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Bodies Love To Move!

ecstatic danceAs I sit here wondering what to talk about my mind keeps thinking about dancing and how I haven’t been doing much at all lately. My body has this odd disconnected yearning when I tune into it and there is nothing that my mind is doing at this moment that makes any difference at all to this physical sensation. In fact the mind can help the body to relax by using it’s capacity for understanding but there are times when talk is cheap and the only thing to do is to dance! My Beloved and I are no longer running a monthly dance and our local musical co-op closed down at the start of the year so the possibilities for going out and dancing have been less in our town.


That of course is no excuse and barely makes it in as a valid reason even, dancing can happen anywhere including when we are at home all alone. A FB friend just had a dancing challenge where she danced for half an hour every morning with her kids, what a good idea I thought to myself as I clicked on ‘going’. You can guess where I am going with this, I did not do one formal dance session in the two week period. And I LOVE to dance, when I manage to have a really good movement session I feel AMAZING! This is starting to sound a lot like a recent post on meditation and how I wasn’t managing to get myself on the cushion in spite of how beneficial it is to my health. Well I have made it to at least a couple of meditation classes since then but as for a regular practice, forget it.

women dancing

So what to do? The first thing that comes to mind is that it would be useful to talk to my Beloved about this issue and see if we can come up with a buddy system that supports regular movement for us both. I’m thinking dancing here, it’s usually sensible to do one thing at a time and as a deep lover of the transformational energies of dance I know that if I create the space my body will adore moving the energy in this way. The other idea I’ve had is to run a weekly dance class that goes for an hour and call it “Dance For Joy!” I can’t  be the only person who has this problem and I love the vision of a room full of people laughing and dancing to an eclectic mix of tunes old and new. If you have a look there are often plenty of meditation classes for people to attend but dance classes where you get to do your own thing are not so common. So this will be my next focus for a class but in the meantime I will see what I can do about moving this gorgeous body of mine a little more often.

The spirit in motion heals, expands, circles in and out of the body, moving through the layers of consciousness from inertia to ecstasy.  Open to the spirit, and you will be transformed.
Gabrielle Roth

And I will continue with my gratitude practice because that helps with pretty much anything and everything! I’m noticing as I feel gratitude and visualise my body in motion that my mood is lifting even as the body’s yearning becomes more pronounced. So what kind of incredible transformation might be possible when I actually dance in real time with an open heart and mind. I’m smiling and feeling very excited at the prospect!



Mindfulness And Chocolate!

chocolateOn the edge of a cramp my belly craves chocolate and sugar which is surprisingly delivered at 8.30am in the glove box of my car as I return the driving sunglasses to their home. No breakfast at home and now artificial stimulation is glaringly there just as my willpower says “You’ve got to be kidding!” and promptly eats a row before I settle into five minutes of meditation. This is no clear space of light and clean with mindfulness sparkles gleaming out into the urban landscape. There has been no natural organic segue from sleepiness to waking alertness on my more traditional nine to five day. The trees and sunshine do their best to draw me back into the earthly realms as they wink and smile at me but part of me feels quite disconnected.


gum tree paperbarkPart of this feeling is my reluctance to come back after a five day holiday that my Beloved and I took at the beginning of our house sit almost two weeks ago. So lovely to let go of the everyday world and especially the online one, a wonderful convenience but it does impact on our organic selves in ways that are not always helpful. The more sensitive I become in the world the more I notice when I’m not feeling connected to the natural world. It’s easy in modern society to sometimes forget that we are natural beings and that much of what creates happiness for us comes from inner resources. It isn’t so easy in front of  a computer in an office to reconnect with that place so I tend to focus on my body as a doorway or bridge from one realm to another. When I arrive at the car park I consciously connect with the trees and the birds and if it’s too wet to sit for my meditation I at least spend a moment with my hand on the trunk of a tree.


And even then I can fall prey to unexpected windfalls of chocolate and get caught up in the concrete and steel, the humming of lines of energy, seen and unseen. So the first part of navigating days like this one are just about practicing mindfulness and not giving yourself a hard time when your actions are not always peaceful. If you notice sensations of disconnection then that may be a victory in and of itself! Even if you can’t seem to get back into the flow be grateful that your inner growth has fostered deeper understanding and the ability to see more clearly what is happening in your body, mind and spirit. If you persist with this process you will improve the quality of your life. I can say this with great certainty as this has been my experience so far, the more I bring awareness to me and to my life the happier I become overall.

