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All The Freaky People.

We get affected by each other’s energy fields all the time, picking up on other people’s stuff is a much more common occurrence than you might imagine. I am experiencing this at the moment, my ‘energy vampire’ is having another go, with my defenses down after a couple of nights of not enough sleep my immune system is affected, and one of the bugs going around has managed to gain a foothold. So I am resting and doing meditations where I hand over to my higher self who is once again doing work with my neural pathways to ensure that I am no longer vulnerable.

Neural pathways in the brain.

Neural pathways in the brain.

Sound like crazy science fiction? Sometimes it feels more like a horror film but it is very real, if you allow your intuition to grow into its natural state you will be surprised at the things you begin to pick up. Most people don’t give it any credence and are so numbed out by the drone culture, they have lost any sensitivity they might have once had. Children who show signs of such ability are usually told to stop being silly, or accused of telling lies or showing off.


In fact there is such a resistance to this aspect of our capacity as human beings, I’m having serious doubts about actually putting all this down as something that is happening to me. I go out on a limb all the time and am prepared to admit to some pretty embarrassing things, I mean I actually published a photo of me with my three front teeth missing, what a nightmare that was! Yet on this particular subject I feel really concerned that people will be put off by what I have to say. I’m like two people in one body, the rational one is saying, “People will think you are crazy and will stop following your posts!”, and the other is saying, “This is such important information, you MUST put it out there!”

So here I am, following my intuition as always, if you do think I’m crazy, I hope at least that you appreciate my honesty! And as Michael Frante says, “All the freaky people make the beauty of the world”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=580NWAdGaAo

Everyone Is A Poem.

Connections, communication………community, all most important aspects of humanity’s evolution into the next stage, the future human. I am seeing that in myself here as I move more strongly into community, the hermit will always be an important part of me,  but there’s no reason why one can not have both in the right balance. I have a powerful need to spend time in my own space, but I also share the need that all people have to connect with others, especially those who are like-minded.



When I work on the crisis phones I talk to so many lonely people, so many of us never really have the opportunity to be heard, to have someone listen, and to see us as we truly are. I particularly loved the greeting of the alien race in Avatar, “I see you”, in that context the meaning is to see into the soul of the other being. How often do you actually meet the eyes of the person you are talking to, would it make you uncomfortable to gaze into those windows of the soul, not just with a lover, but to see the God or Goddess in every person you meet? Michael Frante says that “Every single soul is a poem, written on the back of God’s hand”, I feel such joy when I put that song on and dance to it, he is one of those poets and musicians who can take you into that ecstatic space very easily. Check the song out in this live performance in Sydney in 2010.


Of course I don’t always remember to bring that perspective to every encounter, if I’ve been triggered I may even have gone unconscious and be having trouble looking at the other person. That’s a rare event thank the Goddess, and the more that I can bring a sense of wonder and openness to every step of my path, the less likely I am to cause suffering to myself or anyone else. There’s been enough suffering on this planet, time for the  world to party and to share not only the joy, but the resources too!

As Saint Germaine always said, “Until further notice, celebrate everything!”