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My Body My Friend, Be Your Own Ally.

stillness2Body says to me you have shown great courage in taking on so much of the multiverse all at once! You’ve pushed enough that I need to make you stop for a moment, consider where you are in exactly this particular bit of your existence. Strip you of reserve so that you must let go of needing to do……..anything…….simply to be.

If you can heed the body’s wise counsel early in the piece you will avoid much harsher methods of communication that might be required down the track. When I feel myself succumb to illness my first response is to lie down and rest, as much as I can. If I can’t sleep or do nothing at all then I might indulge in a light read or maybe listen to music. And depending on what’s going on I might partake of particular herbs or fruits and veggies from Nature’s vast cornucopia.


That sometimes includes organic fair trade dark chocolate and a local lemon sorbet that clears the palate like a fresh breeze. My ten year old girl comes out when I’m sick and she wants to be nurtured with her favourite foods. The woman who eats it savours every mouthful with a sensual nature that is shared with the young girl, but in her has become deeper and even more expanded.

Thank you Body for your wisdom, I promise I will always do my best to respect you and to pay attention when you speak to me. Together we have the opportunity to continue our fabulous journey as spirit and matter joined in the space-time continuum.

Let the Magic continue forever more!

Waiting For The Storm.

What is the essence of me, who am I really when all is said and done, what do I contribute to the world simply by being that particular flavour of love shaped into form. I think of all the open faces beaming radiance in my direction as I move in and out of the dimensions of living in a rich tapestry of people and places, what are they telling me and am I listening? Does life begin now as I gather myself to fly high with all these lovely supporters ready to cheer me on as I finally take my purpose with both hands and use it to fuel an amazing vehicle whose tanks will never ever run out.


Old doubts and fears try to insinuate themselves into the new chapter opening up, like the darkness that shadows the clouds as they build and build towards the final release of storm and wind and lightning. At last the rain but no, another false alarm as the dry earth becomes a little dryer and the tanks drop a little lower, as I sink into the arms of my body’s wisdom, wishing for my own storm to arrive. Feels like a waiting game with no rules of engagement, the wisdom of the heart says to do nothing in this moment, simply be, taking each moment as it comes.


Another wrenching cough and I surrender, I raise the white flag and I LET GO………….the message is so very clear and I melt into that release, allowing the rising tension to dissipate, to go. If I stayed in this room for the rest of my life and did nothing more, my being would contribute to the evolution of life as we know it, there is absolutely NOTHING to be done.

I AM THAT I AM, I am what I am, I am alive and that is more than enough in this moment!

This has nothing much to do with this post except I’m writing about storms and the song is “Weather With You” from Crowded House, hope you enjoy the song anyway! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag8XcMG1EX4