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Dancing The Feminine To Joy And Bliss!

Rider Waite TarotToday has been a whirl wind of customers for massage and for readings, a lovely busyness that has led to me having little time to write my post. So I will share with you the beautiful message the cards gave me as I did a reading for myself in the quiet at the beginning of my day and then I will be off to prepare for my overnight shift.

Queen of Cups

I was asking about my life with my Beloved, the first card was the Queen of Cups and this is all about working with the energy of the feminine. This card is representing the ways in which energy flows into our lives, especially money, and tells me that we need to be very open about how this process happens. Following our true desires and passions and being prepared to do things differently will give us the support that everyone requires to live in the physical universe.

The Lovers

Then for our relationship I got the card of The Lovers, here we have found perfect union between the masculine and feminine and our life force energy is abundant and strong. We bring this to the work we do together which was represented by The Star, finding our greatest dreams and making them a reality. I also had a strong sense that the work we do together will involve helping others to move into right relationship with the feminine.

The Star

I don’t know exactly what this will look like but the ecstatic free form dances that we’ve begun to organise are certainly designed to assist people in connecting with the feminine side, the intuitive self that is so necessary for healing our wounds. It was all a lovely confirmation that my Beloved and I have come together for a larger purpose, we have work to do and undertake to do it joyfully from an ecstatic place of bliss!!!!!

sacred fire dancer

Bliss on and dance as if no-one is watching!

Transform The Darkness: From Sex To Superconsciousness.

LoveAs human beings on the planet we all have masculine and feminine energy within us, in the last post I talked about shakti  and how tuning in can open us to our natural orgasmic nature. This is available for everyone, men and women, my Beloved has been exploring his shakti and it is a fascinating journey for both of us. My issues have been very much with the masculine and I am learning to let go of the memories and to sometimes step into that energy which is beautiful when it is in right relation to everything else.

So much of what has been seen as a part of the devil is simply a culture gone completely out of whack, where sexuality is frowned upon  and even forbidden sometimes. Osho speaks about how the science of tantra has developed in the east and that your:

“sexual energy can become your spirituality……….. It is proved beyond doubt-thousands of people have gone through the transformation. Tantra seems to be the science that is, sooner or later, going to be accepted in the whole world, because people are suffering from all kinds of perversions…………repressed sexuality is the problem. My whole effort has been how to make your sex a natural, accepted phenomenon so there is no repression-and then you don’t need any pornography, so that there is no repression-and then you don’t dream of sex. Then the energy can be transformed.”

Osho, Sex Matters: From Sex To Superconsciousness, in Diana Richardson, Tantric Orgasm For Women.

Shiva and Shakti.

Shiva and Shakti.

I have been letting go of some energies that didn’t feel very nice as they moved through me, some is from this life and some from past lives, who knows maybe I am tuning in to the experience of women over the centuries. Perhaps as I transform this darkness I am doing not only myself a great service, but maybe the whole of existence. It certainly feels lighter for me on every level of my being as I learn that it doesn’t always have to be painful to be alive, the parts of me that were traumatised are beginning to smile. They feel safe now to be themselves and it will be interesting to see what grows out of this place.