But there always seem to be times of varying energy levels in life’s tapestry and the trick is to ride the waves whatever the speed, to wherever it is that life wants to take us to next! I for one would like to take a moment to thank Life for all that it brings to me and especially for the gift of my dear Beloved who brings a song into my heart every day in every way. Aho!

Big Rainbow

Silence Is Golden!

BUSYThe world is a very noisy place these days and silence something that many people actively avoid. I consider myself a reasonably conscious human being and yet I find myself doing the very same thing even though I know perfectly well that being silent is a great way of tuning in to deeper feelings and sensations. So what is so hard about simply sitting in silence? On my lunch break when I work a full day I usually go out to the balcony where I can breathe fresh air and see the sky and feel the wind on my face. And I know that once I’ve finished eating that the best way of spending the rest of my break time is to sit in meditation. Then the next thing I know I’m looking at Facebook on my phone and getting caught up in all of that stuff and I only manage a few minutes of actually sitting in stillness.

meal time phones

And yet sitting silently with deep feelings has been a huge part of my healing and growth. I know how valuable it is from my own experience but it is still a struggle to make myself stop and just sit. Our society doesn’t place any value in such an activity and we are indoctrinated at an early age to get out there and do things rather than spend time sitting around daydreaming. The phrase “Silence is Golden” is about being quiet while you work hard at what you’ve been told to do. The idea that there might be some benefit in the space created by silence gets lost as we pursue the next goal or task. Houses are full of the sound of television and our roads resound with engines and brakes and horns.

Busy Do It

So how can we rewrite this programming? How can I deliver on my promise to myself to do more regular meditation? Force of will is not a method that appeals to me but as I get more and more frustrated I am ready to try just about anything! Making a witnessed commitment in the last few posts has also been a failure up to this point. I’m feeling tired as I write this and my brain feels completely stymied and yet an answer floats up almost immediately. It consists of one word, gratitude. When you feel grateful your mood shifts and thus it is an elegant way of moving from one state of consciousness to another. So if I am wanting to be quiet and am meeting resistance the best response I can make is to fill that space with all the things that I am grateful for. It almost seems too good to be true but it does give me an easy technique to apply in my quest for inner peace and outer prosperity.

gratitude and abundance

roseIt’s worth a shot anyway, maybe even a gratitude diary where I write down all the things in my life that I am grateful for. As a lover of improvisation I will probably make it up as I go along ! And who knows what will happen as I spend more and more time in meditative spaces, many of the thorny issues I’m currently facing may turn into beautiful roses smelling sweet!

Science Says Silence Is Much More Important To Our Brains Than We Think

Online Readings With Me!

Kerry IC 002Hooray! At last I am properly organised to offer online and phone readings for those who are not able to come and see me in person. This has been one of those things my Beloved and I have been talking about for ages and ages and finally it is done. Do you sometimes have the experience of knowing what to do but somehow finding it impossible to do certain things however simple they may seem in practice? Well that’s how it’s been for me with this particular enterprise. I can’t give you a formula for how to achieve this but I do know that for some of us this sort of change can only come through a deep shedding.

letting go of balloons

My Beloved and I spent a few weeks living in a fearful space where it ‘felt’ like our survival was being threatened. We took responsibility for our part in creating the situation and then made our plans to get out as quickly as possible. In this process we both had an enormous shift and for me it had a lot to do with letting go of my fears of being able to survive in the world. When we found a great place to move into straight away it felt like a reward for our response to the life lesson being presented. Even so it is taking quite a bit of processing and constant mindfulness to keep going with the momentum of this big shift. Just because you have let go of stuff doesn’t mean that everything suddenly becomes ‘easy’.


This is the point at which  it is easy to get frustrated because you know you have made progress but it doesn’t ‘feel’ like it. You look around yourself and wonder if all the effort you put in to make the shift was actually worth it. This is where the one step at a time policy is absolutely invaluable, identify what tasks need to occur and then tackle them one at a time. So I guess you could put that bit into some kind of formula, but if you have deep issues that are in the way of where you want to go then you will have to go within and find whatever is creating the obstruction. It helps if you can be content without cut and dried answers to your questions too. When connecting to inner realms we are moving within a space where our logical left brain will struggle to make sense of things.

sp;iritual home

Meditation in some form will help of course but in order for it to work you actually have to do it! I promised myself at least two formal sits after my post last week but I have to ‘fess up and admit that it hasn’t happened. But there have been a few informal moments of going into stillness and even that has helped enormously. So I now solemnly promise that I will sit to meditate for at least two twenty minute sessions in the next week. Being witnessed makes it that much more powerful! And if you are curious about having a reading with me check out the all new Intuitive Counselling page!

Back To The Cushion And Diving Deep!

Warm fire book and blanket

How I would like to spend Winter!

I’m looking for inspiration at the moment, what to write, what to do, how to go forward in a world that often seems to be completely insane. If only my society valued being compassionate and caring about others as much as it does a six figure salary! All the wishing in the world won’t change my immediate experience however, so how to find motivation for myself in my own small part of the world is the challenge. With Winter finally having arrived the desire is to burrow inward and stay out of the big bad world as much as possible. Where I am there has been some rain followed by days of gusty wind and I have noticed that this kind of weather has me feeling quite disturbed. It’s like the wind has a voice and it sounds just a bit like a howling ghost from some terrible horror movie.

black hole despair


But time moves on apace as Shakespeare would no doubt have said and I have a life to get together, funds to raise, a wedding to organise. My strong desire to curl up under the doona with my Beloved will have to wait as I forge ahead patiently doing one task after another. This is without being attached (yeah right) to the outcomes of what I am doing. Oh I wish I had achieved that level of enlightenment but I rather think I have a bit of a way to go on that front. Last week one of my tasks was to put together the playlist for the Ecstatic Dance that I run with my Beloved once a month and I was really delighted with the fruits of my effort. Then on the morning we have one person turn up who is obviously uncomfortable being the only participant who leaves before the first song is over. I managed to avoid going into deep depression and even stayed fairly positive considering, but I was definitely not detached.


Even as I feel the frustration and a sense of helplessness I get answers streaming through from the realm of Spirit, or from God or Goddess, whatever name you have for such things. It tells me to meditate and to go within, to connect with the deeper reality that lies beneath all our surface thoughts and actions. Whatever answers I may require are all to be found in that place, the source of creation, the still place that lies inside us all. I know this so very well but still I get stuck in the loop of negative thoughts going round and round in the same old place they always have. It isn’t nearly as bad as it has been in the past, feeling hopeless is a much smaller part of the whole shebang but the frustration is much greater with the passage of time. My realisation in my last post about the mind needing reassurance comes to the surface of my consciousness. Meditating and being still would help my poor mind feel more optimistic about the future for sure!

meditation silhouette

We often search for clever looking answers to our big questions, but the truth is usually simple and generally not particularly glamorous. Not sure how many times I may need to hear this to truly get the message through my thick skull but let’s hope for zillionth time lucky shall we! Looks like it’s back to the drawing board (I mean cushion) to dip into the depths of life, the universe, and everything. Aho!


Coming Home To My Wonderful Life!

12694564_878506932267336_8760250682203059999_oIt’s been a long journey of integration since we returned from Vipassana, and I have not felt like writing much. I’ve enjoyed doing some drawing and often with my Beloved, so nice to share a flowing, creative and spontaneous process with each other. I had a day in the flow as I shopped online for a blender and handed out some flyers, and felt the butterflies in my belly as the first “Buddha Meets Your Body” class here in our home town is on tomorrow. Our Facebook event link is: https://www.facebook.com/events/676253365851284/  I went shopping for dinner and sent my hard working man off to his men’s group with a belly full of baked fish, potato and carrot mash, and a salad. Veggies all organic, feel very happy where I live, beautiful people in this community who are kind and who care and embody that quality in their lives. I felt as I ate dinner tonight as if I had truly arrived in this funky little space of ours, after a deep, deep voyage that it has taken some time to come back from.


My Beloved and I at the door to our little hobbit home! Photo by Ulli Hansen.

