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Alive And Well.

I’m in a rather wonderful space at the moment with food, the old addictions seem to be simply falling away without me even trying to make any changes. Of course I have been slowly refining my diet over the years, gradually introducing better habits, but there is something new going on here. I feel very different after all the changes that have been happening in my inner world.

I’ve had quite a journey with food over the years, much of it full of donuts and chocolate, chips and lollies, wine, champagne and beer. There was a hole inside of me that I used to fill with what I thought of as comfort food, the alcohol would smooth away the edges of the darkness and I would feel better for a brief period. But in the end these ways of coping are self-defeating and the time comes when you have to look inside yourself, the place where all the answers lie. As what is inside becomes clearer it is easier to make choices that serve you well on all levels of your being.

I start the day with a green smoothie, there is a wonderful garden where I am currently house sitting, so my greens are coming directly from the garden to the blender. There is something about having that direct connection with the food you are eating that enriches the experience somehow, it’s even better than getting my organic local greens from the co-op. When you eat raw food you are getting living enzymes that would have been destroyed by the cooking process, eating straight from the garden somehow has even more of that sense of aliveness!

And that is the key to what I am trying to explore here, I am feeling so much more alive. Parts of me that have been closed down for my whole life are awake and flowing, while I may choose to give my attention to things there is nothing that I really need! I’ve completely lost interest in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I think my period of watching tv shows on dvd is over for now. What is going on inside of me is far more interesting, and when I look to the outside world I want to be connecting with beautiful people and places, not so hard to do where I live.

So if you are wanting to get healthier don’t just consider the food that you eat although that is important. If you think of yourself as a car then your physical and emotional bodies are providing the fuel, your thoughts are navigating, but if there isn’t a conscious driver at the wheel you could end up in a ditch or off the edge of a cliff!

“L’Chaim” To Life!