality.

The first part is being very clear on your vision, whatever it is that you want to draw into your life, its good to have as much detail as possible. My vision for where and how I want to live has almost been pouring out of me since my magical house sit, so I would say that spirit knows what it is that I want. I see myself in the bush but not too far from town, a house or cottage with lots of wood, cleared around the building but with the forest not too far away. It’s a sanctuary, a place that holds me safely while I recharge my batteries and explore new dimensions of the natural world and my own being.


Then there is action, I began that today by telling a friend who will keep her ear to the ground on my behalf. I’ll do that with other people and also send an email to the people with the fairy cottage who I house sat for, at some point I will probably bring in social media but for now I will start by putting feelers out into the community. And then there is the letting go part of the process where you release your vision to spirit and allow it to bring your dream to you, having faith that it will happen in the best possible way for you and all life everywhere. Always good to add that bit, its kind of like insurance to make sure that what you are creating is aligned with the highest good for all life.

So I will move in and out of action and letting go, following my flow as best as I am able to, feeling my heart yearning for that deep connection with the land. Allowing the wisdom of my heart to guide me in moving into that desire, trusting that all will be well………………so be it, so be it, so be it.

Here is some wisdom from Abraham on manifestation:


This Land Is Me.

I connect to this land, intention flowing out through my roots and bringing up a sense of belonging. My soul is held and nurtured by this energy, even though I walk in the shadow of the valley of death. Going into the underworld with faith in your heart, knowing that your path is that way, and that you will be all the better for it. Of course it also depends on the choices you make, there’s always a choice and I choose to watch my pain moving when it needs to do so, as opposed to attaching. This place hath held me in such a deep, and such a safe space.


I know the feeling now and when the time for roaming is done, I shall find that space and there shall I settle. T’will be a foundation for a fortunate life on the path of spirit, all things will flow from an open heart and a quiet mind. Good to know what will serve you, and good to let go of whatever is no longer serving the highest good of not only yourself, but of all life everywhere. So be it, so be it, so be it……………

I have made such deep connections in this wonderful community but the land never sang through my feet until I came to the fairy cottage and became the Princess in her bower. That energy is helping me to become the Queen, along with the inner space that is opening up and allowing me to access much more of who I am, bringing forth great gifts and treasures for all the world to see. Everything is coming together and the final pieces of the puzzle are very close to turning up now, this connection with the land here being a most important and unexpected, and indeed welcome piece, of the jigsaw of my life!

Aboriginal people have a very different relationship to the land than we generally do in western culture, they see themselves as a part of the country as opposed to ‘owning’ it. This song from “One Night The Moon”, ‘This Land is Mine” shows that difference very clearly, check it out!


Open And Surrender.

Thirteen years ago I was very excited at the prospect of going to Latvia, a very small country in Eastern Europe which is where my father and his family fled from during World War Two. My aunt Lena was taking me and I had my passport all ready with the visas and all of that, at the time I was feeling a great longing to connect with that part of my heritage, to feel the energy of the land.

River scene in Riga Latvia.

River scene in Riga Latvia.


My aunt who was in her early seventies went for a medical not long before we were supposed to be going, the doctor didn’t like the sound of her lungs and so he sent her for an x-ray. That’s when we found out that she had cancer all through her lungs and all of a sudden my magical trip to discover my roots was cancelled.

So instead of going to Latvia I went to Melbourne to look after my aunt, I had to help her shower and look after her so she could stay at home as long as possible but she was deteriorating very rapidly. I was there when she woke up unable to breathe properly, and went with her in the ambulance to the hospital. From that point she was in a hospice and on morphine, I stayed with friends and went to visit her every day.

I was at a friend’s place one day waiting for her to come home from work, when I was drawn to a large chunk of rose quartz on the mantlepiece. I put my hand on it and I could feel energy flowing from the crystal into me, I had no idea what I was doing, I was simply following the flow of intuition. The next day as I held my aunt’s hand at her bedside, I could feel that gentle energy flowing from me into her, it was helping to ease her passing, a beautiful gift from the crystal realm.

Everything that I had been told about crystals meant nothing to me until I had my own experience, from that moment on I began to move into a different relationship to the crystal kingdom. And the yearning to connect with my father’s land had subsided also, somehow that connection had been made during the time I spent with my aunt as she went through the dying process.

So often we have fixed ideas about how to experience life, but the flow of existence is much more fluid than the rigid structures that society tries to impose on everything, in a desperate attempt to be in control. Open and surrender, be present with what you are feeling in this very moment, and allow yourself to flow into the next moment, and the next…………and the next…………