So I think I will try to publish a post a week but it will come when it comes, I need motivation to do things regularly and it doesn’t come from routine for me. For me creativity tends to flow with the sweet chaos of the feminine and I love to improvise and be in the moment, and in my body especially. I have been having a super interesting time watching my thoughts, I can see how there is a tendency for them to flow in a not so supportive way. The more formal practice is starting to come, the plan is to do 20 minutes a day as well as starting every morning with 5 minutes of focusing on the breath. It feels like I am developing the facility of being informed about great injustice in the current system without adding unnecessary mental anguish to the equation. Just as the mental attitude adds more pain to the experience of pain in the body, we can be in really intense emotional pain that is part circumstance or situation and part mental. What we think about our situation really has an impact on how we feel, observe the sensations and let go of the story, then see what is left. Doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do, it is not a recipe for being passive. It’s just up to you what you do, nobody can do everything.


At the moment it feels like I need to focus on “The Love Bubble Presents”, running classes with my Beloved is a lovely way to work in a group. I can do what I do well and leave a lot of the talking to him, I hold space and connect people to their bodies. The more we do the less nervous I may become but there is often an anticipation before stepping into a performance space which can help with the focus. And I really have had a lovely flowing day, the butterflies were simply a sensation I noted quite strongly earlier in the morning. There is a trace there now but it is just a sensation and it will pass, and that will leave the excitement at the unfolding of my Beloveds and my creative vision for a purposeful, prosperous life. The Facebook link for “The Love Bubble Presents” is:


This is me at Woodford on New Years Day 2016. Photo by the amazing Ulli Hansen.



Depth Surgery In Silence: Letting Go Of Pain.

The silence on this blog has stretched on for somewhat more than just ten days, perhaps it has provided a welcome relief to all the noble chatter that has gone on in the three years since inception.I say noble chatter with the greatest respect, it has been the most wonderful place to express my thoughts and feelings with honesty and being as open as I can be. And it will continue, this is not a preamble for a dissolution, but some things have been dissolved and so as I continue in all aspects of my life it will be interesting to see how that letting go has made a difference.

letting go of balloons


I have done long retreats but never one like this Vipassana and I am truly impressed with not only the process itself but also with the organisation that keeps it going in the world and that makes it available to all completely through donation. It does not matter how much money you have or how little, whether your status in the world is high or low. Are you prepared to renounce the life that you live for ten whole days and to live as a monk or nun might, hours of meditation and bells telling you where you are meant to be at certain times. I always felt a great attraction to this life and so when the opportunity presented itself I threw myself in at the deep end, by the time I got half way through I must have been doing between 6 and 8 hours of meditation every day.

Vipassana meditation

It was not easy, especially on the physical side of things, sitting for many hours in stillness is not something my body is used to. And yet the pain was such an amazing teacher, even in the moments when I wanted to scream with the intensity of the sensation I felt gratitude to the experience. That has to be a sign of spiritual maturity surely! When you can be thankful in moments like that your eventual understanding is assured. Watching this pain over many hours I couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t always the same, and the less importance I gave it the less intense it became. So when in the discourse the teacher spoke about adding our mental pain to the physical sensation I understood what he was saying with my body not just with my mind. When I simply observed without reacting the intensity of the sensation became so much less. I was observing the sensations in my body as they were in each moment, sounds like such a simple thing and yet it has had a profound effect upon my deeper self.

Goenka breath and reality

The process we went through was described to us as being like a surgeon operating very  deeply into our minds, the part that is left untouched by the majority of people in this culture. So I am different as a result but what that will mean in my life is something that will unfold over the following months and even years. There will be another 10 day retreat in there at some point. and a regular sitting for my Beloved and I once a week for an hour. And the increased awareness that I now have of bodily sensations can be a part of every moment that I experience. There will be more reflection on all of this for sure but that will do for now, enough that I am happy and well and enjoying this wonderful life on Earth! Namaste.

As I searched for images for this post I found a hilarious account of a Vipassana experience, you will laugh even if you’ve never done it, if you have please check out this link, especially if you could do with a good belly laugh!


The Silent Retreat Beckons.

inspiration pink energyWell this is the day before I head off to a 10 day silent retreat, the one I was going to train for by meditating for at least 10 minutes a day. You probably can already guess that it didn’t quite work out that way after all. I have done some meditation though and more regular stretching so I have improved my capacity which will be very helpful. I have certainly done a lot of shedding and letting go of energies that were ready to leave, some not feeling very nice. So my training has been somewhat intuitive and for someone who loves to improvise this is probably the perfect preparation!

energy healing Tesla

I am feeling a lot of fear and that makes my mind want to latch on to the few things I need to do before heading off for what will end up being close to two weeks. I am heading in to a very intense experience and I have no expectations as to what that will feel like. I know it will be challenging but in what particular form I do not know and have no desire to make any stories about it. There is fear and there is also a part of me looking forward to the break from everything, even my Beloved. Well not exactly looking forward to the last part, it will be strange for us to be apart for so long. But oh the reunion, and an exchange of our individual journeys, whatever we are able to share.


