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A Charming Life: Pleasure And Responsibility.


Here are the four sisters from "Charmed", one left and lo and behold another sister!

Here are the four sisters from “Charmed”, one left and lo and behold another sister!

I’m feeling very irresponsible, I want to watch episodes of “Charmed” rather than write  this post! I don’t watch television except for shows sometimes on my computer or on dvd, but it can be a rather wonderful way to switch off. I just can’t handle ads interrupting the program, so much better to watch at your convenience and pause when answering calls of nature.

There are actually some tv shows around that are very high quality, with profound social messages, and sometimes it is a bit of fun or fluff that is pure entertainment.  “Charmed” falls mostly into the latter category, with an occult theme there will often be some kind of message going on but for the most part it is good stories and witchy action in designer clothes. All three characters are gorgeous, each in their own way, and I enjoy looking at beauty as much as the next person.

There is something about pleasing yourself and not taking life too seriously that really enhances the enjoyment of life. It’s a balance between really enjoying life and attending to the necessities of daily existence, tax for instance. If you would like to have a really good belly laugh on that subject as a matter of fact, I suggest you watch the first episode of  “Black Books” with Dylan Moran, I’ve seen it more than once and don’t get sick of it.

And with that I am going to go and watch my show, before my Beloved comes home, somehow I don’t think the beautiful clothes and spells will do a lot for him. We watch “Lord of the Rings” and the friday night football, the “IT “Crowd is also hilarious and fun to share the laughter with another.

As I keep saying, life is good!

A Pain In The Kidneys Slows Me Down.

too sweetWell I did everything that was on the schedule and reached a point where I could no longer stay with the pain and the discomfort that has been slowly growing worse. So I went to see my friend who gave me a herbal tonic and marshmallow powder, also a medicinal tea and the guidance to avoid alcohol and sugar. Been having a bit more sugar than is good for me although still nothing approaching my old habits, time to swing back to a place of not requiring so much sweetness. At least not in my food anyway.

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Forgive my barely supported visual segue into the realm of the faeries, after my Lord of the Rings themed party and the pleasure of having pointy ears for a night, I may be a little obsessed……….but now back to the story.

My friend confirmed that I had a fairly severe bladder infection and that we needed to hit it hard with the herbs, three times a day. I tried to do my overnight shift but severe pain in my back and probably kidneys sent me home a couple of hours early. Now I have had a day doing nothing much with everything I meant to do cancelled, just eating from the fridge, can’t face shopping. The things a body has to do to get a girl to slow down!

darth vaderOf course that isn’t the whole story, dark forces have been on the move and there is a bit of carnage left, like on the Death card, representing endings. It’s a mopping up operation now and the more efficient I am in this process the lighter I will be, able to manoeuver in a new life that remains complicated while incredibly simple. Yes I know that’s a contradiction but both are true, essentially I am very happy but right in this very moment I have absolutely no energy, at least not in my body.

My mind and spirit are moving and bringing these words to you, I hope they are of some use as I really do get a lot out of putting my thoughts out into the world. Being witnessed is a very powerful exchange, thank you to those who follow my posts, your likes and comments are much appreciated.