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Dancing To The End Of Love!

bride-and-groom-1Well here I am a couple of weeks since my last post and still feeling like I’m coming back into the world after a wonderfully crazy whirlwind. Everything was pointed at one special day and with all the energy and focus that we put in and with the incredible support from a heart-centred community that we had it all went beautifully. Our face painter outdid herself and worked really hard to give me a perfect day of the dead bride face as well as many other intricately drawn faces for our guests. I was delighted at how many people did dress up and paint their faces, the visuals on the day were a feast for the senses!


We had Death as our co-celebrant which probably seems like a strange choice in the modern mainstream world but in the realm of ritual it makes perfect sense. There is a story of how the Gods and Goddesses in Olympus forgot to invite the Goddess Discord to a celebration on one occasion and of course she turned up anyway and created, you guessed it, ‘discord’! So if you are having a big life event don’t forget to invite your shadow because it will come anyway and without being conscious about it all sorts of strife can occur. While we were doing the official signing Death was entertaining the gathering with her rendition of “Dance me to the end of love”, a gorgeous Leonard Cohen song that explores love as only he can. In light of Leonard’s recent passing I am even more pleased that we had that particular song in our ceremony.

There were meditations on our connection to the land and to our ancestors and to each other which moved from silence into toning. I am deeply grateful to the women who led these meditations as my Beloved and I were able to let go of being ‘facilitators’ and simply be present as the two main participants. We spoke the words written by my Beloved and made the commitment to never take each other for granted and to always remember how precious our life is together. It all turned out perfectly and my Beloved and I had such a happy day celebrating our love with dear friends and family.


There may be more over the next few weeks but for now that will do. Being married is a BIG thing and I think it will take some time to integrate and feel the differences. We are having a bit of a honeymoon this week so that may be an opportunity to dive in to whatever may be stirring in the depths. Because I can feel it somewhere deep down and it will be most interesting to see what emerges…………… love and blissings to all!

Finding A Good Connection!

gumtreesQLDSo the constant sea of change has brought my Beloved and I to live in a wooden cottage in the middle of national forest, off the grid and close to nature. We’ve had five nights and I am in love with this new lifestyle already! At the same time as landing here my phone has suddenly decided it doesn’t want to charge anymore and the wi fi is so intermittent it only works occasionally. It was a long weekend and so I had to let go of technology and the outside world and focus on settling in to our new home, to feel the wonderful space of nature unbridled. In the face of the trees and the birds and the distant views of the Glasshouse Mountains it was difficult to be concerned about my ailing phone, trust and patience seem to come more easily in this clean air.


I can already feel a deeper peace and calm within me after being in that sacred space over the long weekend. If I can continue to bring my awareness to this part of me then the myriad tasks of planning a wedding will happen with grace and ease and no fuss! Our new home feels like somewhere we can be highly creative as we recharge our batteries and prepare to go out into the world bearing rainbows and poetry. My Beloved’s paintings are once again all around us on the walls and that is a great inspiration in itself. Soon we will be hosting an art and craft day where we’ll be making decorations in the theme of the Mexican Day of the Dead, and perhaps I can get some assistance in distressing my op shop wedding dress.


The old Kerry would be freaking out right now but that part of me is nowadays represented by a slight feeling of dis-ease in my belly. She is still there and sometimes her fears come up and engulf me with disquiet and foreboding. But the larger part can observe this as it happens and allow the feelings to flow without being sucked into the current. And the so-called anxiety provoking circumstances resolve themselves as they always have, the knowledge that this is so comes from a growing sense of trust. Having a stable home will assist greatly in being able to navigate the next few weeks and I would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to Spirit which has brought us to this wonderful space in the bush. May I be well, may others be well…..aho!