It will be really, really interesting and I am sure I will learn a lot! I’m not promising a post next week, but if I get time to rustle something up before I head off tomorrow I will schedule it in. So enjoy being in the world as I prepare to leave it for a time, aho!


Inner Journey Leads To A Compelling Vision.

courtly loveAnd so the story continues and our hero and heroine go on an intrepid inner journey to find their compelling vision! In the course of this epic adventure they have fun, get scared, and become even more deeply connected than they already were. Something I am learning about love and connection is that there is no limit, at least not one that I have noticed in our two years together, and in that time I have gone more deeply into love than ever before. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving and cradles me regardless of what may be going on in my everyday reality. And from this strong and beautiful place our shared vision has been born in a very tangible form.

bubble love

So you heard it here first, there is a new brand on the way and it is called “The Love Bubble Presents!” My Beloved and I are the creators of this particular bubble, we heard it reflected back to us for long enough that we decided that maybe it is a good name for our job on the planet. So there is a bit of work to be done before we start putting out some information about this project but if you want to catch up with us before Christmas and you are in Maleny or Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, come to the next Ecstatic Dance. https://www.facebook.com/groups/malenydance/  Otherwise you can wait and tune in for dharma, meditation and movement, all in one class with two awesome facilitators. And that’s all I’m prepared to put in print at this moment in time.

Ecstatic Dance Spirit in Earth Celebration

And I’m living in the midst of great beauty and the westering sun is glowing in the sky and nature’s bright pageant draws me out into the place where I am in this very moment. So I will say goodbye and look forward to connecting with you next week my lovelies! Namaste…..

And if you are not on Facebook then click here if you want to read about our Ecstatic Dance Events that happen once a month. You will find the details of when and where and how much!

From Despair To Delight: The Inner Tweak.

black hole despairEven when you are doing your level  best to be conscious about how you are responding to life’s ups and downs, there are sometimes days when you find that the rabbit hole seems to have become a black hole! I started off discombobulated yesterday and the swirling vortex of doom and despair just kept swirling down and down as the day wore on. We were supposed to move into a house sit but our friends are going to Bali and a volcano over there is playing havoc with plane schedules so it isn’t happening now until the end of the week. A relatively small thing really but something about it triggered me into an awkward space where it felt like everything was completely hopeless, especially me.

wallowing in despair

Oh I hear you say, but don’t you have all these wonderful tools that can shift you into a different frequency in mere moments? Well yes of course I bloody do but in that space of no hope the will to do anything positive and constructive is pretty difficult to locate. My resistance was so great I didn’t want to do anything but wallow and make pathetic sounds and get cuddles from my Beloved. At some point I surrendered to the fact that I wasn’t going to get much done and I read a book and watched episodes of Battlestar Galactica. When going to sleep I connected with my guides and helpers upstairs and asked them to help me move into a better space for the next day.


At some point in the night I woke myself up calling out in the midst of what I can only assume was a nightmare but I have no conscious memory of it. Maybe that helped to clear something because I woke up feeling a tad more positive about the possibilities of my day. I could feel myself still a bit on edge but after breakfast my Beloved and I went for a walk and then we came home and did some meditation. The resistance to being kind to me had dispersed and the simple act of walking and then sitting in stillness brought peace and calm to my body and mind. It also feels good to be following my intention to meditate more often, at least four times a week by the beginning of December.

meditation trees

So here I am at the computer getting things done and feeling much better about myself and my life. There has been no fundamental change to my circumstances since yesterday and yet I feel like a completely different person. So if you are having a bad day don’t spend too much time looking outside of yourself for a savior or some kind of change that will make everything better. Try being with the horrible feelings and letting it all be there as much as is practical. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from whatever you relate to as a higher power, you are worth it!

Here is a song about being awake that is on our next playlist, “Spirit in Earth: Celebration!” The song is “The Silent Awakening” by Tina Malia.