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Free Energy, Free Spirits……..The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Enough of my personal journey for one week, let us consider the world we could be living in if original inventions grew out of an expansive and supportive environment. The ten on the list in the following video are I am sure a fraction of the ingenuity and creativity that humanity is capable of, one hears over and over again of successful cures for cancer that end up being suppressed. They couldn’t possibly all be hoaxes even if some are actually fakes and there are some alternative approaches that are well and truly documented and yet are still refuted by so-called authorities.


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Exactly what do they want authority over? Our body, mind, spirit and soul is invited to dive into a commercial dream where having all that stuff that you can buy is held up as the path to happiness and joy. I’ve never had much if any of all that stuff and I have spent large parts of my life feeling happy and content, even as I did my best to trigger all the inner stuff that needed to go. So I could be even happier, that was what I noticed on the shamanic healing path, things got better the further I travelled upon it.


I’m not saying that I know the way, I only know my own path and give enormous gratitude for the obstacles on that road. So perhaps one day we will gaze upon a world with free energy available to all, renewable sources giving power to all our needs as we co-operate and communicate as the interconnected beings that we are. And perhaps on that day I will understand the point of all this suppression of creativity, there must be a reason for existence always knows what it is doing.

May the light of wisdom one day grace planet earth, just as Leonard Cohen hopes that the lights in the land of plenty shine on the truth one day:

To The Depths!

A sense of lassitude, bed is a good idea but oh how much nicer to flow with the energy and enjoy the feeling of being nurtured and  of self-worth that is moving through the cells of my body. The intelligence and heart of Leonard Cohen singing incisive and profound words, so very like real life told with such sensitivity and warmth. I am somewhat disenchanted with ego at the moment, it can be charming and fun but do you really want that kind of energy around too often, aren’t we supposed to surround ourselves with the kinds of people who reflect back to us our unlimited self. A control freak who cannot let go, struggles with spontaneity, is only amusing up to a point, however “conscious” the language or terminology you are always going to be swimming in shallow waters.


I want to sink to the depths with all the wonders there to behold, to dance in and out of unity awareness, tantric sensibility, sensitivity to the whole picture, falling into old patterns to activate and to release……….letting go in love. Dreaming up the vision of connection to a beloved as a part of spiritual practice, where your relationship brings you closer to the Divine, why be there otherwise. Having that energy upon land that resonates with my being, that speaks to me in a tongue that nourishes and supports me as only the Mother can do, oh Durga, may I receive that which will bring me closer to you.


Continuing to keep a shimmering barrier around me at all times, it allows in only that which is of a high vibration and which will serve the highest good of me and of all life everywhere, that which is of a low vibration and which will not serve me may not enter. At night I add a mirrored surface to the outside of the bubble, anything that will not serve me is reflected back to whence it came. I’ve never had to be this disciplined before but it feels necessary to do so at this time, I am hearing a lot about people feeling the need for protection from various types of unseen forces, or of those who are overshadowed by entities or dark energies. I think things are hotting up, if you are a sensitive it could get particularly interesting, and if you think of it as an adventure it has the potential to be a lot of fun!


Here is a beautiful video clip of one of my favourite Leonard Cohen songs, Dance me to the end of love: